December 3, 2018

I offer free landing page reviews, Please comment with your landing page url

Today am offering free landing page reviews, please comment with your url so that i can give u full feedback!

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    Feel free to scroll around here and offer feedback:

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      Sure @csallen will support

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      At fist glance, I thought this was, which would be an interesting service...

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        Haha! That would be more interesting, I agree.

        Granted - the name isn't the most creative. I'm open to changing it if the product picks up - I've done so before and I lost zero users (to Backpack from... Dick).

        :-) Thanks!

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      Thought that said "Scheduled hate mail" lol

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        Actually now that you mention it, it reads like that to me too... thanks a lot, that name change might be more important than I thought! :-)

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        Haha! That would be more interesting, I agree.

        Granted - the name isn't the most creative. I'm open to changing it if the product picks up - I've done so before and I lost zero users (to Backpack from... Dick).

        :-) Thanks!

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      Hi, Cristian.

      I've noticed that items in Menu are different from page sections.



      This causes to jumping up and down if user uses header links for navigation through sections of your site.

      Hope I was helpful.

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        Thank you @VladimirYulin! You're totally right, it's because I kept fiddling with the order in the past few days - must have missed that.

        Fixed, thanks!

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          @tabacitu, your landing page was made with some service or it is a flat Bootstrap or else?

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            It's made with a paid HTML theme (Bootstrap-based) - it's called The Saas. At the time (1 year ago) I did a research and liked this one best. Now... not so much :-) Hope it helps.

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      Hi @tabacitu, below is my quick review

      1. This is a great service

      2. Colors are a little dark, work with blue and white

      3. Use illustrations to get the message out well

      4. You need very clear Call to action buttons, current once very small and no bottom one, you also need to collect emails

      5. No feedback collection channel

      6.Pricing is clear

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        Done! Thanks again - you're right, much better now! Let me know if you find anything else.

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          Much better now

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        @Eli2 - will definitely work on adding more CTAs, colors and maybe illustrations. Thanks a lot!

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          All the best!

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    Hi Okii, thanks for this! Our project URL is I can't wait to hear your comments.  🤩

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      Great @karolina below is my quick review:-

      1. You need a clean clear logo

      2.CVP needs to be very clear and in on one window together with the call to action (example

      1. Pricing

      2. Narrow down to one service e.g Github releases for quick traction

      3. The registration process is very tedious, shorten it

      4. A blog for every software update will hep in driving traffic

      Good job!

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        Thank you for your quick answer! Much appreciated.

        1. This is one of our next steps. 😊

        2. Can you please explain me what is CVP?

        3. We are based in Serbia and we cannot register to Stripe easily, so we are not charging anything now and we are not yet sure are we gonna do it in the future. That's why Pricing plan is missing. We are thinking about other ways of monetization.

        4. We are very focused on our user security, that is why we have this registration process. Can you please tell me what was the issue for you exactly? And how would you change it, but not to loose the security?

        Thank you again!

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          CVP is customer value proposition e.g Receive new releases from Github monthly/weekly to your email and slack. For registration is good to provide a link that I can click and takes me to Gmail to confirm the email address (at mail confirmation page)

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            Now it's much clearer, we'll work on your suggestions. 😊

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              Thank you and the best bro!

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    Hope I'm not bumping the subject too much but :

    Would love to hear your review ;)

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      @justinhugo, I love the site. I would wish to buy single landing page at a friendly rate, Is that possible?

      1. Collect some emails via a pop-up. The footer email input is not very effective as you don't have content.Works well in blogs and also in the demo pages.

      2. Good job 10/10

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        @Eli2 Thanks for the review and feedback.

        Regarding landing page template, I will check and let you know.

        Regarding popup, we will see how we can integrate it.

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    Hey, thanks in advance.

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    What do you think of

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    If I'm not too late for this

    thank you

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    Very generous of you.

    I have two LPs for the two sides of my marketplace.

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      Good job @dhruvg! very complete and I love it 10/10

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    Thanks for your help!

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      1)Add a call to action in the first window, after this It needs only 5 minutes from purchase to finished setup!

      2)Add social proof on who is using it right now and testimonies

      1. Do you hav a blog thats using this cms?
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        As I am currently at the beginning, I do not have any social proof or testimonies.

