February 4, 2019

How to Accomplish Something Extraordinarily Great with Daniel Gross of Pioneer

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    Great inteview. Csallen please include a link to podcast interviewees website. I'm googling pioneer and get tons of unrelated results.

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      Try pioneer.app

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    Wow! Great choice @csallen!

    I've got so many thoughts on this:

    • I'd love to play something like this if it weren't restricted to the young, which I don't quite qualify as anymore. If Daniel ever opens it up to a broader audience, I'd totally sign up.

    • Wow! Glad you asked about age, Courtland, and Daniel's answer was very encouraging. I've seen first hand how things can be difficult after a certain age (e.g. language learning), and it's clear that a change in trajectory matters more sooner than later. On the other hand, most people live past 35 and lives are only getting longer!

    • The gamification part is spot on. Games have no tangible output; their entire power is that people are engaged by them and enjoy them. They're also strongly linked to learning.

    • Following pursuits and dreams can be costly to the individual (vs. working at a huge company), but I totally agree that it's a win for the world.

    • For anyone who hasn't seen it, I highly recommend Daniel's YC talk: https://youtu.be/LH1bewTg-P4

    • Did I misunderstand earlier? Is the app actually open to anyone to join and start competing? (whereas the filtering and awards are just to win a round?)

    I'm also wondering a few things:

    • Has @danielgross has read Actionable Gamification by Yukai Chou?

    • How about Nick Winter's book The Motivation Hacker? It seems very similar to your ideas about turning days into games.

    • What would either of you feel is the most underrated category of gamification in educational communities?

    • Have you considered some kind of gamification + edX/OCW to get people through an entire B.A./B.S. of material to where they could take GRE subject tests in technical subjects? If successful, this would largely circumvent university gatekeepers and provide a certification that carried some actual weight.

    • Does @danielgross have a similar page of book recommendations like Patrick does?

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    I appreciate this episode, but copy like "extraordinarily great" and "massively impactful" in the title/description cheapens it for me.

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      Reads like a medium clickbait title :D

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        haha right?!