July 12, 2017

I'll critique your product's landing page for free

Hi, I'm Jason Swett. I got interviewed on Indie Hackers in May for my info product business, Angular on Rails.

I want to offer something to my fellow IHers: I'll do a written breakdown of your product's landing page and offer suggestions on how I think you could make your page convert better.

The only catch is that I'd want you to let me put the breakdown on my new site, Landing Page Breakdowns.

If you'd like to see an example of what your breakdown might look like, here's a sample post.

And if you're concerned about me airing your dirty laundry, don't worry. I'll be constructive and kind about it, especially if you're more toward the beginner end of the spectrum. (If you want me to really rip into you, I can do that too. :) )

If this sounds cool to you, just include the URL of the page you'd like me to break down and, optionally, anything you'd like me to know about your business.

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    Wow! I did not expect to get nearly this level of interest.

    Let me say that I can't guarantee I'll get to everybody, but if you do me the favor of signing up for my email list on landingpagebreakdowns.com, I'll make looking at your site a higher priority.

    I really appreciate the level of interest and support. Thanks again.

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      Hey dudes, this is Rob Caraway and I did the Indie Hackers interview with GifShare ($10k/mth). Bumping this thread and endorsing the hell out of Jason -- Mr. Swett knows what he's doing.

      Edit: Also, I could jump in and help with any he doesn't get to, just for funsies

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        Hey Rob, thanks for the endorsement!

        Yes, there are way more breakdown requests here than I could possible tackle in a timely manner. Help would be welcome.

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        Hi Rob. https://www.amqphosting.com

        AmqpHosting offers hosted RabbitMQ as a service.

        Feel free to rip into me/amqphosting.com

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          Lucky you being the first to reach out to me!

          I'm kinda lazy in that I'd rather just show you changes, so I made a quick mock up of how you could improve your "above the fold" look: http://imgur.com/a/yu2qI

          Let me know if you have questions!

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            thanks. that looks sweet.

            Do I have your permission to use this if I do feel like it is the right fit?

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              Yep. All yours.

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      Hey Jason, that's a generous offer.

      If you've got too many requests, I'd be happy to help, too.

      I'm Adam, a conversion copywriter, specialising in SaaS companies (and based in London). So my advice will be mainly focused on the quality of the sales message (although there is some overlap between your advice and mine).

      I've recently been working with Joanna Wiebe from Copy Hackers. I have a profile on her site: http://copyhackers-for-hire.com/company/conversion-expert-for-saas-improve-your-acquisition-to-paid-funnel/.

      But this ain't no pitch. Just an offer for free help (like with Jason, the only catch is I'd also like to use the analysis in content I produce). I will be as kind or as brutal as you like. :-)



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        Hey Adam,

        Yes, I do have too many requests! Please feel free to take on as many of these as you'd like.

        What you do looks cool and maybe our services can synergize. I found your email so I'm going to reach out that way and maybe we can talk.

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        Hey Adam, I would be happy to get some more feedback. How cab we get in touch? I posted below. I am running https://iheartreading.co which aims to help teacher and students tracks their readings/books. It lets students upload reviews of their books when they are done. It lets teachers know easily where their students are at with their readings.

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          Hey jrm,

          I'd be happy to give you some advice. There are some quick wins for you. Email me: adam@letalab.com with a little more detail about your target audience and the problem you're solving for them.

          And then I'll send you an annotated screen grab of your page. Thanks.


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    Hi Jason,

    I'm Damian and I just launched Spotlitt (spotlitt.com) - a product aiming to help performing artists create their own website. We've got a landing page up and running, but are looking at different ways to improve it.

    I'd love to hear your (and other IH-ers!) thoughts. Thanks!

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    Amazing idea! Please, feel free to critique my landing page: https://microlink.io 😄

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    Okay, let me say again that I didn't expect nearly this level of interest. This is amazing. I'll be busy over the next week because I'm teaching a class, but after that I'll have some more time to really dive in. There's again no guarantee that I'll get to everybody, and I can probably only do 1-3 breakdowns per week right now, so please bear with me as I slowly work my way through.

