June 13, 2018

How to consistently drive traffic to your product landing page

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    Nicely written and very informational. However, moving ahead one also needs to focus on the user engagement to have the right conversions. We (draftss.com) constantly focus on optimizing our homepage with the help of user feedback. At the same time, we also use heatmaps to understand user behavior patterns and optimize further.

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      Great point! 100% Agreed. I think it's just a matter of understanding where you are and what the biggest challenges you're currently facing are. I love the AARRR framework by Dave McClure to help with that. You guys have a steady stream of signups/visitors I understand?

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    I wish I could upvote this 2 times. Very solid stuff.

    Trying so many of these things myself. Can't say which ones work best yet, but don't want to miss any opportunities. Product development suffers but gotta find the right channels to connect with a community.

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      Awww Mat, it's really appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the content. :-)

      We're actually in the same situation. We need to make progress on the product, but also need to find the right channel. Challenging! 😬

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    Great advice. I think you hit on a lot of different points that can add up to bring a lot of traffic to your site.

    The key and maybe the hardest part is definitely staying consistent on these. But a little work each day will add up to massive results in the long run.

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      Definitely. It's the only way to get consistent results! I'm glad you enjoyed the content. :-)

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    This is really good. It also gave me some assurance that most new startups don't just press a button and get a million page views and sign ups. It's a slow burn. This isn't my first rodeo so I know that but it's always nice to hear it from someone that's not you.

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      Haha! Glad the article helped on that. :-) Stories definitely create a false idea of what "growth" looks like. I think it's a grind, and it's probably best to start with that assumption than the reverse imho. ;-)

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    Good read. I am trying many things myself. Sometimes you think the entire world knows the answer and only you don’t. This article assures that the struggle is real. So, its fine if I take time to get it right. But, I agree that we must focus 90% of the time to things which we know works but its worth to take that long shot once in a while.

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      Yeah. I love that quote. :-) Thanks for reading, it's always great to know that we're not the only one!

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    Great read. If someone is bootstrapping a project and is short on time and resources and can only apply one recommendation, what do you think it should be? Do you have a golden recommendation specifically for user engagement?

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      Great question – I don't think there's a sliverbullet or anything, but I would tend to think that building something/for on an App Store reduces some of the pressure of hunting for traffic.

      Something to consider on the topic:

      "We mold our products to the channels, we do not mold the channels to the product. We don't control the channels, but we control our product." – Brian Balfour ;-)

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    Hey Étienne, this is gold!

    Super fascinated on how companies can create consistent results (traffic, revenue, demos) probably something you explain in your book "Lean B2B".

    Thanks for sharing ;)

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      This post is actually a nice compliment to Lean B2B because the book gives a detailed methodology on how to approach product development as in figuring out how / what problems to go after, who to meet with, what to talk about to move things forward.

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        I'm glad you enjoyed the post James. :-) I like that way of looking at it. Our content is definitely much more focused on acquisition for Highlights!

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      Thanks Pedro. I'm glad you're enjoying the content! :-)

      "Lean B2B" mostly talks about revenue and demo, it's rare I talk about traffic. ;-)

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    Thanks so much for sharing. This was very valuable!

    It's easy to go down the path dreaming about virality. But your quote was great because it's the the hard truth I needed to hear:

    "virality on social media will give your landing page a temporary boost, whereas hitting a good search keyword will bring users each and every week"

    It helped me realize THAT is what I need to focus on for my project (www.tribefive.me for reference).



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      Yeah! I'm glad you enjoyed the content. There definitely needs to be some balance between "viral" content and pushes towards more long-term/steady growth. It's very hard to keep virality going long-term. :-)