November 7, 2018

How Zapier Reached $35M ARR With This SaaS SEO Strategy

Aloha Indie Hackers! Just finished a teardown of Zapier’s search marketing strategy. It generates 3.8 million visits from search every month.

Can’t believe they have over 25,000 unique, search optimized landing pages (not blog posts). Each page has relevant, human written content. But Zapier didn’t write it themselves.

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    Great post.

    Very innovating approach to their problem of "invisible" product.

    Can you think on a way to harnest the same power to create landing pages in other SaaS products ?

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      I think the approach outlined in the article would work best for any kind of middleware that is connecting apps together, since the number of potential landing pages and search terms to exploit is higher. That said, I think you can tweak it for other types of SaaS. For example, lots of apps have at least a handful of native integrations with other apps. You could take a page from the Zapier playbook and work with partners to co-promote those integrations, build landing pages around them, blog about them, etc. People might not be specifically searching for an integration between your app and X app. But you could target the partner's main branded search terms with a landing page highlighting the value your integration adds. You could also target category level integration keywords for bigger brands like “trello crm integration” or “trello calendar integration” if you’ve plugged into Trello’s API and offer a crm or calendar solution in your app. Or you could try targeting higher volume use case keywords related to your partners, and write blog posts that tie into the value your integration delivers. The advantage you have over companies like Zapier is that you can really go deep into building the use cases for your integrations, and promote that value. Zapier is going wide where you can go deep.

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    This is so interesting! Great writeup! I've wondered why integrations happen so much these days, even from what seem to be competitors. Makes way more sense now.

    I do remember the early days of Zapier though where it did look like canned landing pages each time I was looking for a random integration.

    Crazy that their entire product is built on promoting other popular brands and enhancing their services, which just feeds back into their own popularity.

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    Love it. Thank you for writing / sharing.

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    could you please share landing page links of Zapier.. Just to find out how they write

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      You can drill into all of them here

      Each app has its own set of pages.

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    Thanks for sharing.. I have read the article and what an amazing seo trick by Zapier. Awesome...

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    Excellent study.

    We just shared out on our @APPEALIE Twitter.

    • Matt
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      Thanks for sharing, Matt. Glad you liked it!

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    Awesome post Ryan! Super insightful stuff 🤓

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    Thanks for sharing. That actually makes a lot of sense and got me thinking about creating multiple landingpages myself.

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    Great article Ryan. Very interesting strategy. Most of us would not think to even go down that road as it would seem very daunting but their persistence has clearly paid off!

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    Still going thru this, but great noes around the landing pages