November 7, 2018

Interview with YC tomorrow, any tips? (+ Exclusive: Our Interview Preparation!)

Hey guys,

Manypixels got selected for an interview with YC tomorrow (for their W19 Batch)

We received the invitation email on Sunday and flew to San Francisco the same day 🤪 (from Jakarta!)

Any founders who interviewed with them can share any tips or hop on a call with us today?

Thanks in advance guys and I'll update you on the outcome :D !

UPDATE: We prepared potential questions / answers that might be asked during the interview. Help us by commenting on the slides! :

UPDATE 2: Rejected :(


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    Definitely pop back into this thread and let us know how it went!

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      I will! Tomorrow I will probably be overly stressed but the second I know the outcome I will let you guys know.

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    We interviewed with YC last batch for our productized service Howler (AI powered media outreach). We were rejected by Paul Buccheit. Our businesses are pretty similar so happy to share some tips/advice/thoughts. My email is or DM at

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      Thanks a lot, will DM you now :)

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    Congratulations, and best of luck!

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    Good luck, fingers crossed. You have something major on your hands!

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    Good luck!

    I have no experience with YC interviews and cannot give advice on it. But just take it easy, no matter what the result is, it will be a valuable experience.

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      Exactly. No matter what you attempt, it is a valuable experience and that's what matters also in the end!

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    Congratulations on getting the interview. I have no experience with YC but curious if YC is selecting service based companies as well ? I apologize if I am wrong about what you offer but isn't many pixels an agency type service with design services wrapped as a "productized service" ?

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      It looks like a very strong entrepreneurial team, which is probably the biggest thing they care about.

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      Let's see. To be totally honest, yes today we are more service oriented but we're slowly scaling through using technology as well as improving customer experience using that. We will know their decision tomorrow after the interview.

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    GL Robin!

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    Good luck. I can't give any advice as I've only been rejected by YC :). But my guess would be they have a pretty good BS detector so just be open and honest while still being confident and positive.

    I'm sure it's nerve racking, but would be quite the experience to go through.

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      Sure. Basically I told my two cofounders: Let's be confident about our awesome product and let's be as pragmatic as we can in our answers.

      So it goes like this:

      "What is the problem and what is your solution?"

      1. It is hard to order design services online.

      2. We built a platform

      3. You send your design requests there

      4. We outsource them to our team in Indonesia

      5. You get it back within 24 hours.

      Super pragmatic and no BS is the way to go because I think they just sit through interviews all day long and are tired of BS haha

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    Hey, congrats on getting the interview!

    Just want to say, make sure you apply again for the the next batch! I've come across a bunch of YC startups that got in the second or third time around. 😁

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    Hey robin,

    Sorry to hear that!

    Could you provide more info on the reasons you got rejected?

    It will be very good learning.

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    Robin, sorry to read the update. Can you make another post giving us the insider info on what the experience was like. What went right, what went wrong, why they didn't fund you, what your future plans with ManyPixels are and anything else you would like to share. Thank you.

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    Looking at the presentation, I am not sure how clear you are about your metrics.

    As the CEO, you need to be 100% sharp on it and know how you perform on the metrics that matter for your business model.

    How good you are about understanding your own business and revenue matters a lot for investors.

    It seems like you are a SaaS business so I would start looking into SaaS metrics:

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    All the best @Vinrob, your personality is the deal maker!

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    Congrats, that is awesome, I'm very excited for you!

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    Good luck Robin! Added a few comments to the deck, hope they are useful.

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      Thanks a lot!

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    Wow! Congrats robin!!

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    Congrats @vinrob best of luck!

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    This is awesome! We just finished YC Startup School but wasn't chosen for the core program interview.

    Good luck!!

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    They might ask how you plan to scale given it seems it is a human powered service. You should have a convincing answer. Good luck!

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        But to already reply:

        1. Using technology --> automate stuff --> make tasks of humans more simple.

        2. Re-using design assets among team.

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    All the best!

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    Good luck ! :)

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    good luck man!!!!

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    Congrats, that's awesome

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