May 16, 2018

How built out should your social media presence be prior to your pre-launch?

I am entering the prelaunch phase pretty soon for my product (It's a physical product and not software), and I plan to have a well built landing page.

I want to use social media to drive traffic to it, but should I already have a built out social media presence to test the viability of my product? I can't imagine that is the case with so many people testing products through this method. On the other hand, I don't wnat a user to visit my social page and only see like 3-4 posts.

I am debating delaying the prelaunch for a month or so and start building a more robust social presence.

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    The ideal scenario is that while you are developing your product you should schedual in time to focus on marketing. The secret that a lot of people do not realize is that in the early stages you should be marketing yourself and not your product. This is important.

    How should you market yourself? You should identify communities that you think might be interested in your product, join those communities, then contribute quality time to helping the member's of those communities. Consequently the member's of those communities will get to know you. If your contributions have a positive impact on those communities then you will have built a positive reputation. People trust those with positive reputations.

    Once your product is ready, but still in the early stages, you can post to your select list of communities by saying that you are working on this neat project that you think will be of interest and that you would love to receive some feedback. Since you are known, trusted and respected you will get lots of feedback. If the product is well received then those community members will share it with other communities where they are known, trusted and respected.

    In answer to your question about whether or not you should delay a launch: If you have not yet established a trust relationship with candidate communities then yes, you should delay and focus on marketing yourself until you are ready.

    Note: This strategy is not dishonest or sneaky. This is how healthy communities operate. If you want to get something out of a community you need to invest quality time contributing to that community first.

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      Hey I really appreciate the response! This makes a lot of sense, really building yourself up in the community.

      It's just interesting, if you want to just test a product or service, how can you really test the viability, have a pre-launch without spending, maybe months of investing in a community. When you finally invest in the time, and you have the launch, you may find out your product just isn't viable.

      Any thoughts?

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        Yes, that is true. It is a bit of a game. With any luck you already belong to some communities that would be interested in your product. You can begin your product viability testing with these communities that you already have a good repertoire with whilst simultaneously joining and building favor with another community that is a better market fit. It is a balancing act though. It is time consuming, but worth while.

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          Thanks again for all the info!