        From another thread here I learned to not fake them, so that's why there aren't ones.

        No, as it is not a CMS for Blogs. (What made you think that? I should work on that to make that clearer)

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      @parthshrivastava, great service.

      Onboarding is very smooth and generally, I rate it at 10/10

      1)Just pricing will be better yoou have it on home page

      1. Some testimonial to reiforce pricing page will be good

      You have done a good job!

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        Thanks a ton, @Eli2. Would surely take some action on these points.

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      @SofiaK 10/10

      The offer is very good, just add the offer is valid until when

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    Thanks man, i'm ready for your feedback:

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      Hi sir, I couldn't find your twitter handle

      The service is good but the sign-up process very tedious and opens in new window, its good to keep everything in the same window unless you want to monitise via ads

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        I changed it, thanks!

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      Morning @ygerasimov just checked out your site.

      Looks almost complete, will rate it 9/10

      1. Work on the call to action color, it's too dark as the purple color is dark too so you need a brighter color on CTA.

      2)Welcome title! change it to define the business so that search engines can get it right

      1. Change the main site to match color theme, it very bright and welcoming (recommendation)

      2. Add another testimonial if possible and some social proof on companies using the service

      3. Pricing is okay, just define on the means of talking to you on enterprise plan as you don't have contact details apart from intercon

      6)The screen shots are not clear plus the background makes them not visible.Better have two screenshots that are very clear than many

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        thank you for the recommendations

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      @rula good morning!

      Just check it out

      I noted its a chrome extension hence you need to define well on the landing page that its an extension. Also showcase some deals screenshots, testimonials and social proof

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    Hi Okii! Thanks in advance:

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      I am pretty far from bidding in ads (had to google what "header bidding" even). Meanwhile, pricing point of $299 is fairly high for simple self-service. I would expect some demo / screenshots / video. Maybe some testimonials or numbers that would get me interested.

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        @ygerasimov just gave what I was too share, thanks man

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          Thanks @ygerasimov and @Eli2. This is helpful. It's clear that I didn't do a good enough job conveying what the product is and does and why it's worth the price.

          I'll add in the the stuff you mention and work on the message. Thanks again.

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      My company uses Expedia. How your services would be different? I am happy to advise our assistant to take a look at it, but I don't know why she should try it out yet.

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        Hi Yuriy, thanks for your comment.

        It was actuall expedia that drove my idea; our product specialises specifically for personal assistants that have to book a lot of business travel for multiple travellers; especially those in small to medium businesses.

        Expedia is made for consumer travel and the software and flow goes that way. We don't have ads, upsells, long winded forms, the goal was to book multiple travellers real quick and get out.

        It's actually an untapped market, most travel agencies only go for medium to large corporations so the small businesses are left using consumer sites like Expedia to book their travel.

        Unfortunately it's only available in New Zealand right now, fraud is rampant in the industry so we have to do a slow release across countries; one by one.

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          @roguetravel I see. So I should save some time as there will be no ads nor forms. I think it is not the biggest issue.

          I booked travels few times and what is the biggest problem is when you plan the trip for several days and you have meetings to do in different places.

          So for example:

          I am in Vancouver, BC and I need to travel to NYC Manhattan for a meeting at 10am to 1pm on Wednesday. Then I need to get to Huntington (Long Island) for the meeting next morning at 11am and then I need to go to Harford for a meeting on Friday's morning at 9am. And I would need to book my flights, hotels and car rental.

          This task solely would take like 1-2 hours to accomplish as I also had to confirm the booking with other two my colleagues.

          This is nearly realistic case I had.

          Expedia doesn't solve this easily as I need to make a lot of decisions like how long it will take me to get from Manhattan to Long Island. Where to book hotel NYC or Long Island? Shall I fly out from Hartford or come back to NYC?

          I hope I gave you situation we are dealing with. I am sure other people have some other cases too.

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            @ygerasimov I love that you said this, thanks so much for the info! This is something I worked on last year!

            We came up with a 'conversational search' function where instead of flight, dates, passengers, you could simply type "I need to be at Madison Square Garden by 10 am" and it would show the relevant flight, hotel, car/uber/taxi based on your input.

