September 13, 2018

How many product demos you schedule end up in no show's?

Hey everyone while I was working on my last startup i used to set up so many product demos to people who found us through drip email campaigns or fb ads , but the problem was around 60% of the time the other person dosent show up .

This wastes a lot of valuable time which i could have given to our customers.

Now I was wondering if building a service which will remind the participants via email ,SMS or Call, of the upcoming meeting .The participants can use the service to accept/decline/reschedule the meetings.

I am looking for some validation from IndieHacker community before building it out .

Thanks in Advance!!

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    -This can save time. That's cool.


    -It's very easy to cancel or delay a meeting, I don't know if that's good for sales.

    My feedback: This problem is not a pain for me. My no-show rate isn't as high as yours (about 10%), and when a lead doesn't show up I just keep working on my stuff. If I would get a notification 30 minutes before the meeting telling me that the lead is canceling it, I would do the same: keep working on my stuff.

    Maybe this can be more useful for sales teams because the opportunity cost of losing that time slot is a big deal. But something similar happens. If a lead cancels the meeting, are 30 minutes/1 hour enough time to fill that slot with another demo for another lead? Is it going to make a difference?

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      Hey Jaime, thanks for the reply ,I was actually planning to send reminders a day before so there is more chance that the slot will get filled up.

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    I must be really lucky, because I've only had 1 or 2 no shows over the course of 6 years.

    I think the solution lies in defining a better prospect qualification process, than sending reminders. If they're not interested, a reminder probably won't help.

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    It will be really helpful, especially when there are multiple meetings. Since it is automated, how personalized would the messaging be to the participants? Would it be something that reminds the participants about the moment that made him/her to schedule a demo?

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      Yup Something similar , first it would be sending reminder to accept the meetings too .

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    I m a dentist... My patients book appointments online but show up late which kills a lot of my tis would be a good option to remind the patients to be on time or to reschedule

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      Have to looked into using ZocDoc?

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    It sounds more like a feature of something, than a product. And lots of CRMs and schedulers have reminders already. I am not sure the need is great enough honestly.

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    Well this service would be of great help for people who hustle. I guessing its something like an reminder alarm which will notify you about a meeting, but the question is with smartphones offering features of such meetings how different would this service be?

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    This is why we build a stronger funnel for the demo calls.

    in we have a funnel for them. And 10 minutes before the call I sent them a personal email. When I started doing this the CR grow to 100%.