July 1, 2018

I got my first subscriber today and made $3.

I can't tell you guys how excited I am, this is the first time in my life I believed enough to build and launch my crazy idea and for the first time in my life I've been paid to believe in my crazy vision of something and working on it without worrying about who and when someone would buy it which kept me from building stuff in the past. Today I'm extremely grateful to be born post sceintific revolution.

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    I am extremely happy for you! I remember my first sale, and it put me on top of the world; I hope you feel that way right now too. I truly hope that $3 turns into, $6, and that $6 into $12, and so forth. Congratulations.

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      Yes I do feel the same.

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    What is it? IH is all about sharing!

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      I was so excited, I even forgot to mention it. It's http://autopick.co it's an app that scans and captures just what you want and leaves everything else behind, kind of redefining the age old scanning technology for the first time.

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        Great idea! You could put a super short video showing how it works though. Congrats!

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          Thanks for the suggestion, I did make an intro though it doesn't depict how it works, here http://autopick.co/this-is-autopick/

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            I think that video works too. I suggest you making it available from the start page.

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              You cleared me of a big confusion, thanks.

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                One thing I found confusing about the video is "You can find it in the App Store", but on the next screen it has the Google Play banner.

                Is it available for iOS, Android or both?

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                  oops my mistake, should've been play store, iOS is work in progress, I'm still learning the iOS development so it's taking time.

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    Celebrating the little wins is so, so important!

    It's also funny how your wins get bigger as you grow, yet you feel the same positive energy. I remember getting our first customer. The thought that somebody paid us money to do something for them was incredible!

    Now I get the same feeling when a 5-figure sum gets transferred from Stripe into our bank account every week.

    In a year, I'll probably get that same feeling when we hit $1M ARR.

    Who knows. In 3 years, that same wow feeling I got with our first customer might be us hitting $10M ARR.

    Regardless, celebrate those milestones. What's the point of aiming for the stars if you're not going to enjoy the ride :)


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      It's an awesome service that you guys are running, I didn't even know something like this existed, in fact this is a common problem businesses face especially when working with freelancers that whom can they hire for "reliable" maintenance afterwards, I'm gonna suggest it to my past clients for whom I designed and deployed wp sites.

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        That's awesome! We have a referral program as well so feel free to join that first: https://wpbuffs.com/affiliate-area/

        Or if you're still working with clients, we do offer a white-label program so you can sell maintenance plans and our company provides all the fulfillment: https://wpbuffs.com/partnerships/

        Boom! :)

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    My first sale was $2.95. It was awesome! :)

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      MyPost is cool, but closed :(

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        Yeah.. I'm figuring out how to put up a paywall for it to avoid it getting abused and spammed again. But the code is old.. and needs updating, and I've got a few other projects going on right now that I can't give it the attention it needs.

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    iOS? I actually would love this! Solves the exact problem I have all the time - Usually I just take a photo and send that via chat on my phone, this is what I actually want it to be doing.

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      I look forward to finishing it soon, in the meantime share it with your android friends, help me reach more awesome folks.

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    Congrats, mate.

    Hopefully, it's the first sale of many.

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      Hopefully, yes.

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    Really excited for you. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story as you grow things from here.

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      Thanks ryan, and it's not mine alone, you guys are now part of the story, help me spread the word. That way we'll all know the story going forward. Thanks again.

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    Congrats ajit. I am yet to make the first sale. Just working on the product, hope to launch soon :)

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      I wish you best luck Nishant, give it all !!

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    NICE. Probably the sweetest $3 you ever made.

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      Just checked out the app. What a really cool idea!

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        wow, I seriously wasn't expecting that!!! and I just can't afford to have such a positive review not shared, so please share the app with your friends and colleagues, thank you justin.

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    Spill the beans... What is your service?

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      http://autopick.co it's a mobile scanner that let's one scan only what they want and leave everything else behind.

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        Hey I upvoted on PH... great idea.

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          That's awesome, also share it with your friends on social media, help me spread the message.

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          This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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    Dude! This is huge! Congrats, and good luck!

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      • I've already installed both Motiwake and Clipboard++
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      Thanks Mat, I wish you the same luck with HustleCool, it's going to be my first choice when I face the need of smm. Berlin has lately given birth to many quality products, I would love yo visit you guys one day.

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        Thanks Ajit, I'd love to hear what you think when you use it! I'll be in Berlin for one more month, let me know if you're visiting. Cheers

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    Congrats! Somehow the "first $3" posts are always more inspirational than the "first $1000 posts" -- I think it's because it feels so much more attainable to those of us who are earlier in the journey.

    Can you add some explanation on your site under the how it works section? I'm not sure I understand whether you have to highlight the text first, then take a photo of it with the app, or whether you highlight what you want to keep after you take the photo with the app. And can you take photos of any text anywhere?

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      Thanks Tal, I too felt the need to explain it but somehow struggled to find a minimal way to do, but I'm gonna work on it now, and yes it works by highlighting the text first, then take a picture of it and then the app extracts just the highlighted text, saved to copy.

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    Congrats, I am super happy for you. Meep going!

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    Very cool app!

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    I completely feel you, I myself shared my excitement here when I got my first $1 from a customer!


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      Thanks Ryan, what was your product? you haven't mentioned in your bio.

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        Ah, yes I didn't think about adding it to my bio :D

        The project is Role Gate, a platform to play tabletop RPGs asynchronously, by chat. :)

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    🙌🏼 Woohooo!!! Congrats and I hope this is just a snowball effect of forward success 🙂

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    Nice work Ajit. Awesome idea :)

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      Thanks Davis, you have built an amazing network, help me spread the word.

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    Very cool idea (http://autopick.co/). I use something similar (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/beanote-note-taking-on-we/nikccehomlnjkmgmhnieecolhgdafajb?hl=en) but the missing functionality is that I can only retrieve my highlights on my computer.

    Your solution seems to cover many more uses cases.

    Good luck!


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      Yes and that's the core reason I built autopick to serve, I was seeking a fluid and network less interoperability for grabbing important piece of information to smartphone, the central gadget of today's digital life.

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    Congratulations! It means you have probably found something!

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    The app looks neat, I have iOS so I'll have to wait ;)

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    that's awesome man. congrats!

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      Thanks Oz, and about your "documentary post" I was gonna suggest Abstract from Netflix but @joeheadbuff already did, my favorite quote from the whole series was , what Bjarke Ingles says "What changes over time is the naivety fades away, but it is replaced by another kind of confidence that will make you better at seizing the moment and grasping what is important"

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    Congrats! If you can do it once you can definitely do it 10 times!

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      Thanks alchemist

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    Confrats buddy!!

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      Thanks Mangesh.

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    Awesome! The idea is cool, I'll play with it in the following days!

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      Cool, I'll look forward to hearing back from you.