            It was really awesome, except when we went out and did user research, we couldn't justify it because the need just wasn't there. I'm hoping once we hit bigger markets like UK,USA, Canada etc. then the need will come back up :D

            Thanks again for your input, I'm gonna hold onto your comment as a use case.

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          FYI Expedia has a business travel unit. It's called Egencia. Many companies use it to book business travel.

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            Yep aware of Egencia, I believe they've actually stopped growing recently (adding more presence in more countries), need to double check though, read this a while ago.

            Egencia is more heavy-weight and suited to larger companies, Rogue is ready-to-use and lightweight in comparison. They're presence isn't as great in my country (New Zealand) so for the moment, isn't a direct threat, my main competitor is actually Skype LOL.

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        I agree with @ygerasimov, please @roguetravel get back to him

        Below is my quick review:-

        1. Pricing of the service needs to be clear

        2. Is it in Beta or ...define the stage of the idea so that users can have a clear timeline to expect the service

        3. Add contacts, social media channels, blog and some social proof on current companies that have used your service. Review on this kind of service also strengthen your case

        4)I will give you 6/10 for now.

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          Thanks Okii, I appreciate you taking the time to review my page.

          We've sinced launched so the page will be changed to display this.

          Okii, I do have a question though, we don't have pricing, it's free to use but with a 'booking fee' at checkout like other booking sites, how would I show this to customers in a landing page? I've struggled with this fora whilee, but saying "free-to-use" feels dishonest.

          I'll reply to @ygerasimov above, thanks!

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            @roguetravel whats the percentage fee?

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              @Eli2 I use a variable booking fee, so low basket amount will be 10% and the higher the basket the lower the fee becomes.

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                @roguetravel I agree with you that's tricky for now keep the way it's but its good to remove the free tag. I the long run you can develop a fixed % once u have to know the tipping point. All the best.Also, check what competitors that are bigger than you have as a fee. You can easily clone their rates and still be profitable provided your team is lean and other costs

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    Thanks Okii!

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      Morning @nlowell

      Have checked it out

      1)Have the demo video link instead of directing users to below

      1. Add feedback widget and expected price, socialmedial channels, contacts and team
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      Morning @sales4nerds

      Your sales copy is super! Just a few things

      1. The black theme doesn't bring out the hype, check out Noah Kagan & Tim Ferriss blogs. They use very attractive colors like red, green, blue)

      2)The call to action buttons are not very big enough for sales copy

      1. Your pic (passport) is not for a salesman, change it as it has a green background and the site you don't have another green. A presentation pic or a boardroom one will work too

      2. You don't have a bait for getting emails so that you can build up the traction

      5)Som social proof will increase the sales , you can show how many copies already sold

      All the best

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        Thanks, Okii. Great advice. Working on implementing.

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      Morning @ryangilbert

      I love the simplicity, it gets the message home. It fits all coming soon requirements apart from the timelines that we expect it to be out, social media channels, blog, and feedback widget are missing. Also, tell more about yourself whether you have been a developer or just a businessman (twitter handle will work)

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      Good morning @mohbln

      Just a quick review

      1)The call to action button falls to the second page, needs to be on the main page(first page) as right now I have to scroll down

      1. Show some mentees that we look forward to work with if possible


      1. 1

        Thanks. Three good points to consider.

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    Awesome! Just launched

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      Good morning @Kringj

      I love the service

      Just a few things

      1. Add social proof, which company is using it now

      2. Add some testimonies on how people have benefited from your service

      3. Why slow analytics? It doesn't bring out the concept out. Try to get a better customer value proposition-This is a little better Receive only stats that matter about your business once a day.

      4. A blog will work too, add it

      5. Social media channels

      6. Add feedbac widget to the site and contacts

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! Will incorporate!

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    Would appreciate feedback on my landing for a newsletter. Anything I can improve?

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      Good morning @skatkov

      Have check your service, here is my quick review

      1. Have this statement before the email input field FBA Monthly newsletter is an across-the-board summary of the month's most important news articles and blog posts regarding Amazon businesses.

      2. You send weekly or monthly,just let this be well defined

      3. Some email security and anti spam will help you out

      4. Show some testimonials or show others that your also in that business for trust

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      Hi @scottramsay, just checked out your site.

