February 6, 2019

How I Went Looking for Inspiration, Found It & Launched Successfully

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    1.1M pageviews in ~2 months 😲

    This is awesome man - congrats - great story and thanks for the write up!

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      Thanks mate!

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    Website is useful and easy to use.

    Thanks for sharing how you attracted users.

    Good luck.

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      Thank you. Just contributing back to the community.

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    This is a great writeup! Very inspiring. Do you mind sharing which paid SEO course it was that your friend Sateesh shared with you?

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      Its a SEO course from https://www.clickminded.com

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    Have been following you since ur Acrypto App. I am a believer in solving own itch and this is an excellent example. So much info in this one post, am sure it will help many. Hope to connect on twitter. best of luck.

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      Thanks, I love doing what I like and sharing what I learn. This is my small contribution to the community.

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    Hey @1hakr, amazing launch, and frankly, product execution. I'm wondering if twitter's best way to ping you - I work with a related brand that's super keen on VisaList collab/sponsorship; any chance we could connect?

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      Thanks. Yap, you can message me on Twitter.

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    awesome UI very polished, and very useful! Try putting more visible ads in the top. I only saw a small one in the bottom right. Also you might explore posibilities with afiliate programmes in the future for buying tickets. :)

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    Congratulations! I remember seeing this on reddit and spending quite a bit of time playing with it. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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    I am really impressed by your journey. Thanks for this awesome interview. Good luck!

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      Thanks mate!

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    Great product and very well planned launch, congratulations!

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      Thank you

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    Great and inspiring story Hari. I'm sure Visalist has huge growth potential.

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      Thanks sateesh

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    This is a great inspirational story hari!

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      I'm glad you found it inspirational

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    Not sure if you mentioned this in the article, i skimmed through the last half, but what about having affiliate links for hotel and airline (travelocity, etc)!!!

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      Yes i have already added those and in the process of adding more

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    Now, what a story! And such a handy service for digital nomads like me. +1 to my bookmarks.

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      I wanted more and more digital nomads to use visalist. I'm glad you liked it.

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    Great work mate. I am from India too here. I am in learning phase. I see that you as a developer developed so many apps and services. Can you guide me what should i learn in an order to build and work like you did?

    Many thanks and best of luck!

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