January 5, 2019

I got my first 10 users

Oh, man. I did it. It's great to find out that 10 users have registered for your product.

I am pumped and disappointed at myself at the same time. Excited that I have reached my first milestone but disappointed at where I am. I been developing my product since my junior year of college but felt like it has gotten nowhere.

Check it out at outrankio.com

I know design is horrendous and I am fixing the search bar in the middle of the landing page so here is the new design at http://hipdev.co/n/outrankio/html3/

EDIT: Thank you IH community for all the wonderful support, feedback, and encouragement. I noticed most of you fine gentlemen/gentlewomen of IH have spotted some errors but it will change in the upcoming design.

Is anyone interested in grandfatherly rights/grandfather users for subscriptions on my software? I am interested in a close-tight knit community for feedback

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    That’s something to be super proud of! I often think of people who say they wish they started a business, or had customers, or just in general had something to show for. Many people want a business but few are willing to work for it like your self.

    I’m also reminded of the phrase, ”don’t move the flag”. It’s easy to set goals, but then save celebrating for later. We figure, “I’ll just celebrate later after we get more of whatever...” Make sure you celebrate this with a ballin dinner or an awesome drink. Then push on to your next ten users/20 users. It will help keep it super fun as you go.

    My wife and I payed off nearly 180k in student debt this way, and man it changed how I thought about long term goals.

    🍻 here’s to your next 10 customers! 🍻

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      Aww, man. Thanks for the support.

      Hopefully, I will stay motivated enough to keep up with my studies and my side project at the same time.

      Haha, let's talk not debt atm because as a college student I am drowning in debt unfortunately. :P

      Congratulations on your success. Gotta have some positivity here and there!


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        You bet! It’s all about keeping it fun. Sure make money but especially with a side project, you need to have some fun with it. Otherwise it just is so easy to burn out.

        Yeah I def i had a lot of debt, but thankfully the career path in software dev gave me something to fall back on.

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          Haha, thanks for the advice. Kinda lost sight with all my expectations and forgot to have fun in the process.

          Oh, that's really great!

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    Hey @outrankio

    Congrats! I noticed on your illustrations you have a watermark from Fotolia, you can def. spruce it up if you check out https://undraw.co/illustrations I've used several of their illustrations, free, no need to link back.

    A few other notes:

    • You have a spelling error under "Impr4ove " third illustration to the right.

    • You stated you just got your first 10 users, but at the bottom of your page you claim 165,000+ users ; 5,000+ businesses; and 1,000+ agencies; Are these email signups?

    Anywho, good luck and keep on pushing!

    EDIT: Just saw your new design link in another response you posted, wow, I love it! Definitely a step up!

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      Wow, didn't know about undraw.co. Best click of the day for sure. Thanks man.

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      Undraw Looks like a great resource for Illustration thanks for sharing.

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        No problem. I ran into their project about a week ago, great design and a nice wide variety of illustrations for almost any use case.

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      Yeah, I have noticed the spelling error.

      No, these aren't email signups. It's more like dummy text. Sorry for the confusion.

      I am planning to wipe away and change everything in my new design of the landing page.

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      Hey @jcalvarez

      Yeah, some of the illustrations have a watermark from Fotolia, using that as a dummy photo or something like that.

      I will check it out. Thanks, man.

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    On to the next 10 ! ;-)

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      That sounds hard but I will try. Hopefully, it's true when you get your first user, it's easier to get the next five, and so on.

      Thanks for the support

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        Don't give up! I'm currently at 22 users. Although I've the opposite problem. The first ten where super easy, since them I'm only struggling to onboard more :')

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          After this post went viral, 10 more users have registered.

          Funny enough

          Good luck to the both of us

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            Congratulations! On to the next 10! 💪

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              Going for the next 100

              Let's reach it together

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    Your site is not horrendous it looks great, just some small feedback is that the top nav bar is a little low contrast so it's hard to read the text.

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      also they is some sort of bug on pricing page on chrome atm

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      Haha, thanks.

      I will implement what you suggested so it's easier for the eyes of the readers.

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        Your new design looks great btw, I love the color choice of purple, pink, and black. It's very unique.

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          That's good. I'm glad you like it

          Is it okay if you can give me feedback about the software?

          Would you be interested in using or buying something like this?

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    Hey, you should consider replacing the vector images with vector, svg, ones.


    I waited for about a second for the background the show up. And I have 100mbit internet.

    Consider something like: pngtosvg.com

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      I don't know anything about vector images.

      Care to explain more in detail?

      If it loads in a second, isn't that good?

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        Sure, SVG is a vectoral image format, means; it does not store any pixel data, it stores infromation on how to render a pixel based image, this results in smaller file sizes, (and transfer time) also better quality on the image you are using.

        The tool I recommend is just turns the pixel image, png in our case, into svg vector that would turn your flat illustrations in recipes on how to create an image on a page.

        Than if you use this svg vectors instead of png, you will have far superior page performance.

