July 11, 2018

I spend way too much time on here than actaully shipping!

I am addicted to reading other people's stories and how they made it instead of focusing on launching my own products.

Anyone else have this problem? What do you do to overcome this over consumption of information.

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    Hi Tekeste,

    What you're describing is a common problem. @amyhoy calls this Entrep0rn.

    Let's break this down. Entrep0rn is to indiehacking, what porn is to a loving relationships. Building a commited relationship and finding a worthy partner takes time and effort and resources, porno just takes a few minutes and broadband. Both produce intense highs, though one short and fleeting, the other life affirming and more steadfast.

    Building a profitable business or side-hustle takes blood, sweat and tears. Reading about other people's experiences produces intense excitement and inflames our hope and desire, but its important not to mistake this psychological boost with the process of actually building something.Indeed this form of procrastination is insidous because it can seem like a productive activity

    When we work for somebody our hours and goals are managed for us, one of the great challenges of indie hacking is that we must know learn to manage ourselves and to create our own boundaries.

    How to check this destructive habit?

    I've found it useful to limit IH to certain days, so maybe every Sunday - to stop the destraction.

    I've also found it useful to take complete fasts from IH when building a product.

    At sometime the general high of reading about others success must be translating into a concrete agenda and plan for yourself. When in build mode, IH is no longer required.

    A final useful strategy is to define, what is concretely useful from IH: such as learning marketing strategies, actual conversion numbers etc. You will then realise you can come and search for these things without being a slave to the platform.

    Also realise the platform, as good as it is is trying to hook you by gamification.

    Another way to look at this is the 80:20 principle. There is a small group of hardcore hackers who provide the overwhelming majority of the value here. Note down who these people are, and follow them on your own schedule: not the platforms.

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      I must be getting old!

      I can remember porn before the internet was even thought of! You used to have to sneak into newsagents and try to look much, much older than you really were!

      Or so I was told by my friends at the time!

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        Or so I was told by my friends at the time!


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        Thomas, you've hit the nail on the head.

        Pornographic material has never been so easily and widely distributed as it has been today, hence the enormous problem this causes in modern society.

        The addictive potential of any addictive substance isn't just about the intrinsic high it causes, but how readily accessible it is - the reward loop.

        If you guys are accessing IH on your phones, you really have problems. If you're surfing IH in the office, when you're being paid to work, then you should seek professional assistance at that point.

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      I am happy to hear it is not just me! I will have to take some measures to keep it in control.

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    It's good you realize that this is a problem and you admit that you have it. These are the first steps to solve the issue.

    You read the stories to gain information, learn from others and be inspired, right? But why do you want to learn and be inspired? The answer is: to actually work on your product and ship!

    If you keep this in mind, it'll help you realize that you need to focus more on building rather than reading.

    Also your interactions here will be more meaningful as you build as you have something to show the community. When people can see what you've built they can provide you better feedback.

    Also something very important to note is that fact that what you're doing might be a form of procrastination which is alarming. Stop delaying yourself. Get things done dude.

    Good luck.

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      Totally loving the idea how my interactions here will be more meaningful once I start shipping.

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      Word to live by.

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        One of the top 5 most important words.

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    Perhaps there is a market opportunity: a sort of digital Alcoholics' Anonymous for geeks ....

    You could call it Indies Incognito. All avatars to be randomised vector images, obviously.

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      Ah! Thinking like a true indie hacker! 馃榾

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    Knowledge gained without execution is wasted. But execution with no knowledge is an IndieHacker's death. Don't fear taking time to learn. But ACT on that knowledge, and contribute back what you learn.

    Everything in moderation.

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    I think that's everyone problem and that's why the world has so much "wanters" and not much "doers". If you want to succeed, you have to change to the "doers" world :)

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    Hi 馃憢. I love habits and if you love IndieHackers, lean into it. I checked your history and you鈥檙e asking lots of great questions of people. Do you know the questions you鈥檙e asking are the same questions I have too?

    For example, you asked on a chrome extension post how they were monetizing it. People often post about browser extensions here and if you can be an expert on that, and help people build business around browser extensions by asking questions and linking to resources and writing your own, that鈥檚 value 馃檶

    That鈥檚 just one example; we鈥檙e all curious and winging it and looking to sponge up the same info you are 馃憤

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      Thanks for the kind words! I will definitely think about that because I love Chrome Extensions. I am actually building and hoping to launch it over the weekend.

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    Just time box it to a short period of time per day.

    The majority of information about whether YOU'RE going to make it or not comes from you shipping. You learn maybe 5% max from everything you've read/watched/listened to.

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    I think it is pretty normal to feel lost when you try to start something on your own and this is the reason why so many people try to find inspiration and guidance on websites like here. I guess as your entrepreneurial muscle grows, you are going to spend less and less time here.

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    I read way more non-fiction books that I 'need'. But I accepted that for me it is a form of relaxation. So I don't necessarily read to get new ideas, but for fun.

    It is, in a way, a bad habit. And it can absorb a lot of time. So I either allocate specific time for it or do it only once I've done tasks related to achieving my goals.

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    @tekeste it's a kind of procrastination. You should read this book : (Solving the Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy A. Pychyl) https://amzn.to/2u92qm0 (take care, it's an affiliate link)

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      That's an affiliate link ... Don't tell me IH is going to become like this :/ :/

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        @ehben yes it is, but is it forbidden here? Maybe that's my fault, i should mention the name (now added) for people who do not like affiliate links like you. But it was not my first intention. I read that book, it works. Also i earned 0$ from Amazon since i was born...

        I think if it's a fair/logical/sincere advice, i don't mind if there is a affiliate link or not. You are still free not to but it with my link. Take it easy please. I like IH too.

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      Nothing wrong to use affilate if you are providing value.