May 29, 2018

I Quit Google to Become a Full-Time Indie Hacker: Four Months Later

Four months ago, I quit my job at Google to become a full-time Indie Hacker. Since then, I've written a blog post that reached 300k readers in one week, worked on a failed cryptocurrency project, and started a company that interprets recipe ingredients with machine learning.

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    Hello fellow NYC Indie Hacker!

    Thanks for sharing the article. KetoHub sounds interesting...I've bookmarked it b/c I'm slowly moving over to a ketogenic diet.

    I left my last role in January, so cool to see we're on a similar journey. I completely second the feeling that, "It seems weird to me that I ever had an office job."

    Anyways, wanted to introduce myself. I've signed up for your newsletter too!

    Here is my project for reference:



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      Thanks for reading!

      That project looks really cool. Cool name, clever idea, nice landing page. I'll be following along with your progress.

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        Appreciate the kind words. Look forward to follow your progress too.