August 10, 2018

How to create fast, scalable applications with VueJS and Firebase

Hey guys,

Long time lurker here on IH,

I have recently written a tutorial blogpost explaining how to create a simple CRUD application with VueJS and Firebase, which I thought is something you guys might enjoy. It may be an excellent foundation for your upcoming projects!

On this part one of the blogpost I explain how to set up a new VueJS project and your Firestore database ran by Firebase and cover it up to displaying notes from the database. Soon I'll release part two where the code for creating, updating and deleting notes is explained.

This is a first tutorial-like blogpost for me, so feedback is more than welcome! I'm just happy to share the knowledge on things that excite me!

Link to the blogpost:

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    I'm using Nuxt.js SSR with Firebase for Voiciety and I absolutely love Vue.js! The learning curve was so much smaller than React

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    I've been looking recently at VueJs. Will take a look on your blog post. Thanks!

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      Most welcome! Let me know if it worked out :-)

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        Vue JS should work with bootstrap, right?

        1. 2

          If you're talking about the Bootstrap CSS Framework, then yes. Bootstrap.css can literally work with any architecture - it has nothing to do with JS.

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 may be what you are looking for. In my blogpost i just wanted to work with something else than Bootstrap, so I've given ElementUI a shot.