August 10, 2018

How We Saved Australians $100K by Working Evenings for Three Months

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    How do you source prices and available stock information from the various stores?

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      We currently do not source stock information from the stores. Pricing information is fetched online.

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    I am also wondering how to you get the pricing information for the various items?

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    This is amazing. I love the fact how you managed to solve a real world problem based on a frustration you had yourself. I'm always looking for opportunities like such to think of a good idea. Seems like you managed to find one, cool!

    I also enjoy reading up about how you promoted this and which tools you used, always eager to learn about this as it isn't my specialty (yet ;-)).

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      Thanks! Marketing is always a challenging task.

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    Worked on a very similar product about 4 years ago, but never seeing a penny made me fold. The plan was also to get people away from big stores and into local corner shops for special and unique deals, but there was no money in this. Getting sponsored listing or selling customer data would be the only way to get something, but it felt unethical. Is the $1 per week enough? Won't people use the app for a couple of weeks and then simply learn where the best prices are?

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      Hi @aabreu , sorry to hear about you having folded !

      Selling customer data is definitely an avenue we are looking at. This would obviously be void of any personally identifiable information but hold enough value to brands and businesses to allow them to segment their marketing more effectively.

      In regards to learning where the best prices are, in the Australian marketplace we have a new catalogue released every Wednesday. These catalogues table the promotions valid at supermarkets for the following week. Customers can save a motza just by cross-shopping supermarkets and getting all their products at discounted rates instead of paying full price.

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    hi guys - Melbourne resident here, great work on getting this to market and I think you've done an excellent job on the website interface.

    I tested GroceryGetter against a couple of your competitors (Shopbot and Frugl) and yours was the only one that identified that Coles had a sale on for my favourite coffee Lavazza A Modo Mio Passionale capsules which was impressive!

    Along these lines I have a suggestion re: possible revenue stream - as you know, supermarkets here offer regular, usually short-lived discounts on products such as the coffee example above. How about a service for consumers where I can build a list of my favourite products and you send me alerts whenever they are on sale?

    A freemium model could work well here... free for up to 3 items, pay a monthly subscription fee for more.

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      HI @DoubleDrop Thanks for the feedback.

      I am glad to know that you love our pricing accuracy. It is definitely one of the points we try to keep on top of.

      Love the idea of your revenue stream. Question back to you, would you pay to use the app and keep track of your shopping list? Would you pay $0.99/week?


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        Yes, I'd pay $0.99 / week for a service like that - fundamentally if the service saved me more than it cost me by a decent margin then I would consider it worth paying for.