June 12, 2018

How to launch locally?

Launching is a big part of your product. Launching worldwide can be done using ProductHunt or on different platforms. However if you have a local product in a local language it can be harder. It’s even worse if it’s a product for a non-tech audience. Has anyone launched locally and if so what are the best methods to do so?

Edit: Target audience are mostly restaurant / cafe owners.

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    Depends on the target audience but you could use local meetups (as there is one on most subjects in any area) or (if B2B) run a search online of target companies in the area and contact them to research how they currently solve the issue you are trying to solve, you may get a better response here as not trying to sell and hopefully will create some trust in you which can be passed onto the product or brand.

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      Sounds like a great idea. My audience are mostly restaurant / cafe owners.

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    Never done so but off the top of my head I would use targeted FB ads at people who live within the area you want to target.

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    I am planning this very thing so I'll share what I'm doing.

    You can create an event on Eventbrite and/or Facebook Events. You can publicize the event by buying targeted ads on Facebook letting people know it's happening.

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    Launching is a big part of your product.

    True, if you're a giant consumer-focused company with a secrecy strategy like Apple. Not so true for a lot of others.