November 8, 2018

I made a Pomodoro radio for makers and coders

Hey IH!

For a long time my work routine was this:

  • Find a long house mix on Youtube

  • Do work for an hour

  • (try to ) Take a short break

  • Share what I've done

  • Repeat

This is kind of the Pomodoro technique but for 55 minutes (25 minutes is too short for coding).

I thought this would be cool to do our working sessions/break time all in sync!

So I made a web radio that combines it all:

  • Plays a random tune from the library for 55 min (you can recommend any 55min+ youtube video using the chat). Chat is closed for better focus

  • Stops the music 5 min to remind you to take a break. Chat is open so you can relax.

  • Allows you to log your achievements with the /done command, and share it

You can check it out here 👉

Do you have the same work schedule? Do you like the concept?

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    One thing that came to mind when I checked out the site is what if some users don't like/ can't focus with the current music choice. What if you had different channels (radio stations) with different types of music playing. You could have a jazz/instrumental station, edm, rap, pop, etc station where users can tune in to the station they like to listen to. Each station could have their own chat or you could combine all the stations into one chat during the break.

    Overall I like the idea, but maybe this is something to consider if you want to further develop the idea.

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      yeah that's a good idea for future improvement

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    Sounds like a great idea. Good job!

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      thanks! do you find it useful for your own work routine?