June 13, 2018

How I Built and Began to Grow My Company without Spending My Savings

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    Awesome interview, thanks Aljaž. How much time did it take to go from launch to 35k MRR?

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      It took us roughly 2 about years with the help of converting some of the old clients to Nightwatch

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    Man, I remember signing up for your beta a while back, and glad I saw this! It's really come quite a ways –congrats to the team! Maybe I'm just missing it, but does Nightwatch have a simple keyword volume search feature, a la Semrush or keywordtool.io? If it did, I think this would become my all-in-one tool. Love the pricing structure, too. I simply can't afford the monthly SemRush Pro level for my needs.

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      Glad to hear that Peter. We do provide search volume feature -- you can activate the "search volume" columns for every keyword that you're tracking on both local and global levels.

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    Very insightful article, Aljaž! The pricing table caught my eye because it is not in the typical card style and has many more choices than the typical card style. How did you choose to go with the list style? Have you A/B tested it extensively (or at all)?

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      Hey Heliodor. Considering different customer requirements we decided to go with the pricing table that has more options. So far it's been working good, but we also plan on testing a customizable plan options in the future.

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    great one!

    May I ask what languages U coded i?

    For front end and back end both?

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      Front-end is Ember.js (just like IndieHackers!). Our APIs are written in Ruby on Rails. Data processing (fetching, scraping, storing) is made with Elixir.

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        Working now with elixir, it rocks... Congratulations.

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    Thank you for the links to podcasts, added them to bookmarks

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      You're welcome :)

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    That UI... amazing

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    great read ! from where did you get your remote team ?

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      Great question. You can read an article we wrote for our blog on "How we find great talents without spending a cent": http://blog.nightwatch.io/finding-remote-employees

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    Prove me wrong, but you doing scrapping of Google SERP. Isn't thits a violation of Google Terms and Conditions?

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      It depends on how you are accessing the data.

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        That's true. Look like Semrush or Moz use toolbars for gathering such data, are you using same approach?