December 3, 2018

How To Build a Feedback-Friendly Culture?

“I want to be customer-centric”.

“Ah feedback…”

“If you can’t take it, you also shouldn’t give it.”

So the famous adage goes.

The problem is that, if no one ever gives criticism, we won’t advance as a species. Moreover, our businesses won’t progress.

No successful endeavor ever became a success without constructive feedback.

But what do you do when not everyone on your team is versed in the art of giving feedback?

And not everyone wants to give it?

And not everyone wants to have to deal with that.

👉Learn the rules that makes a feedback-friendly company here:

By the way, what have you done to strive for feedback in your company?

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    Totally worth to check!

    It's vital to be a customer-centric in 2019, for sure

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    Hi Baptiste,

    It's good to know about your product.

    I am also working in a similar domain and launched earlier this year. I am really impressed by the reviews you got at captera( and curios to know about its impact in your startup growth. Is it worth if we use their paid promotions plans?. I think we can learn alot from our experiences. Feel free to share what you think. Thanks.