June 13, 2018

How many people build side projects around esports niche?

I wonder how many of you build for esports?

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    Esports is definitely a flowering business right now, but it seems that all the real money is in advertising. The "consumers" of esports (generally viewers) are actually the commodity being sold, and most of the time pay nothing to participate.

    This makes the market difficult to generate revenue in, as (I assume) your target audience would be people who follow esports, who are used to experiencing everything for free.

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    Are you referring to actual games?

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      Esports oriented games I would say

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        Right. Developing games is a time-sink for esports. There has to be ancillary products and services missing that could be easier to manage. What does it take to bring a young man from his bedroom to the stage? What's involved in that?