February 1, 2019

How "Slow and Steady" Is Getting Us to Our Goal of Ramen Profitability

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    Felicitari! Mai ales pentru perseverenta.

    Find some way to get into B2B, like burner email for employees and sell team wide subscriptions. Probably you can offer some email security/privacy features to companies, on top of their emails... not exactly sure what it will be, but I strongly recommend to find a way to sell to and target businesses.

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      Thank you for the kind words and for the advice. We are in the process of going into B2b 🙂

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        Yep, it's the exact same effort to win a $2.49/month customer as a $49/month customer. i.e. make 20x money with same effort. That's why you need to go B2B :)

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      Hei, salut, mersi. Daca esti interesat putem sa ne vedem la o cafea prin Sibiu si sa schimbam cateva vorbe despre SaaS.

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        Sigur. Ma poti contacta pe Intercom pe FirstPromoter, vad ca IH nu are private messages.

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      This comment was deleted 19 days ago.

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    Hi Alexandra, i noticed that on your free pricing card you have "30 Generated Burners " mentioned twice. Pretty sure this is a copy paste error :)

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    Thanks for sharing Alexandra, we are just trying to launch and I can definitely relate to the fear of putting something you are not comfortable with. But as you said, just launch and see what happens. I think the key here is how fast are you able to react, learn, fix and move on...

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      Definitely! Best of luck with your launch. Looking forward to seeing your after launch stats 🙂

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    This looks really good, I hope you'll have plenty of success with Burner Mail.

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      Thank you so much! 🙂

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    "Some people might find our pricing a bit high or even outrageous since they are used to free apps; however, we try to educate and explain that we don’t have a big VC funding us and that we don’t make any additional revenue from selling their data or spamming them with unwanted ads"

    THIS is a core and cool value! well said!

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      Thank you! 🙂

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    Da, Felicitari Alexandra si Serge! Foarte inspirat!

    I am an american from nyc, currently in cluj for the next month or so, hope we can cross paths!

    I really enjoyed reading this, I don't think too many founders are this raw and realistic about their ups and downs. I launched 1 of 2 of my ideas, took things slow, did not invest too much of my own money, and now 6 months later I know where to shift my energy and focus and areas of improvement.

    My other idea is a SaaS company and 7 months ago I was so stuck on getting funding asap to be able to pay a developer, but now I'm ok with taking things slow. I also liked when you said "They were confused about what exactly we were selling and how it could help them, which made people unwilling to give it a try." I too come from a technical background, so branding, marketing, and creating a product people want to come back to was also a challenge for me.

    Thank you both for sharing!

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    Congrats and thanks for sharing! I was curious what payment gateway you used?

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      Paddle, but we want to move to Stripe.

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        How do you plan to use Stripe from Romania? Using Atlas? I always though it would only make sense when the MRR is considerable.

        PS. Great to see more Romanians here. Excellent idea and implementation - hope your growth will exceed your expectations.

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          We looked into Stripe Atlas, however, we didn't find it suitable for a small bootstrapped company. You can read more opinions here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16799949

          The best solution would be to set up a limited company in Ireland. Ireland has a low tax rate (12%) and a business-friendly economic policy.

          Thank you for your positive feedback and good wishes.

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            Hi Alexandra, a word of warning regarding the Ireland tax rate. As far as I remember, the lower rate technically only applies if you are running the business from there (it's called 'Management & Control').

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              Thanks for the warning! Will deff look into that 🙂

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    I think another aspect is the prevention of spam, newsletter etc. I have setup an email address in gmail that forwards only "confirm, verify etc." emails so I don't have to see all the 200 mails a day with nonsense. Something like that would be useful by burner email so I could get everything from Netflix and nothing from a weird forum website for instance.

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