September 11, 2018

How I Tricked Myself into Shipping Too Late

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    Thanks for sharing this story, Michael.

    There really are a lot of lessons in the journey of entrepreneurship that you have to learn yourself.

    As much as I try to absorb insights from founders ahead of me in the journey...I find that their knowledge doesn't just become "wisdom" (ie. something I internalize and truly understand).

    If it were that easy, I'd be so much further in my own journey!

    Now that you've gained this wisdom, what comes next for your product?

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      Thanks for reading!

      I'm going to put Zestful in maintenance mode for now. I've been approached by a company to create an unrelated product, so I'd like to pursue that without splitting my focus between multiple projects. If someone approaches me about Zestful, I'll work with them, but I probably won't have much bandwidth for feature requests or changes.

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    Thanks Michael!

    Very deep, indeed!

    There's a difference between knowing theoretically that a punch hurts, and getting smacked in the face. It's the second type of knowledge, which helps.

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    Thanks for sharing your story. I agree with your point that you have to talk to your customers.

    But at the same, what are your thoughts regarding about products that customers didn't know they wanted yet? Imagine try to describe twitter as a product for the first time to a user in the early days of social media.

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      Thanks for reading!

      Yeah, I think there's a class of software that customers have to see before they understand the value. I don't think Zestful fell into that category. It would have been straightforward for me to describe it to customers without them using a demo version.