November 8, 2018

Indie Hacker feature request: star comments and organized feedback

( this a request for @csallen maybe others can add ideas and improvement too)

Indie Hackers is a great community with a lot of space for ideas, sharing and feedback on people's ideas.

One area in particular (for my slow-pacing ideas, but also for people that launch new products or share updates) could be improved: comments.

When I will launch my service online and share here, IH could let me "star" cool/relevant comments for my service/product, so these comments could be part of a collection of comments for my product and then I can reason more easily on them, in my profile ?

What do you think ? Could be this feature useable to anyone?

  1. 2

    Yep planning on doing some sort of bookmarking feature eventually

    1. 1

      cool! super useful for me (IMHO). Best if can be added to a category, like products, so bookmarked comments can be grouped together in a meaningful way

  2. 1

    A save button for threads like in reddit or twitter would be nice.