    And if you're just dying to get a breakdown, you can always hire me for a paid breakdown and get it faster. You can use the same request form for that, just indicate in the notes that you're interested in hearing about paid breakdown options.

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    Hi, I'm Malcolm!

    We just launched a brand new homepage for https://complice.co based on a ton of user research, persona development, etc.

    We wrote an extensive article on our process, so for other people here who are interested in landing page design methodology, check out this article: http://blog.complice.co/post/162707888176/saas-landing-page-redesign-from-cosmetic-changes

    Complice is a system for staying on track towards achieving your personal and professional goals. (IH interview here: indiehackers.com/businesses/complice)

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    Hey Jason, nice offer buddy :) .

    My name is Stefan and I recently started pushing out https://automatio.co. It's a tool to help you extract data of any website or web app.

    You can build API or RSS of any website, and export data into CSV, JSON or even create embedded widget.

    I designed homepage and my gf Jelena made into code.

    I am aware that is not good yet, but it have something for now. I plan to add more screens, better text, team, maybe some influencing feedback etc.

    Would like to hear what you think. Btw, video is just something I made for one guy, so decided to put it on website as well, but soon will add more professional video.


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    Hey Jason,

    I've been running picshareparty.com for a couple years now. It's a way for crowdsourcing event photos (weddings for example) by text message. Always looking for input on the landing page. Thanks for any feedback!


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    I only launched a couple weeks ago, so it’s a bit rough around the edges. I’d love your feedback though!


    Citationsy is basically a reference manager. I built it after the citation software I used before was sold (see also: https://medium.com/@Cenk/on-citationsy-4e143bbafc04 )

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    Hi Jason, if you're still doing this I'd love to get your feedback on my landing page: https://gamefeatured.com

    Thanks mate :)

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    Hi there,

    I'm Vittorio and I started Botsociety ( https://botsociety.io ). It's a tool to design conversational interfaces. Looking forward to your feedback

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    https://www.ratelim.it and http://forcerank.it are fair game.

    I did a write up on my thought process around the homepage for forcerank http://blog.forcerank.it/post-natal-part-5-homepage-iterations-examples I wish there had been enough traffic at the time to have been able to actually test the changes.

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    Hi Jason,

    I am Jeremy (posted several times before here). I am running https://iheartreading.co which aims to help teacher and students tracks their readings/books. It lets students upload reviews of their books when they are done. It lets teachers know easily where their students are at with their readings.

    I have one school that has been using it for a year. I am in the process of adding other schools, but with the summer, it has been slowing down.



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    Hello Jason,

    Thank you for offering your help. I am Gabriel! I would love some feedback on Koipun (koipun.com).Koipun Reader is a Japanese reading aid/learning tool targeted at intermediate Japanese learners. It allows you to take your Japanese to the next level by helping you read reading content you love.

    The term "reader" is used for books for language learners that include the original text of a book in the target language of the learner plus translations, translator notes and a dictionary. Some customers are familiar with this term and search for it, but not too many. I have been having a hard time describing the product, so I used this term because my product essentially auto generates an interactive "reader" for any Japanese text that you import.

    Some competitors/people doing similar products in the same industry:

    I would love feedback on the call to action, the styling and the copy of the Koipun landing page! My number one goal for the landing page is to get people to use the free trial. With my current preview, an email is not required for the trial, but for the MVP I am launching soon it will require email and password to carry out the trial.

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    Hi, would love to hear your feedback on https://betterinvoices.com/signup

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks, Jason.

    That's supernice of you. I'd love if you could critique our landing page at https://www.phraseexpander.com/lp/text-expander-windows

    We have a text expansion and template generation application.



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    I'd love to get some feedback on www.trench-app.com

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    Hey Jason,

    Awesome idea! Here's what I got...


    Long story short, I've been working on a dating app that integrates AI to help people become better daters/communicators. It will have dating coach chatbot (or "wingman") built into it to help users communicate effectively with their matches, choose the best photos, and write good profiles.

    I've created 2 MVP Invision prototypes in the past to test some hypotheses on prospective users (which got me to add the AI into it after seeing certain problems).


