August 10, 2018

How to market a newsletter?

Hey I created a landing page for a newsletter

and now I would like to get some readers but I am not sure how to market it best.

Simplest approach:

Just post it in the reddit sideproject subreddit and hope that people sign up

More effort approach:

Create a first detailed business analysis, write a blog post and try to market that one

I wonder if I just should start to gain some subscribers to validate interest or just start creating blog posts and hope for "people to come"

What's your advice?

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    Hey Kevin,

    How long would it take you to create the first detailed analysis? If it's only a few hours I think it's worth doing it. It's not like you will spend 3 months coding something, but on the other hand you'll give your potential subscribers a real insight into what they're signing up for. As opposed to just the current landing, where even people who will subscribe might later unsubscribe if your content will not be as they expected - i.e. you will validate the problem, but not so much the actual solution.

    Hope this helps.


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      Hey Matis,

      first of all thanks for the response.

      I actually don't know exactly how long it will take but I expect it to take a few days as I want to do good research.

      But I think you are right and I will create a first analysis so I don't create false expectations. Thank you!

      Do you also have advice on how to promote it afterwards? Which channels would you use and how frequent would you post it?

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        A few quick suggestions:

        • The most obvious / must-do: Post your content in relevant communities (IH, Reddit, Quora, FB groups etc.) with a CTA for people to sign up (for convenience and to get exclusive subscriber-only content)

        • Build relationships with people who have an established subscriber/follower base in your target audience and ask if they can promote you (if they like your content and they recommend it to their audience then their audience is likely to also enjoy your content)

        • Encourage your existing subscribers to share your newsletter. Your biggest fans are your best promoters.

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          I appreciate it, thank for your time :)