October 11, 2018

Inspired by you, and with Mental Health in my mind, I wrote and released something in 3 hours

  • Yesterday was #MentalHealthAwarenessDay

  • My wife was having a particularly tough day in that area yesterday

  • I am inspired here lately seeing all the great stuff people are building (and working on my 'main' side project)

All those things combined last night to help me to create I Needed To Hear That

It's just a simple little site which shows a positive message at random to those who visit. More interestingly dev wise, the leave message area attempts to filter out any negativity using the Google Cloud Natural Language API.

It's by no means perfect, but it was very cathartic to write and release something in an evening. My wife likes it, which is the main thing!

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    This is fantastic Jason! I love all these small things that a) bring awareness to mental health and b) propose a simple but effective solution.

    Just last night I was thinking of something similar while browsing reddit. I stumbled across a chain of comments that linked to videos that were very wholesome and restored my faith in humanity as a whole. I wanted to find a way to gift that feeling to others. Your website with a slight twist could enable that.

    Lastly, I recently had a problem taht was posted on my problem of the day blog about depression being caused by browsing the news and only seeing the negativity. The user wanted to read only news that was either positive or at least was spun positively.

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      Thanks for all the kind words!

      I like the idea of being able to add in videos, although a bit more curation would be needed to make sure that it was a) wholesome and b) 'on topic'. It's something to think about... Is there a nice easy video sentiment API I can hook into? </wishful thinking>

      That last paragraph is really interesting. My main side project at the moment is all about the news, so it wouldn't take much to marry these two things together.

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    I have to agree with @cwinhall -- this is fantastic! Mental health awareness is slowly gaining traction and it's great to see this sort of thing.

    Love to see where this goes 馃槉