    Now, I'd like to show a more authentic user experience where we (partners and I) can actually help people while collecting data. We recently launched a "Text Icebrkr" on-demand SMS dating consultancy service.

    Basically, text us and we give free advice (for 5 days - $19.95 after that) on anything from what to text a girl or guy, what photos you should have on your profile, date recs, etc.. We have dating coaches on the other end giving their advice so it's coming from an expert!

    So far I've run some targeted Facebook and Twitter ads (~$30) and done some in-person marketing with some cards I created, but we've only gotten a few users to text. The ones who have, have gotten a lot of value out of it, but our goal is 100 users.

    This is our landing page: http://text.icebr.kr (It's mainly optimized for mobile as that's what I target for since it opens up a text message). I actually posted this on IH about a month ago and got some really great feedback that I directly implemented into it.

    Would love any critiques you have as well!


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    Jason, I'm thrilled with your offer! 👏👍👍

    Right now I'm working on relaunching my product. Is it ok if the landing page is not on production yet? If yes it is on the staging server at https://staging.dumper.io/new

    I'm aware that I have a lot to learn in terms of design, but I want to hear your honest, brutal opinions on everything.

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      That's totally fine. Thanks for the submission. I've added you to the queue.

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    Hey Jason, I'll bite. I'd love some constructive feedback, but please be nice. The page needs a ton of work, and I have a family, full-time job, and I'm in grad school, so I suffer greatly from lack of time to work on it.


    If the page is any good it should stand on its own. If not... lol just be nice :)

    1. 1

      Awesome! Yes, I promise to be nice. And I understand what it's like to juggle a product endeavor with family and full-time work. I have a wife and two young kids myself.

      I've added you to my queue.

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    Cool project, Jason 👏 Not sure if the Indie Hackers homepage fits what you're doing since it's more of a media site than a typical product landing page, but if it does fit then feel free to break it down!

    Also, if you're looking to get the word out about what you're doing, consider doing a writeup about it as an article on IH! I've only done one article so far, but it's done well (~13k hits in the past week) and I'm looking to branch out into other topics/formats. Hit me up if you're interested!

    1. 2

      Hey Courtland, thanks!

      I believe you do have at least one landing page on your site which is your Submit page. I'd be delighted to break that page down on my site.

      Regarding an IH article, that sounds great. I'll send you an email about it. Thanks.

      1. 2

        Go for it! I actually use that page as a filter of sorts, since I can only support a small number of interviews per week at this point. I've never thought about it from the opposite (but more typical) perspective of trying to convert more visitors. Should be fun to see it broken down.

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    Hi, are you still doing these reviews? And Even if it's not a "tech" product?

    Thanks :-)

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    Cool! Can you review this as well? https://savee.it/

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    Hey, this is Mihir! I am working on Wise Charlie -

    www.wisecharlie.com. It's dedicated to teaching people how to use heuristics/mental models to solve tough problems. I signed up for the email list on your website as well :)

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    Okay, the first requested breakdown is up (although I can't find the parent thread for it if there is one). Here's the link: https://www.landingpagebreakdowns.com/breakdown-growth-equity-interview-guide/

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    hi! I hope I'm not too late.

    I'm running http://www.peepherd.com

    it's a tool to help loosely coupled groups of people carry out recurrent tasks.

    The landing page can surely use your treatment.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Jason, would love to have your feedback: bugfender.com and localname.io

  27. 1

    I appreciate it if you can give me some advice about my landing page at missstart.com . Much appreciated!

    I am not giving you the description about the site to see if you can understand what it is about ;)

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    Not sure if I'm too late but citybreakflights.com is my site. An e-mail alert service for cheap weekend flights from the UK to Europe.

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    Hi Jason,

    would love to get your feedback on http://www.bettersheet.com


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    Do you do open source projects as well? I recently launched a thing I've been noodling on for a while, its not commercial but it's meant to help the open source community. Would love your 5 min glance through: https://packagejason.herokuapp.com

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    Hey Jan, we'd love to hear about your thoughts on www.AudioNotch.com (we supply sound therapy software for sufferers of tinnitus - ringing in the ears)

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    Hey Jason,

    This is a cool idea, will you be interested to critique my recently launched side project? https://acquiredby.co/

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    I'm coming late to the party, but if the offer is still valid I'd appreciate a breakdown of my ebook's landing page at https://www.thecloudhostinghandbook.com .


