October 10, 2017

How to Build Your Community

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    Great article, I am on the process of creating a local community of people looking to break into tech on my city (like me).

    I was thinking about going easy with a wordpress or learn react+meteor and build a custom website. I choosed 2nd.

    I would like to see more articles around this topic.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this.

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      Thanks for reading! I think it's a good approach. I used my site to learn more about certain aspects of Node.js. A blog/website can be a fairly simple project but flexible and complex enough to still stay interesting.

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    I enjoyed the post. Very informative. The advice is straight-forward, but something I've certainly overlooked at times. Kudos for building a big community. I've always shied away from ideas that rely on a community, but perhaps it's time I got over that fear :)

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    Awesome article!! It seems written for me :D I'm working on a project with some similarities to BwS but in a different topic.

    Would you mind to help me with some small questions about how to interview via email?

    Thanks for sharing this article with us :)

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      yeah sure :) you should ask your questions here though so everyone can learn. I also signed a non-compete so can't go into any specifics.

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        Cool, I agree so more people can learn from this :)

        In your article you said: "...with my first interviews I thought I would have a higher response rate by sending the full interview questions out to potential interviewees. I quickly realised very few would actually respond...".

        I guess that to get replies at the beginning of the project is the most complicated as people don't have previous examples to follow/copy.

        1. How did you get people on board at the beginning?

        2. What do you think is the best way to interview via email to get better responses? Several emails one question at a time?

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          You'd be surprised how receptive people can be if you're polite and up front. People love to tell their story and small business especially like any kind of press, but I think a big part of the reason I could get interviews was that the person I was interviewing was also the ideal audience (much like IH), so they had a shared interest in contributing to that community.

          I think Courtland differs in his approach (based on the YC interview), but I prefered to email people the entire interview and if necessary send a follow up email. If I was still going I would probably go a mix of both. Get a few of the template questions and then a couple of personalized follow up ones.

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            It sounds like a good approach. Thanks and good luck with your current project :)