      I understand you built it during the 24hrstartupchallenge organised by @patwalls. Just a quick review

      1. Try Reviewdrop Now call to action font is a little very small compared to the logo size and customer value proposition. Increase its font

      2. I will prefer to have the price on the home page, drop coming soon tag in the prices but instead measure the clicks that come through the two plans.Let the click on that price lead to a page that explains your readiness status

      3. Add some testimonials after pricing to reinforce the concept

      4. Add some social proof on sites that are using your service right now

      5. Also, collect feedback by having a live chat or feedback widget in the site. Crip is only running on your pricing page. You might left out the main page

      6)Blog is empty, add some content

      1. 8/10 is my mark! Cheer
      1. 1

        hey @Eli2 thanks for your response! I didn't build it during the 24hr challenge sorry! this was built over a few months and still on my way to launch :)

        I will prefer to have the price on the home page, drop coming soon tag in the prices but instead measure the clicks that come through the two plans.Let the click on that price lead to a page that explains your readiness status

        I like this idea! Let's me gauge which has been clicked more!

        Add some testimonials after pricing to reinforce the concept

        Yep, on it! I may use the review widget to creatively do that.

        Also, collect feedback by having a live chat or feedback widget in the site. Crip is only running on your pricing page. You might left out the main page

        I've purposely kept off the landing to focus on the review widget. I may decide to add back in on the right however if you believe it will increase feedback and conversion this early on.

        Many thanks for your thoughts!

        1. 1

          All the best @scottramsay

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    Awesome idea I can use some feedback :) Thanks

    1. 1

      Its coming soon? Just add email capture incase am not interested in streaming now

      1. 1

        No it is not coming soon it already works :) but I guess email collecting is good in any case?

        1. 1

          very importtant @qvdev

          1. 1

            Thanks for the insight :+1

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      @Ngokhai I don't understand Vietnamese but u have done a good job! Add only testimonials

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    Thank you so much @Eli2!

    1. 2

      @lambdaxI like the simplicity

      1. Reinforce the main page with an illustration image

      2. Have uniformity in the boxes (how it works)

      3. The tables in meet our mentors are not displaying well on mobile as there is a slider, make the tables responsive

      4)Include a feedback widget to the site ,blog and social media channels

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    Would love some feedback!

    1. 1


      1. I like the simplicity

      2. Some testimonials will work best just to reinforce the business

      3. List events and shows in a given page or just a review of shows on your blog will add more value

      4. The price is not very clear

      1. 1

        Thanks so much! I implemented some of your suggestions. What do you think?

    1. 1

      Hi @melihmucuk

      1. The service is up to standard

      2. Add social proof and testimonies

      3. How it works images are a little darker, make them bright with colors (green to match the call to action color is okay)

      4)Add a blog to keep users posted on the development of it as its in beta now

      1. Add a feedback widget to the site or live chat just for quick feedback

      2. Grammatical error on CVP copy, correct one:- Want to collect feedback from users?

      Create a form, push it to users, and collect feedback in real time! ( Feedback is feedback in plural)

      1. Have additional call to action in between the home page
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    Hi Okii, thanks so much :)

    1. 1


      1. 7/10 is my rating

      2. Add a call to action immediately after the customer value proposition as I understand its more of big data service

      3. Rename the footer(remove that WordPress stuff) as its a security flaw

      4. Contact us in sales and support buttons are not working

      5. Add social proof and testimonies to the page

      6. Pricing (an estimate is okay)

      7. The faces behind the product is good to have a team page

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    Hello Eli! Thank you :)

    1. 1


      1. Good job 9/10

      2. Let pricing be in the home page and let it be clear

      3. The testimonies are very nice

      4. Add a feeback widget or live chat

    1. 1


      1. Looks nice

      2. Have the ads in between the content

      3)Social proof, how many makers you have matched

      1. Have a stats page if possible
    1. 2


      1)Beautiful site 10/10

      2)Make home button active from the blog

      3)Host it professionally(

      1. Add testimonials

      2. Add live chat or any other feedback collection widget

      3. I guess its still under contruction , will be available to review once done

      1. 1

        Thank you for the constructive feedback, Okii!

