November 10, 2017

How I earned more with 2 months of book sales than 18 months of SaaS

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    What’s that saying?

    Sell shovels in a gold rush.

    I’m thinking I’d be much better off just writing toy SaaS apps and then writing about the experience than actually trying to launch something.

    Maybe there’s an upper limit on the number of web apps that can generate meaningful profit for an indie hacker. Maybe the world doesn’t need another SaaS app...

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    great article. It really shows the power of content marketing. really great :)

    Another thing that I understand through this article (and another one I read here recently) is the power of medium for link building. With every article you give yourself a high domain authority link to your landing page.

    I'm curious. Do you get visitors from google search to your landing page? some quick tests show that you are on #1 for "saas app rails" e.g. which could be a valuable keyword for your business right?

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      Unfortunately Medium links are nofollow, meaning that from an SEO perspective they are useless.

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          There are exceptions. The most notable one: links on a site that has its own domain on Medium will be dofollow.

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        You can at least collect emails and then send your list at your domain (which tends to increase social signals and site ranking).

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      Yes, at this time it seems that having articles on Medium that are accepted by publications, help the SEO juices to links. Looks like in the last 28 days

      Total clicks 284
      Total impressions 2,416

      It's not amazing SEO numbers, but by far the best I have ever gotten to a domain/site that belongs to me.

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        these numbers are not bad at all considering the landing page is only a one page website without much content!

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    Great article. Thanks for sharing your experience. Stories like this make the rest of us keep pushing forward. Inspiring !

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    Great article Rob, thanks for sharing. Do you have any tips for getting an article featured on Hacker Noon? How did you go about writing your pitch?

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      There was a link to either email or submit your story to HackerNoon. Which I did and it was accepted. From there it's as easy as using Medium's interface to submit to the publication.

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    Great post. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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    any updates on this post? How was the launch? What did you learn?

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    Stories like this teach us many things. Even when the author has not get a huge success and he is not earning thousands per month it shows us how to get up again and again and learning by trial and error. If a product does not work try another thing and continue. It seems that Rob has found his place in writing good learning content. Congratulations :)

    Personally, I have been writing desktop software for 10-15 years(yes desktop software is still a thing) and got a moderate success and I can confirm that persevering and sticking to your own goals is a very good attitude. Also listening to the customers, launch MVP etc are the key.

    Thanks Rob, thanks Courtland