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    Hey Jason,

    I've signed up to your mailing list and I recently build the landing page - https://www.bagleads.com

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    Dang you got a lot of replies. But what the hell, TagProspect is sort of a poor person's sales intelligence tool- www.tagprospect.com. It's an mvp right now, a side hustle, just launched.

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    Hi Jason,

    I would appreciate it if you would critique my landing page:


    Feel free to rip into us, we would rather hear your honest opinion. I signed up to your email list too.


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    Hi Jason,

    Leonardo here, founder of Plainflow (plainflow.com) - a customer data platform that let orchestrate the SaaS products you use in your marketing and sales stack.

    We've just redesigned our landing page: https://www.plainflow.com/

    I'd love to hear your (and other IH-ers!) thoughts. Thanks!

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    Hi Jason. https://www.amqphosting.com

    AmqpHosting offers hosted RabbitMQ as a service.

    Feel free to rip into me/amqphosting.com

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    Thank you Jason!

    link here: http://youtube-sumup.com/

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    Hi Jason, I'd love some constructive feedback on the landing page of https://simpleinvoices.io!

  41. 1

    Launched https://curoit.xyz, please roast us LOVE ANY FEEDBACK FROM THE COMMUNITY :) :) <3

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    I'd love some feedback on https://siftery.com/.

  43. 1

    Awesome idea! Looking forward to your feedback if I am not too late: https://indieteachers.xyz/

    First thing I would like to know:

    Do i really solve a problem here?

    Potential to grow?

    Three must have I am missing on my site?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Jason,

    Even if you don't have mana to go through them all, this is a nice collection of landing pages with descriptions!

    I'd love to browse through these landing pages and click Yes/No

    if the owner's own description matches with the landing page. (Tinder-ish take on landing page?)

    My wife & kid are out of town this weekend so I have lots of time to focus on my sideproject: https://tribeops.com (Happiness survey tool for software teams)

    FYI to @csallen, I'm a long time lurker but this post pushed me over the edge to sign up :)

  45. 1

    Sounds like a neat idea. Thanks for doing this

    Link: weatherextension.com

  46. 1

    This is Really cool.

    I'm Vaibhav, Founder @startupflux

    StartupFlux is in beta and aims to be the go-to platform for the Startup Ecosystem. We help Startups De-risk and Grow their Business by enabling Research, Monitoring, Marketing, Sales and more .

    Would love to get feedback on our site.

    Prime purpose for the Landing page is to convert users and let signup for the Dashboard.

  47. 1

    Amazing idea! I'd been thinking about how poor my landing page is for a while now so having a second opinion would be fab.


    I've tried to distance it a little from the usual landing page design but think the messaging has a lot of work to go.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  48. 1

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for the kind offer. Im definitely keen if you fancy taking a look at our product Rewards Hub (https://www.loyaltybay.co.uk/products/rewards_hub) - Instant e-gifting platform for SMB's.



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    Jason, what a kind and generous offer you've made. I'd love to know what feedback you have for us and our site https://www.loomio.org

    Many thanks and warm regards

    Robert Guthrie

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    Hi Jason, this is super kind of you to take the time to do this. Thanks in advance!

    Cloud Campaign is platform for automating social media posts on trends, weather, schedules, etc...

  51. 1

    Great idea Jason. I saw Derek Halpern do something similar years ago. To launch his social triggers blog, he did video reviews of a ton of influencer's websites. Smart play.

    I'd love if you'd do a crit for http://letterlist.com

  52. 1

    Hi Jason, nice move! You can check out the page for my Google Sheets Add-On for mobile marketers and app publishers: www.appstoremetrix.com

  53. 1

    Would love your feedback about https://pomodoro.cc

    Tries to be a simple task & time tracking helper using the pomodoro technique

  54. 1

    https://hexlist.com a little list making tool i made, would love feedback.

