October 11, 2018

How you get your ideas to build next MVP?

  • What is your (strategy/plans/research) you use to get a new idea ?

  • How much time you spend before you jump to next step and build your MVP?

  • What is your skills ? programming languages you know/use?

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    1. day to day reading and using all kind of web stuff, the idea pop during my day to day usage. I have a long list of ideas on my trello board.

    2. It depends, currently I m doing 6 product in 6 months, so I choose 1 idea that I really want to do and give it a month to complete.

    3. PHP / Laravel / Laravel Spark, thinking do try up some no code solution after the 3rd product.

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    None of the replies here are actually about MVP development.

    In case people have forgotten - it's "Minimum Viable Product", not market research or timeboxed development.

    A good MVP should be the absolute minimum of functionality to achieve the stated business or user goals. This may include manual creation of user accounts, manual set up steps - in other words don't spend ages writing functionality for requirements that haven't been battle tested.

    It's really hard for developers to accept this because writing cool stuff is fun, but the less you do the better. Get it out the door as fast as possible and see what works.

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    1. Get and Idea randomly or see an existing service that could be improved or can be offered in a more specific niche.

    2. I do a 'research' on the potential clientes: Is your product for designers? Go to fb and join design groups, is your product for founders? go to fb and join entrepreneurship groups, go join indie hackers, go see blogs of entrepreneurs and see their problems and how your product can solve them. I spends days into this.

    3. I Look for possible competition: How popular they are? Do they solve the same issues you want to solve? Are specific enough to the niche your want to serve? Will they lawsuit you? (just kidding haha). Also, try their free trials, see how your company will solve the problems better than them. Look how they manage certain things you have not considered yet, like: payment processors, integrations or other things that you'll also need to offer to your customers.

    If after that, if I'm still convinced my idea have potential to succeed, I start working on it. It sounds like I have a battle tested workflow but actually I have actually done this just once as I'm still working on my very first product haha.

    I'm a developer, I'm trying to use a framework for rapid prototyping and launch the mvp asap to get real world validation. I considered Laravel a lot because it's a very popular php framework and I have a lot of experience with it, but I did some tests and the performance difference with node.js frameworks is huge, so I'm using https://adonisjs.com/ which is also a MVC framework which embraces convention over configuration and this is ideal for rapid development, but it has better performance because its a node.js framework.