        Also your keyword checker is not functional, https://outrankio.com/getkeywords?keyword=hello

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          Oh, okay. That explains a lot

          Thank you for telling me

          Regarding the keyword checker not being functional, I created an account and it looks like it's working from my end. Huh, that's weird!

          I will get it checked.

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            Give me a comment if you handle it, I would love to test it.

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              Did you create an account and try testing it out from your end?

              EDIT: I see it from my end now. Sorry about that! I will get to it right away

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    the images are looks a bit weird with the wide screen devices.

    check the url,


    i would recommend you to remove constraints of max-height in small screen devices for better looking on mobile.

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      Oh, yeah. It does look weird.

      I will get started on that. Thanks for the feedback.

      Any feedback on the software? It would be great if you can sign up and tell me about it? Any bugs?

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    Great site! The only feedback I have is to make the images retina friendly. They are all blurry which makes the whole site too look less professional.

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      Yes, I will implement what you suggested.

      You can look at my new design and it has a cleaner and smoother design for the eyes of the readers.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Is this software something you will be interested in using?

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    The landing page looks fantastic.

    Post signup is a bit underwhelming though. Initially, I thought that perhaps it wasn't working (Keyword search is empty each time for me). Congrats on your first 10 users - that is a big accomplishment.

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      I am really sorry to hear about that. Can you tell me in detailed about your post sign up and why the keyword search wasn't working? Have you try doing it again?

      I will keep that in mind when fixing bugs.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Would you be interested in paying for this?

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    The site looks great! Where did you get those footer images where it displayed how many tools you have and the userbase?

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      I took them from other sites here and there for dummy purposes of course.

      Sorry for the confusion.

      I am changing and switching it up of course in the next update regarding design and features.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Would you be interested in using such a tool?

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    Nice work. I like the landing page design!

    Just curious: What do you use for backlink tracking?

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      Thank you for the feedback

      I am using Google API at the moment to track for backlinks. It's accurate but I am planning to integrate more APIs, expanding database, building custom web crawler using python, and internal algorithm to increase accuracy, trends, local listings, more backlink opportunites, etc., etc..

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    Hey Justin -- that homepage looks really nice, but I think you need a copywriter to go through it to make it sing.

    I'd suggest taking a break from this project for now though. You sound burned out. 10 users is a huge milestone -- you should be proud! Give yourself a few weeks or few months and then come back to this with renewed passion. It's a great idea in a growing market -- I think if you focused more on sales you could turn it into something great!

    1. 2

      Thank you for the feedback. I have to see on hiring a copywriter as I have to pay for tuition and other expenses related to college.

      I am on my winter break right now and my next semester is starting in a couple of weeks so this is the only time I can work on it as of now before class starts.

      1. 2

        You don't necessarily need a professional copywriter. You could grab a few friends and have them look it over for you. Ask them everything they would change and write it all down. After you go through a few friends like this, you'll have a much better idea of where the problem areas are.

        But seriously, this looks like a ton of work and it sounds like you need a break from your own expectations. Consider taking a few walks today in between working, at least.

        1. 2

          Ahhh, I see what you mean now. Thanks, I will ask a couple of my friends to look at it from the point of view of an outsider.

          I'm not gonna lie but this is a ton of work.

          I think this winter break is a good opportunity to catch up on sleep. Haha!

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    Hey, good job - what do you use for handling payments?

    1. 2


      It's not monetized yet so anyone who registers right now will be a free user.

      Integrating Stripe API into my software to handle payments soon

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    Well done on getting 10 registered users!

    Some feedback after briefly browsing through your site:

    1. Pricing page is broken https://imgur.com/a/WbzAtiW

    2. Features page seems quite thin. I'd expect a list of features with screenshots of the product.

    1. 1

      Thank you for the support and the feedback

      I noticed that pricing page is broken. I am fixing that as we speak.

      I am still developing the product. More features as we go along.

      You can check out my new design at http://hipdev.co/n/outrankio/html3/

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        The new design looks fantastic! Are you using some template or do you design from scratch?

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          I hired a freelancer to design it from scratch

          1. 1

            Can you point us to the freelancer? It will be good to for the redesign that we are planning.

            1. 1

              I will be glad too. Alot of people are contacting me where you can find the freelancer? Here is his email

              His name is Marko. You can contact him at mb@hipinspire.com

              You can tell him that Justin from Outrankio refer to you here .

              His hourly rate is $40.

              I hope the community sees this part of the comment. I had to answer each one individually. Might have to put it in another post quite possibly

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                How much did it cost you in total?

                1. 1

                  I think about $2700 in total.

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        It's great! For me (on desktop with lastest Firefox) char seems a little too big

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    make sure you optimize your images (@2x) for retina displays - images are now pixelated on my mbpro

    1. 1

      Got it!

      It should be fixed on this upcoming redesign. I am on to something.

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      Thanks so much!

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    I really did not expect this post I posted to go viral like this, sort of.

    Thank you IH! I still can't believe it's happening.