September 13, 2018

How I Launched, Marketed and Sold my first bootstrapped SaaS

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    Points for sharing your journey my man! It wasn't clear how much you sold your business for though unless I missed it?

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      Thank you, Travis!

      It wasn't a big amount (although the multiplier in SaaS as you know is very generous considering userbase, datasets, and other assets). We agreed with Leadfuze not to disclose it, though.

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    This is gold, bro. Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks, buddy :)

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    Wow. That was a lot -- and I am grateful for it. The insight into things didn't even realize needed to know. I love IH for posts like this the most.

    Thank you for your transparency.

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      Macario, you're welcome!

      Far from being a liability, starting with no resources can be your best competitive advantage. It forces you to be more resourceful and connect with your audience on a level that your rich competitors can't afford.

      It allows you to share value-bombs that your funded competitors can't. Their stakeholders simply don't let them.

      I believe that if you want to reach – you have to teach.

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    Wow Kalo! What a write up - good work.

    Proud to have my face hidden somewhere in this post! :P

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      Haha, love it. Thanks, man - doing my best.

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    This is Amazing! So raw and honest. You did great Kaloyan. I hope your next venture really takes off. You can apply a lot of what you've learned from growing HeadReach.

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      Thank you, Lenny :)