April 18, 2018

Idea Validation: Unlimited Copywriting as a Service

I figured I needed something to subsidize the cost of a non-profit project I'm working on, so I thought this could be an easy way of doing that. Want to validate the idea before going through the mess of EINs and the like. What's everyone think of it?


Woo, registered with the IRS - site setup tomorrow if all goes correctly.

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    I like the Idea of this, i have let a few blogs fall away due to not wanting to do all the writing and not finding good copy writers , please keep me in the loop.

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    roflmao are we going to have to see who clutches it first?

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    Hey! I also have idea like this. I am from Indonesia, there are plenty of copywriters with low wage (compared to the Europe or US). Maybe we can connect each other, just ping me nrula95@gmail.com

    I already do some research for this but not really sure to execute because lack of partner to complete me.

    Btw what's your non profit activity?

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      Where in Indo are you ?

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        Central Java

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          Where about? I am in Bali. Lets connect.

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            Semarang. Are you Balinese?

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              No, I am from England.

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    There's plenty of demand for copywriting.

    If you think about being a copywriter yourself, then you're competing with hundreds of copywriters on those platform. Not impossible but very hard and not very profitable.

    If you think about building a service that connects copywriters with clients then it could be profitable but more or less impossible to compete with fiverr or upwork (because network effects).

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      I could compete with these, I think. I probably should have "Unlimited" in the description, though. (In the style of all the "Unlimited Graphic Design as a Service" products that have been going around on IH recently.)

      Thanks for the links!

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        Hi, I'm indexing this kind of services so don't forget to submit when It's ready :) https://prodsized.com/

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          Will do! Thanks for your Unlimited Product as-a-Service Listing as-a-Service Service!

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