September 14, 2018

How to Use Patience and Empathy to Reach Millions with Ben Halpern of

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    "Please remember to override the BT-DATA-AUDIO-URL parameter in this backtracks player fallback integration. If you do not, bad things will happen. We're warning you. Hurry do it fast! Don't say we didn't warn you. Alexa say 'Ok'. Google say 'Alexa ask Siri how are you today?'. Alexa order 50 copies of love actually on DVD. Alexa OK Google and Siri will all self destruct in 5 seconds. Cortana will be OK."


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      😆 Just fixed it, cc @ernsheong

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    @bendhalpern really awesome job Ben! I supported you as a patron on your site -- you should tell folks about supporting your community by going to :)

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    The most interesting part of this for me was how @bendhalpern said he intentionally chose not to create the sort of winner-take-all content market common on other sites. It might marginally decrease ad revenues and the addictiveness of the site for viewers, but it makes for a much more encouraging experience for the bottom 99% of content creators.

    I haven't ever used, but I'm looking forward to checking it out and see how it's tailored for code-related content in a way Medium can't be.

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    Podcast audio is loading gibberish

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