August 9, 2018

How do you keep track of accomplishments at work?

Hey guys!

First post here, 馃帀! Long story short, I work at a large F500 company and I hate performance review season.

It's a complete time suck and I always forget the small wins. As a manager, it's also impossible to keep track of everyone's feedback throughout the year.

So I started building Handily, an app to help me and my team remember accomplishments and give feedback in real time.

My question is-- does anyone else have this problem? Would you use a tool like Handily?

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    I too work at a F500 company and if there is something I've learned from working at 3 F100 companies. Is that they LOVE LOVE LOVE excel. Might want to have an export function

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    I think this is a solid idea. I most certainly think you can get enough teams on board to make great money with this. Good work.

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    I typically keep a txt file that I write to with everything I consider positive movement. I wrote about it here. Basically its a command that opens a text file on my command line so I never lose my flow.

    On another note, How you get these cool simple ui screenshots? Is this Sketch?

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      Actually came across your article a couple weeks ago! I was trying migrate from Evernote to a more simple, terminal based tool. Small world

      Yup, designed the UI in Sketch, using a custom version of Atomize. It's like Bootstrap for Sketch. Link -

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        thanks for the recs.

        It feels like your project would appeal to managers like yourself and maybe, that requires specific copy that targets them - your copy seems to target the actual individual contributor.

        If you look at they mention "Build a culture of feedback" and mentions most quickly "Unlock the Potential of Your Entire Workforce". The benefits are clearly manager and company focused.

        Obviously your product is different but I would venture to try a copy that highlights your specific goals "Harness a culture of celebration", "Always celebrate the small wins". You can play around with how this appeals to yourself because ultimately, it may be a manager making the purchase decision and they'll need the talking points to sell this to their team.

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          You are spot on. My biggest challenge for the MVP is figuring out which users to target -- individuals, managers or the entire HR department.

          My current plan is to start off small, with basic features targeting individual users for MVP. Then build more elaborate features for teams + company in subsequent releases

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            totally. being focused is the only way to work. if you build an ability to curl POST my did.txt file or just allow for a single line value post request, im 100% there.

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    I am also a manager in a F500 company and I would say I have experienced this problem before. (BTW, I am a Product Manager, not a developer if that makes any difference.)

    Would I use Handily? Your site looks great, beautiful graphics, I immediately have a sense of how to use the tool. However, a few ideas do come to mind that you could consider...

    1. At the end of the year, I usually end up scrolling through the year's email to find all the compliments for work well done. Wonder if there is a way that someone could 'mark' an email in Outlook or something and then have it integrate directly into Handily? That would definitely save me time.

    2. I do think the UI looks great, but I would personally gravitate to something even more basic. I don't need any more apps. I have too many already. Maybe something like the simplest of post-it notes or some quick note taking app.

    Anyway, hope this is helpful to you in some way.