July 11, 2018

How to apply for a patent?

Hey guys I'm new to the world of technology and Indie hacker. I've been working on a product and I wanted to get it patented but have no clue what to do. Any advice?

Where do I apply for a patent?

How much does it cost?

How do I search for a patent?

Can I do it by myself?

How long does it take?

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    My two cents: It is not worth going through the effort to patent your idea/product. The only scenario where I think it makes sense is:

    1. There is a real existential threat to your idea/product without holding a patent (unlikely)

    2. The primary business plan of your idea/product is to sell a patent license. (not an easy path to take)

    Instead I would channel that energy and time into improving your idea/product and start winning more customers/revenue.

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    I actually paid someone to do a provisional before ever filing an official patent. He did a search plus he did the write up for the provisional. Turns out lawyers in the USA just farm the work out to him in an attempt to save costs.

    I ended up not moving forward with the project so I just let it slid and chalked it up to experience. So I would agree with some of the comments here that it's better to prove out the product and build the revenue to be sure it's worth the investment. You can always file a provisional if you want to save the larger investment for later. Just make sure you pay the fee every year it before it expires!

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    Get a good patent attorney with expertise in patenting technology. We made the mistake of attempting to use a regular patent attorney to patent specific aspects of our software. He was not familiar enough with the world of software to help us through the process. Expect to spend $15-20K. Get an expert!

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    Patents (at least en Europe) are a long and tedious process. The best is to talk to a lawyer who specializes in this. I don't know what you have developed, but the entire patenting costs can ramp up to 100k€ easily for international patent filings. If your potential product is not worth much more than that, then it is worthless.

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    It cost me about $1000 to turn my concept(about a paragraph) into patentese. you'll need drawings and diagrams($50 each). plus $500 bucks roughly to file it. Also, expect to wait a year or two and then have to fix it and refile it.

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      Thanks a lot Bob!

      This seems very difficult any advice on how to make is easier

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    start with google patents:


    Next find a register patent agent. I actually found one on upwork.