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    Hi Jason! Thanks in advanced for readinfg this.

    I'm Shimmy and I'm working on www.localsessions.io a website that helps you discover open mics in your area. The idea came out of the frustration from trying to find local open mics around me. I’m sure other performers go through the same struggle of scavenging through Yelp, finding half-decent information in customer reviews, and then reluctantly relying on websites that look like they were made in the 70's (joerizzo.com/openmics/index.htm) for open mic events. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, this information is not even accurate or up-to-date.

    Local Sessions will also provide a reservation system for artists to secure a spot during open mics. Most venues have performers play sign-up lottery for their spot during the open mic. This makes it very difficult to know when you have the floor, and even harder to tell your friends when to come watch!

    I'm set to launch www.localsessions.io late July!

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    I would love for you to review my landing page: http://zipzip.io/vehicles/8022720. It's a used car site, and I have many landing pages that look similar. How could it convert better?


  57. 1

    Thanks! I'd love to get some feedback on my website https://giftyweddings.com/ -- it's a free-form wedding gift registry service that's not tied to any store.

  58. 1

    Review my new baby if you don't mind. https://www.swellize.com/

  59. 1

    hey Jason, go for it at MyAppConverter.com. We've built an online mobile application porting platform. Look forward to hearing your feedback.

  60. 1


    I'm new 😬 don't hurt me Jason...

  61. 1

    Cool, here is the landing page of my (stil in beta) new project: https://www.botletter.com

    Botletter is a SaaS allowing any organization to send newsletters through Facebook Messenger. We are targeting every organization already sending email newsletters.


    1. 2

      Thanks! Added to the queue.

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    Hi Jason,

    I recently launched Hacker Hype http://www.hackerhype.com/ to check if it's worth to implement my idea and get the first subscribers.

    Would like to hear your opinion.



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      Thanks! Added.

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    Great way to give back to the community! I would love it if you could add some feedback for my landing page which recently just launched. https://scrumgenius.com

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      Thanks! Added to the queue.

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    Hi Jason!

    We're launched our Document Search System - Ambar (https://ambar.cloud). We're not native English speakers so it's very interesting what will be your reaction on our copyright and design as well.

    I'd love to hear any feedback from you,



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      Thanks! Added to the queue.

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    Hi Jason

    That's really cool :-)

    I'm mid-launch for my product, CTX - https://getctx.io , which is enterprise-grade search for digital teams (you've got Drive, Trello, Slack, GitHub etc etc - CTX lets you search them all at once).

    If you get the chance I'd love some feedback on my landing page.


    Rory Gibson

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      Thanks! I've added you to the queue.

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    Great Initiative Jason!!! We are making a social media CRM that integrates with facebook and twitter and allows you to instantly respond to tweets and comments. It also does sentiment analysis on the tweets and Facebook reviews to figure out the general public sentiment about your business. Here is the link to the landing page http://www.woxcut.com/ Thanks in advance :)

    1. 1

      Thanks! Added to the queue.

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    Great initiative Jason! 🙌 I especially like the Key Takeaways section at the bottom. I could definitely see this scale into a mature product 👌

    Don't have the landing page to review as of right now, but will probably in a few weeks.

    1. 2

      Thanks! Good to know you find the Key Takeaways section helpful. Please feel free to email me at jason@benfranklinlabs.com when you have a landing page up and I'm happy to do a breakdown.

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    Awesome offer, man!

    It's not much, but hey, I might as well toss mine in: enrollem.net

    1. 1

      Thanks! Added to the queue.

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    This is fantastic, Jason, thank you so much for doing this! Be as constructive and mean about it as possible! Rather than describing my product, I would rather see if my copy is written well enough for you to understand what it does.

    Here it is:


  70. 1

    This is an amazing exchange. I have too many obvious changes I need to make on my website right now, but am looking forward to getting your breakdown once I'm ready. Looking forward to it!

    1. 1

      Awesome. Feel free to reach out if you'd like me to do a breakdown at any point in the future.

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