January 11, 2019

Intercom vs Zendesk - what do you choose?

Hey guys!

A lot of people when choosing a customer communication&support solution, seem to be comparing Intercom to Zendesk most often.

Both solutions work especially great for mid and large enterprises.

The way I see it:

  • Intercom is preferable by SaaS companies since it offers in-app messenger and email marketing capabilities.

  • Zendesk is better for companies with multiple customer support teams that have a single function and which need an extensive ticketing and call center functionality.

Check out the article below to see which solution may better suit your needs:


Have you used Intercom/Zendesk or even both before?

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    I use FreshDesk because I am just starting out - I wouldn't recommend using either of those two before you have a larger customer base and have decent revenue.

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      +1 for Freshdesk & Freshchat

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      Yep, totally agree on that.

      We're going to do a Freshdesk vs Zendesk comparison too very soon actually :)

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    Great article.

    Exactly why we chose Intercom for Userguiding! It's pricey indeed, but lets you focus on sales and command everything from one place.

    Also, Intercom has a startup plan, $49/month for your first year. Everything included. Check that out!

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      I'm also on the startup plan and it's really good. However, if I had to pay full price I think I'd be looking at something else as the cost go up really quickly.

      Great product though.

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      Awesome, Dozey. Thanks for the input.

      Intercom is great indeed.

      Have you looked at any other alternatives?

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        Yes, we checked out most of them. There are a few promising ones but we still chose Intercom when our first year with discount ended.

        We actually caught a good lifetime deal with Customerly, but refunded it now.

        The reason why we did so is that Intercom made it very easy to just go make your sales and talk to your visitors. Also, the migration cost is high for us atm (the contact list, reminders, tags, old conversations of lots of people)

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          Completely understand.

          Thanks so much for the insight, very helpful as we're developing an Intercom alternative too - https://helpcrunch.com/intercom.html

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            Oh, we checked out Crunch as alternatives also :). Definitely good job on product.

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              Appreciate it, man

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    If you are just starting up and have tight budgets - I would recommend Drift - but eventually, you would have to upgrade for more automation and better customer experience.

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    +1 Intercom

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    Currently using Drift on a project. Seems to work well.

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      Are you on the free or paid Drift plan?

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    Love it! thank you @Daniil_Kopilevych