August 10, 2018

IDEA: Weekly Code Challenges Email and Dashboard

The idea is simple. A weekly email is sent to users with a coding challenge/kata that is designed to teach a specific programming algorithm or pattern. Users would submit their solution and would be ranked by other users. There would be a leaderboard. Is that something some of you would be interested in trying out?

  1. 2

    Daily challenges (even uses the same words, kata), leaderboards, user ranking, ...

  2. 1

    Definitely interested. Which programming languages would you support?

    1. 1

      Javascript/Node, Elixir, C# and maybe others. What do you think?

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    i suddenly remembered

    i enjoyed solving problems there. i only solved 1-25 problems though because it's hard to commit time in solving harder problems. if your coding challenges will take half-day to solve then i could just spend it working on my side-project or other tasks. I could just visit the challenge page and browse their solutions.

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      These will be shorter challenges, I wouldn't spend more than 30m to 1hr on these either. Some will be on factoring bad code which would result in you submitting a cleaner version of that.