August 10, 2018

I need a co-founder for my designing service. R U interested?

Please comment if you can work with me as co-founder and what can you do for this service.

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    For a company who offers "Design services", my first concerns are:

    1. Your own logo doesn't look professional

    2. It looks like you're using an Undraw illustration on your website. (Surely a design agency could design their own illustrations?

    3. In terms of navigating your website, it doesn't fill me with confidence that your company understands design at all

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    What are you looking for at a co-founder? You need design or backend/programming knowledge?

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      watevr he can do marketing, designing, sales building mvp etc.

      As I am stucked my here and I dont know what an actually pure professional website looks like?

      So anyone who can help me out to create this wonderful startup and take edge. Thankyou!

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        I don't mean to be a pest, but I want to bring up the story of Drew Houston, who founded Dropbox.

        He went through a majority of the build process of Dropbox without a co-founder, and was even rejected from Y-Combinator for not having a co-founder. However, he hadn't met the right person to fill those shoes, and truly didn't know what other value someone else could add at that time.

        My point being, don't look for a co-founder just to "have a co-founder." Those skills sound like something you individually should be trying to build and understand, and at that point if you still notice your weaknesses, you'll understand the value someone else could bring in who is specialized in one of those areas.

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    It looks like 'another design service'.

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    looks like a bad copy of the structure of the page, the packages, the faq, the text

    seems like a copy and paste with some changes here and there

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      Which is a copy on manypixel :)

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        Not really, manypixels and draftss websites are very different. Only the idea behind is the same, and doesn't really matter

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          One thing I want to make clear, copying an idea is not a crime and to large extent cant be avoided. It's best if the original creator focuses on quality and user service to stand out.

          The only reason i made that comment was in response to you saying its a bad copy for some other site. I was trying to get there are alot of copied item. Dont judge the book based on the cover.

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            not sure if we are saying the same things.. I agree with you, copying an idea is fine, create more competition, everybody works harder to provide a better solution. I wasn't talking about the idea though, it's like if I take your website source, maybe change a couple of images, and freely use it... :)

            In the end, I think it will damage more the OP than who has been copied, so it's really in his interest, I think.

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        That's like saying US Airways copied British Airways.

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          ya that true, the second airline copied the idea from who ever was first to start a airline. as far as , is that legal depends on the law.

          As a consumer we are ok with copy and cant control it, its good for us. But if u were the founder of the first airline and took the risk of creating a new industry and someone comes and copies u only after making sure the industry is profitable. you wont be happy abt it right. not a legal issue but the credit should be given when due.

          Do u know which is the world first airline .

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            Well, I kind of love the condescending conversation here and wanted to stop reading further where you mentioned it is good for the consumers :)

            Sorry, If I wasn't trying to be clear, I was commenting with relation to how designwheels blatantly copied our landing page and @shaqqs implied that we copied manypixel, which isn't true.

            Yes, we are definitely in the same industry or sub-industry. What you are talking about, is first movers advantage, which always opens for more players to come, I would not use the word 'COPY' for these other players or entrants to that particular industry and yes I very strongly believe that credit should be given when due.

            Do you know which is the first Design as a service company?

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    Hi Mike, a friendly word of advice - you haven't exactly written the kind of post which will make the best potential cofounders stumble over themselves to apply to work with you.

    Don't worry though, that happens a lot with first-time founders. If you're interested, I put together this personalised advice tool to help people in your situation find a better cofounder faster.

    Good luck!

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      Hey Louis, I just tried your tool. Pretty nice, good job! I really liked all the advice.

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    your website doesn't work, just keeps loading.

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    what exactly do you need from a developer? Looks like you got it all going :)

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    @mikymike - Not sure I'd like to be a co-founder, but would like to chat, shoot me an email from my profile please.

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    What service exactly? 😆

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      Sorry forgot to mention the site.