July 11, 2018

I need your advice--what's good and what's meh about this landing page?


We help B2B founders and B2B social media influencers find each other online and grow sales. Would be delighted to hear your feedback on how we can improve our positioning, visual design, messaging, call to actions, anything!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. There is no backend yet, and social media, but it's coming...

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    Hi Dan,

    Congrats on getting your landing page up!

    I am the co-founder at draftss.com and would love to help give a few pointers on the overall design & UI/UX.

    • Maybe you can try get the PulseAbility Logo in the center since you don't have any navbar links or maybe you should add navbar links. The too much empty space on the left makes the website look incomplete

    • You have used around 3 different font families on the website (Monsterrat, Lane - Narrow, Source Sans Pro). The 3 different fonts are not at playing well with each other. Try getting down to two. Maybe Monsterrat & Source Sans, Lane-Narrow looks like a very fun kind of font which isn't going well with the other font.

    • "Who is influencing your customers?" is good headline, but the sub-headline isn't doing justice to it. You should try and answer the headline in sub-headline instead of starting out with how your users can save time and money.

    • "(100% free to get started. No credit card required)" text underneath the signup is very small. Make it more prominent.

    • Gradient in the background looks good. Maybe you can try adding some graphic on top of the headline to make it more appealing and interesting.

    • I see that you have tried recreating the Old Way / New Way comparison like originally Intercom did, which is great but the old way should look boring and complicated and the new way should look clean, straightforward, simple and interesting.

    • Increase the size of the green text which you have used to highlight features

    If you ever revise the changes and are looking for more detailed feedback you can reach me at amin@draftss.com

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback.

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      Hello Amin,

      Your service is great . I am the creator of themefisher.com . I need designs for my website . How many designs you provide in a month ? Let me know .I am interested in your idea.


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        I'm glad to hear that, Sharif. I have personally visited your website quite a few times to access bootstrap templates and I really love your landing page. I would enjoy helping you with creating designs for your website. Let me send you a quick email.

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          Thats some sweet words that you have visited my website . I got your email and I am going to reply you.


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    Hello ,

    I saw huge issues in your design and your idea is great which is not reflect in your design . So I made a quick design based on your content . You can check the design here

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7ncacryhto9eae/PulseAbility .png?dl=0

    I saw your codes and it has huge issues also .


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      Great design. Looks clean and to the point, what is your preferred way of communication?

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        If you dont want the design I will remove that from my PC . @DanMyasnikov Thanks

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        Its nice to hear that you like my design . Here is my email address "themefisher@gmail.com" .

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    Thx for the information

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    good -> i get the point

    meh -> I would prefer slides, and yes, it's too cartoonish, it should be professional. The "Are you still here" is REALLY BAD, since it's as if you're asking "Why are you still here?" -> should be something positive, like, "Craving for more?"

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    I’m on a mobile device:

    The main heading and sub headline doesn’t let me know exactly what you do. Something about influencing but it’s not clear.

    Once I scroll it becomes clear. Nice that’s you talk about the problems and how you address them.

    The copy has a few grammar errors.

    This place “Top Tech Issues

    Collaborate with clients from the comfort of your phone”

    Doesn’t make sense to me. What are you trying to tell me? Is that really an issue? Influencers are tech savvy already.

    What’s with that xxx?

    What’s the call to action on your page? Is it to download a report, subscribe to the newsletter, or start using the platform?

    You have all three. Leave it at one. Also, your main CTA should be one color. Right now, there are 2 colors and your secondary call to action (join our newsletter) is the same color.

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      Great reply, Daniel! Top quality work!

      Sorry about XXX, these just placeholders, that haven't been removed yet, as well as "Top Tech Issues".

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    good: I get the point of the product

    meh: Few illustration were too cartoonist specially the scientist. and try to reduce the length