November 8, 2018

I'm building my new side project (Email Love) in public and would love to know what you want to see?

Hey IH community!

So nervous but excited to share my next big project! Email Love is going to act as a sister-site to One Page Love (my main project/income) but for email (obvs!).

For fun I've decided to document (in video) the entire building process and hopefully share with IH good insight on what it takes to build and monetize a side project. I literally have nothing except a domain and this will take months to design and develop.

I'd love to hear from you what you'd want me to share? Scrapped ideas? Monetization? Runnings costs? Design concepts? Well it's time to get building - I hope you'll join me on this journey:)

ps. here is the announcement video which is also Part 1 of the "Building Email Love" video series:

pps. If you don't want to miss a video, there is a dedicated mailer too:

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    Yo Rob; this sounds sick!

    Personally I'd be interested to know what your process was from idea to "yeah I should definitely make this". I always struggle with having tons of ideas all the time, but never really being sure which should be pursued and which are just brain farts.

    It's also really easy to fall in love with the process of having new ideas and starting things. As you go through the journey it'd be interesting to hear your thoughts on what "success" looks like and how you know you should keep on pushing.

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      Two great questions in here Nic - thank you - my next video covers the first! (and I'll definitely be answering the second along the way)

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    Firstly, big ups, I know you're passionate and this is a no brainer for you, I 100% support it!

    The design process is important but I want to dig into your business thought process. ie. When you're monetising, what options you have and how you decide on the final path you go down.

    Add to that I want to hear the challenges, and what decisions you make if things don't work out the way you want them to.

    I think that many series miss this detail which is so vital.

    Good luck mate!

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      It's so interesting you start with word passion and it's something I'm diving deep into in P2 of the series when it comes to green lighting the idea.

      I'm not 100% passionate about email so-to-speak but passionate about building a valuable resource and there and so many similarities between Landing Pages and great email designs with clear CTA buttons. I really feel I can add value in this space with my OPL 10yr experience.

      I'll definitely be sharing what I don't ship that I was considering. To hopefully help other makers breakthrough their feature creep etc.

      Thanks for the encouragement!