November 8, 2018

How do you find product copywriter for your project?

I'm not a native English speaker and struggling with finding the person who can help me and my team with the copy for interfaces now. Could you suggest me some job boards where I can try to find a copywriter in startup for remote work?

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    Hi Katerina, Glad to find your post here.

    My team and I would love to help you to write your product copy. Yes.... we are the super duper early stage startup agency. would like to check our site

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    Hey, I used the search function on IndieHacker and went with a community member. Really cool so far (we are working on it right now)

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    Hi Katerina,

    Both the 'SaaS Growth Hacks' and 'The Copywriter Club' groups are filled with hundreds (thousands) of copywriters. You can go straight to the source with your job description.

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      thanks! will try!

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    Hey, Katerina - Can you provide some more detail about the type of content you need to have written?

    I run a content writing company so maybe I can help you out. If not, I know some other good solutions.

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      I'm not sure we need outsource company, sorry :( We are searching for in-house product copywriter who will join us in working with interfaces, notifications, user flows etc. But I don't know where I can find writers of this type. Will appreciate your help with this a lot!

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        Why should you hire an in-house employee if you can work with the expert ones? most of the professional expert ones will build their empires with like-minded people. here is the secret. you can save your time to focus on your business, instead of staring the blank space for hours. you don't need to worry about the taxes, and you can spend less $$ on your employment ;)

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        No worries. If you want an in-house employee then you can try That's typically for contracted freelancers but occasionally people pick up in-house gigs there. You can also try Writer job boards like

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          thanks! May try :)