November 9, 2017

How my wife's Etsy business led to my first SaaS product

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    I'm a big Python user, but PHP is certainly alive and well in 2017 and definitely what I'd choose for projects like this. Django is great, but I prefer Laravel.

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      I'm curious, why would you prefer Laravel for this project in particular?

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    Hey, great article! Thanks for sharing. Just a little observation, modern PHP is well and alive, stronger than ever. Especially thanks to the amazing Laravel framework. Just thought I should share. 😜 Congrats and best of luck with Novelty!

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      Yeah, I was really turned off on that comment. Glanced over the rest of the article after that.

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      This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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    I love this product idea. I think these huge marketplace sites like Etsy and Shopify are untapped gold mines of opportunity, and your product seems like a high value one. Best of luck! Looking forward to further updates, and following along with how it goes.

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      Thanks, Cory! I've quickly realized that it's hard to rank on Google for anything with the word Etsy in it. The first page simply dominates. Although, after reading your SEO article I have some ideas around using long tail keywords ;)

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    This looks excellent, great work! I would also be curious to find out what kind of marketing efforts you have already engaged in?

    Have you been able to get some traction from those Etsy groups on Facebook? If users recognize the problem, perhaps emphasize the ROI of getting novelty and the time they would save. How about asking your wife to post reviews on user groups about how this made her life easier

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      Thanks! I'm definitely going to write a part 2 on my marketing efforts. There's been some early traction from Etsy/Facebook groups although, there's a fine line between being an active member of the community and simply being a sales-y spammer. I'm focusing on the former, so finding the right posts to comment and contribute to is taking more time then I would like. I like your idea of focusing my value proposition on the "time saved", I'll test some marketing copy with that in mind!

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    You really made me laugh with this...

    "If you aren't sure what an API is, good for you, you probably have a life..."

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      Also laughed :D

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      Haha, glad you liked it!

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    Great story, thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your article on marketing.

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      Glad you enjoyed it!

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    Did you use a library to deal with facebook ad api?

    something like this one

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. How is your experience with ReactJS? Is it better compared to AngularJS?

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      It's hard to compare. There are parts of React that I absolutely love (JSX for example), but there are parts of Angular that I miss (ng-show, ng-hide, separation of HTML templates, etc). I still prefer Angular 1.X as of now simply because I have more experience using it. For as much boilerplate Angular 1.x makes you write, I actually like how it forces you to think (thin controllers, injectable services for HTTP and component state, etc). I think it's important to separate HTML from JavaScript, so from that perspective alone, Angular is still my cup of tea. React is fun tho!

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        You should check out Vue then. It's like the best bits of both Angular and React with some extra special sauce thrown in (computed properties for example).

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          Computed properties make my heart sing.... I've heard good things about Vue, will definitely check it out. Thx!

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    Booom! Nice work man!

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      Hey, I didn't know you hung around here!?? Thanks, Pete!

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    Great write up! Need a part 2 about marketing. What have you tried, what is working etc?

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      Thanks! I'll definitely do a part 2.