January 7, 2019

🤪I Created A Public Trello Board With 100 Actionable Ideas For Your First 100 Users - feedback?

Thanks for all the feedback on my startup ideas post - some incredible responses and great food for thought. Based on some of the feedback in the comments there, I've decided to start by focusing on ideas that will support my freelance work.

This morning I've created a v1 public Trello board with 100 actionable and categorised marketing ideas to help your startup reach its first 100 users.


  • 100 ideas, one per card

  • Note promoting my LinkedIn

  • A few notes on strategy and audience

  • Multiple channel categories

  • Brain dump of ideas

Please take a look and let me know what you think

🤩 https://trello.com/b/wGkvzNYV/100-tried-and-tested-ways-to-get-your-first-100-users


  • One thing I wanted to explore was rephrasing each card to be more actionable. For example, instead of saying 'reach out to your network' I wanted to say 'Contact 5 friends, colleagues or connections via email with a link to your landing page'. I think this would help make the board more useful and immediately actionable. Any thoughts?

  • What am I missing? Please reply with tips to include

  • If you have an anecdote about how you acquired your first 100 users please message me on LinkedIn as I would like to include 15 case studies on the board

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    This is gold 🏅

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    This is awesome, really liking it as a go-to guide for getting those first customers. It might be a lot of work, but having an article to a story or strategy to do the actionable idea under each card could be nice as well.. Definitely bookmarked!

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    Emailed you a special something for this! ;)

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    Never forgetting this link ever! Thanks a ton @olly . Awesome stuff!

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      Thank you! If it's useful please do share and add me on LinkedIn :) https://www.linkedin.com/in/olivermeakings/ @Nakkeeran

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    This is awesome! Thanks a lot man :)

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      @sid24rane thank you for commenting

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    Thanks for the resource, I'll give it a try after releasing :)

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      Thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated. Please do share your feedback and good luck with your project :)

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    This is pretty awesome! I saved the link to come back to it later (after looking over half the list :).

    I think having the general advice is good and wouldn't want to see it disappear in favor of specific steps. But definitely think actionable steps would be useful. As well as links to relevant info (eg when you mention publishing platforms, communities, startup dirs).

    Got about 94 to go before I can give a case study :-P

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      Thanks @AndrewV. How did you get your first customer?

      And thanks for the ideas - I will review these as I update it throughout the week.

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        I think my first customers all came from BetaBound.com. It doesn't seem like it gets much traffic, which made it way more comfortable to me as a marketing newbie to try it out.

        I have a spreadsheet of marketing ideas and ratings/experiences with each one I tried. I think your kanban more than covers everything I have there (and your kanban is now an item in the sheet haha).

        I just added 2 more users from my personal network, and they're way more useful! There were a lot of people who seemed very interested from BetaBound, but once I set them up with accounts, they didn't do anything with it!