July 28, 2017

How I've Lived the 4-Hour Work Week for a Decade

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    Great article Yvo. Thanks for sharing. Couldn't have come at a better time for me personally. I have been trying to build a smallish, boot-strapped, side-product as a service (hopefully, my third company).

    My earlier two startups had quite audacious goals and ambitions - and as this current product is not as ambitious, I sometimes find it difficult to muster the motivation to work on it.

    Your article helps :) Thanks again.

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    Wow, that's really inspiring. I hope my silly little website can one day do as well as directlyrics.com.

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    Did you work 4hours a week for the whole period, or just the tail end?

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      Obviously for periods I would spend more time. Think of site redesigns. Or when I build out new sections like the charts and playlist. So see it as, it demands only 4 hours/week.

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    Congrats! Thank you!

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    Nice one! I have a similar kind of business (but smaller ≈800K/mo visitors). I wonder if you were running some Google ads, or only partners ads? How did you find your first partners and what was the deal you offered to them? (affiliate, just ads?)

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      Yes, still lots of Adsense impressions. Especially for non US/CA/UK traffic.

      For US I had a partnership which assigned my traffic to their total reach, and they would sell brand advertising to companies, of which I would get a revenue %.

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        Thanks! I get $1500 for 700K visitors / month. I wonder if it's good or not...

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    Amazing, truly inspirins

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    Awesome story. Very informative for us newbies.

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    Thank you for sharing - very inspiring!

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    Great success! Have you considered selling the business at a valuation of multiple of ARR? Or you want to keep it as a side project for as long as you can?

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    Thanks for sharing! Congrats on 1 billion visitors btw :)

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    thanks for sharing !!!

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    Congratulations! If I may ask, what did you with the rest of your time? Did you invest that in pursuing some other opportunities or other non-biz related activities?

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    What're your thoughts on more conventional advertising partners? For instance, Google's AdSense platform?

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    I guess it depends on where you are located but are lyrics sites even legal?

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      Did you read the article? It mentions he was licensed and paid royalties to the majors.

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