July 11, 2018

How many hours a week do you spend producing content?

So, this question is directed more at people who work, do project or client work full (or part time) and also produce content to raise their top of the funnel awareness / position themselves as an expert in some field. However, if you do make content full-time and that's what you do i'm still interested in your numbers too (just mainly curious about people working+producing content)!

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    Depends on my mood really, but I usually try to produce one content piece per week, which takes me usually ~2h end to end (from idea to publish).

    I used to write regularly on Medium. Now I mostly write on RemoteML.com and repost on Medium

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      hmm just 2 hours? It feels quite fast to me. I often find it takes me longer than that... I'm trying to form a habit of writing 15 mins per day but so far according to my stats on habitrabb.it that is going mildly terribly.

      Do you have a backlog of ideas that you have planned out or do you just think them up randomly and start writing? What does that process look like?

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        I do have a backlog that I either think of myself or crowdsource directly from the community.

        I usually have a outline in mind and just power through in 1 - 1.5h in one piece. Then I take some time to feed it into grammar.ly, proofread a few times and then just launch it. I do it all in one piece or it'll come out bad.

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          I'm running a pretty early stage project and thinking about starting to do some content marketing. Do you have any tips for a newbie?

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            Hm not really. Only write things that are interesting and don't care too much about keywords or whatever 'marketers' optimize for.

            Write stuff that people actually read