September 12, 2018

How to get featured on Product Hunt

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    I've posted about 200 products to Product Hunt, usually reach #1-3 spots. Happy to help out! Ping me :)

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      Really? That's amazing. What's the benefit for you though?

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        Just being helpful!

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          Thank you for your help. I may reach put in the future :)

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    I'll offer a tip - don't post your product the day the new iPhones are launching :D

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      Haha #1 pro tip right here

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    Is it true that Product Hunt post now cost money?

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      No, it is free to post on Product Hunt.

      However, they have recently added a "Promoted" slot to each day's products, and that does require you to pay.

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    I feel like you have to be a certain level of "tech-hip" to post on PH.

    A project aimed at a particular niche that isn't tech-savvy or doesn't need to use the latest buzz words seems like it wouldn't do too well.

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      We ( are not "tech-hip". We are targeting small photography businesses and we got featured a few days ago. But I think I mostly agree with you here... I set my internal bar low when we posted to PH, so it was a pleasant surprise when I found out we were featured the next day.

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    Thank you, will be referencing this again in a few weeks when I post on PH

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      Glad you liked it! Send me a DM on Twitter if I can help :)

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    Just to add to this. I recently submitted a side project of mine ( on a whim. Quite literally, I did it after coming home from the in laws over Labor Day and thought, “Meh... why not?”

    It helps to submit on a slow day, eg. Holidays

    As my side project was fighting with others for upvotes, I was literally zip lining with the kids the next day.

    My best guess is that you’re less likely to be competing with bigger brands when the mods have more submissions to choose from.

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      Yep, 100% agree with this. If you submit on a Saturday or Sunday, your chances of being featured also go way up. However, there is also less traffic.

      If you have a small side project, I would definitely encourage a weekend PH launch over a weekday launch. It will give you a much better chance of being featured.