    1. 2

      Hi @nprail

      1. use illustrations across the whole homepage

      2. work on the headings font(have uniformity)-work with small letters, capital letters don't work well

      3)Your social proof logos are too big and the border between them and features that you will love should be clear

      1. Have a blog to show your previous events as testimony
      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

        What do you mean by "use illustrations across the whole homepage?" Where else should there be illustrations?

    1. 1


      1. 9/10 rating as its very easy to understand

      2. Just change the testimonial image to match the testimony as no freelancer stays in an office setup

      3. Please add a blog to your site so that you can keep your community posted

      4. It will be good to have pricing on the homepage

      5. You need social proof plus a telephone contact as this is a B2B more of a niche

      6. More security proofs due to the data and center all the data in pricing page

      1. 1

        Thanks for this useful feedback, I really appreciate it!

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    It's a new idea, so I'm not sure how clear the value prop is... Thanks for your time :)

    1. 1

      @Eureka I love it, very simple, just let the content in the first row be the main page and the following two rows to follow.

      Is the idea about building a community around a project or for getting ideas from a team

      1. 1

        That was insightful, thanks again :)

        Exactly, the point is the build community with the people you work with.

        I believe that before you can engage with diverse ideas, you need that feeling of community and empathy.

    1. 1


      1. Enlarge the images in the post, they are too tiny

      2. Center the carousel images in the header

      3. Fill the sidebar with some content or adds, looks empty now

      4. Comments (introduce) plus social media accounts to follow

      5. work on your footer, looks crapy

      6. Work with one main color

    1. 2

      @nl99 this looks good as the images are very resonating although I don't know Germany language and doesnt have translation

    1. 1

      @indiehacker35 You can make quick improvements such as :

      • adding a max width to .text-heading2 p and margin-bottom: 30px

      • max width to .sub-heading and color opacity (something like 90% ou #333)

      • use 2 font on your page. Like Montserrat for titles and Roboto for paragraphs

      • max width 80% for .thin class

      • bg-image for #section2

      • use your #521b73 color for h3 instead of black

      A designer might find quick improvements in half a day

    2. 1

      @indiehacker35 Good job, it's 9/10

      Just one feedback!

      Add more call to actions as the page is long, add pricing to main pag too

      1. 1

        @Eli2 Many Thanks for reviewing. Good points, will do it.

        1. 2

          All the best!

  20. 1

    Thanks! Looking forward to your feedback!

    1. 1

      @Hannes_CAMPR, hope you are well.

      The site looks fresh! below is my quick review

      1. A project management illustration will work very well as the main image instead of your logo and reduce top padding

      2. You need a call to action in the main window for users to join private Beta (it's very clear in the mobile version of the site)

      3. Social media buttons are empty

      4. Industry branch will be better with a select dropdown of niches

      5. What will be expected pricing, make this clear

    1. 1

      @Adisa Great app, first of it's kind!

      1. The cvp is too long until it overlaps to the second page, shorten it

      2. You need a call to action on pricing page

      3. A blog to highlight progress so that users are kept posted

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback!

        1. What does CVP stand for?

        2. Agreed, fixing that now.

        3. Working on the blog too.

        Appreciate the swift response. 🙏🏾



        1. 1

          Hi @Adisa, the CVP is customer value proposition: This==>We’re helping churches, charities and other good causes to do more good

          “Too many times, I have wanted to give some money in support of a good cause, be it my church or some other charity, but didn’t. That’s because I, like most people these days, tend to carry less and less cash. Without a convenient and secure alternative for giving by card, I’m creating Yoodonate to plug the fundraising gap.” - Sam, Founder

          See how you can combine the two statements in one undestanbale line

          1. 1

            Got it, thanks! I’ve made the changes to the landing page.

          2. 1

            This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

    1. 1

      Great! I love the concept @AndrewKamphey

      Below is my quick recommendation:-

      1. I would prefer this page to be right below the CVP in the homepage just like Airbnb looks like

      2. Most of the links experience https error

      3. Collect emails for building a community around the directory

      4. Why don't you charge?

      1. 1

        Thanks so much. Pardon my naivate,what is CVP?

        Email newsletter is at and now working on integrating them more. I announce updates in the newsletter.

        I didnt charge because this was a side project for the past year. Monetizing it in January.