December 6, 2018

I built an MVP in 2 days, what do you think?

I launched my MVP about 3 weeks ago. It's a simple one-page website. Basically, I am analyzing all Indie Hackers Products and ranking them based on revenue and growth.


Who did I build it for?

I built this MVP for anyone who is interested in finding out about interesting startup trend.

How did the idea come up?

I have been wanting to figure out what growth actually looks like for a product who starts out with $0 in revenue. I built this MVP with a friend of mine over a weekend.

What's next?

I have been analyzing the trend and planning on publishing some of my observations. I am thinking of adding badges to each startup who makes it to the top 5 charts.

So ... What do you think? It's okay, I can take it :)

  1. 4

    Looks good 👍. It would be nice to see more than 5 companies in every segment though.

    1. 2

      Great feedback! Do you think it should not have a limit? or just a limit higher than 5?

      1. 3

        Why did you limit to start? I think it would be super cool to have a limit

        1. 2

          Because I wanted to make it simple and easy to browse. Also, it is a lot easier to look into and learn about startups when there are only a few of them rather than being overwhelmed with thousands of startups. What do you think is a good balance?

          1. 1

            I think having it clean on the homepage is good. But View more button wth access to a bigger list will be better.

            I am looking at a point of u on how to peg my growth to others in the industry. It's better in my opinion to see a bigger list rather than the top of the top.

            1. 1

              That's a great feedback.. What information are you interested to see in a larger list?

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    Really cool idea Shar. Just joined your mailing list.

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    This is really cool! I think it's useful to see what "great" growth looks like for a small, bootstrapped startup instead of a unicorn. Very useful to have as a slightly more realistic point of comparison. Thanks! The design looks nice too.

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    Useful & interesting aggregated data presented on a clean website. Looks good!

    Are you looking to make some revenue or is this more towards helping fellow makers?

    1. 2

      I am not planning on generating revenue. I built this to help fellow makers and whoever is interested in learning about startup growth trends.

      Thanks for the feedback! Let me know if you have any ideas that can help make this MVP better :)

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    Good looking site and intel! Just signed up to the mailing list.

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    This looks great!

    Can you speak to the tech stack?

    Are you using webscrapers or plugging into some API for the data?

    1. 1

      This is the first time I used Google Cloud. It is pretty amazing actually. Postgres database, Cloud Functions for making the API calls to IH, and the website is using App Engine, a simple NodeJS app.

      We are plugging into IH's APIs to grab the data.

      Thanks for the feedback :)

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    Looks great would be great to see this integrated directly in indiehackers!

    1. 1

      What would that integration look like?

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        I am not sure about that, but I tend to forget "additional websites" which help me to improve the service that I am using. Maybe indie hackers is interested in directly including it as a feature or something like that.

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    Love it

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    It's looking pretty good

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    Great idea! Looks very good for 2 days

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    It is similiar with

    But your website looks better.