May 16, 2018

How did you feel when you launched your first product?

For the record, I just published my first ever SaaS product!

I have another post (Show IH post) on that product, but if you're interested you can check out my profile. I guess this is how this community works right?

Anyways, I'm excited to be officially part of the Indie Hackers community now! And my first question to you all is:

How did you feel when you launched your first product?

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    It is nerve-wracking. I think I stayed up all night, perfecting it in every way, waiting for the criticism. I definitely had to patch up a few things while it was still live, but luckily, no one noticed too much, as it was really me using those features.

    I passed out and later saw the post.. Hacker News it was. 44 comments! Maybe not the hundred most people think make you feel good, but hey! I pried the eyes away from at least 44 people who interacted with the post -- and my analytics tracked somewhere around 4,000 visitors that day. I was on my chat just waiting for people to ask questions... some did, but it was very general stuff.

    I keep that chat open from 11 AM to 12 AM everyday. I figure if no one is using that chat... than my product is easy enough to figure out. The more people use that chat.. the more I know I've got more work to do on the product. For as long as that chat remains empty -- not to mention the after-launch of my product -- and that chat. I was nervous for a week, feeling I was missing chats -- and there were chats I did miss! Either I didn't hear my phone or the app just didn't notify me for whatever reason!

    That sucked.. but in the beginning.. you have more worries. As you move on with your life.. getting interested in other stuff, you actually want to worry less about your SaaS product, so you can keep building more products like it, or even improving it. I think my biggest advantage of my building SaaS products and I'm sure that is why we all build them: I personally use all of my SaaS products. And I think because of that, I have more peace of mind, since I don't have to worry so much.

    Though common questions that arise for at least 3 months: Is the product still working? Why did that credit card get declined? Is the API I'm using going to get upgraded by the company? Am I charging enough? What new clever ways can I use to market this product? Am I doing enough for my new customers? Etc.