November 1, 2017

Introduce Yourself! (November 2017)

Hard to believe it's already November 😳. The good news? It's time for another "Introduce Yourself" thread! So whether you're new to the community or you've been here a while, here's the recommended path:

  1. First, respond to someone else who's made an introduction, just to say hello or leave them some feedback. (This is the perfect place for resources and helpful advice!)

  2. Next, leave your own comment introducing yourself, what you're working on or aspiring to work on, and your biggest goal for November. If you've introduced yourself before, tell us about your progress since then!

And that'll do it. Can't wait to hear from everybody and see what you're working on!

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    Channing here for those I haven't met yet!

    In the past ten or so years I've dabbled in writing, corporate sales and web development, remote contracting, and finally a mix of all of the above as half of the Indie Hackers team.

    Recently we've focused a lot on making Indie Hackers a better place for makers to talk about their awesome projects, and this month is no exception.

    So reach out to us for support if you're participating in Product Hunt's November hackathon, and keep your eyes peeled for new community tools we're building for every indie hacker on this site!

    Happy hacking!

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      Hi all I'm Jérémy, from France.

      I wrote (and am still writing) the series Bootstrapping in a Nutshell. If you want to start a project you should read it!

      I'm also switching my career from mobile developer to web developer for several reasons and I'm building along the way: I want to build a search engine / reminder service for movies. Pick up the next movie you want to watch and I send you an email when it's released in your country!

      My goal for November is to start learning HTML/CSS/JS on freecodecamp to work on Upcoming Movies front-end. I already managed the back-end in PHP/SQL but my front-end skills are really rusty.

      I also must finish my Bootstrapping in a Nutshell articles series! I've got tons of things to do!

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        Hi, Jeremy. Your series has been inspiring and very informative. First article I read on the Indie Hackers! Going through your the rest of your series, now. I think the product is smart and useful. Thanks for the insight and honesty. Bon courage!

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          Thanks David! I'm glad you like my articles, I've worked several hours to write each of them and still working on some new articles.

          I should post some new articles next week. It's difficult to manage writing and actual work on my new project but I'm still moving forward!

          Merci pour tes encouragements ;).

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            Merci pour l'inspiration

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        Hi Jérémy, Your search engine / reminder service for movies sounds great. It would be cool if you had the ability to also send reminders to users when a movie is available on a legal streaming service (such as Netflix) in a particular country. For example, Netflix in France probably has different movies available than Netflix in Canada ...

        1. 1

          Hi Kenneth, thanks for your feedback! Yes I think that's a huge pain for users, unfortunately it's quite difficult to fix this because there is no official source for Netflix or other streaming services to pull the data from.

          I've talked to the founder of and we talked extensively about that. He had some unofficial sources from a man that was pursued by Netflix about the legality of its business. And he had to shut it down.

          It's seems pretty difficult to manage. Anyway I'm not that familiar with Netflix or other streaming services and I would like to know more about this issue, can you contact me by email please? hello (at) Thanks!

          EDIT: I've just seen you already subscribed to my service so I just shot you an email :).

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        Looking forward to reading the Bootstrapping in a Nutshell Hercule.

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          Thanks bball, follow my profile on IH to get notified!

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      Hey Channing! Thanks for making this a great community!

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      Channing, looking forward to the community tools. I like the increased frequency of the email newsletter.

      We should try to plan another meetup in NYC soon


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        Mike Lynch is planning one

        1. 1

          Is there a thread on this?

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        I like the increased frequency of the email newsletter.

        Good to hear! It indirectly forces us to keep better track of everything that's going on in the forum, so it's a win-win.

        We should try to plan another meetup in NYC soon

        I'm doing more traveling than I'd like over the next couple months — I actually happen to be packing right now for a noon flight to New Orleans — so I should probably find a date in early 2018 and plant a flag on it for NYC meetup #2.

        It'll be a bit more daunting in winter I imagine. We'll have to put out feelers soon with the others.

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      Stoked for the community tools.

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        We are too!

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      Hello channing,

      I am thankful that you are making this community awesome for everyone.

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      Great community, man! Learning a lot :)

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        So am I!

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      Really cool career path Channing! I am trying to create a life where I can do all those things.

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        Awesome. Keep going until you get there.

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      I love the timeline!

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      Good to know you're working to make here a better place. I've listened to a few podcast in the past but didn't pay attention to this website as full-time work takes all of my time. But since the past week do read a few links from the newsletter. I'll say I'm getting good info from people who are building awesome products here. I hope to apply tips from their learnings and take myself where I want to be :)

      I still have to get familiar with this website and interact more :)

      In what ways do you support ProductHunt hackathon? (I'm asking because I'm participating xD)

      1. 1

        In what ways do you support ProductHunt hackathon? (I'm asking because I'm participating xD)

        We'll likely be featuring (via article, interview, or podcast) a couple of the participants in the hackathon!

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      Thanks for all your great work in building this wonderful community! Truly appreciate it and have already learned much. Hoping to give back.

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        You give back by just being here and being a good Samaritan (sharing your thoughts and projects, helping others with constructive feedback, etc.). So thanks right back. 🙏

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    Hi all, my name's Bryan, currently based in Ohio. 👋

    I've been working on, which is like a "Code School" for learning Spreadsheets. The project won a hackathon earlier this year, and I've been building it out since then.

    I want to become more active in the forum so here are a couple things I'd like to offer:

    • I'm a full stack dev (by necessity!), with experience in front-end web, javascript, ruby, and some CMS work. If anyone wants a code review, I'm happy to take 20 minutes and help out.

    • Also, if you're just learning to code, I'm pretty much entirely self-taught, and I'm happy to share the resources I know of and what worked best for me.

    Either way, just shoot me an email (listed in my profile).

    1. 2

      As someone who's sure he's using spreadsheets all wrong (and is nervous that someone who knows what they're doing even sees mine), this is a really smart segment of a code school. I'm interested!

      1. 1

        Awesome! It would be great to get some feedback from you if you get a chance to try it out. 😁

    2. 1

      Hey Bryan, nice to see another Ohio native here! wondering if you know of any good local groups for people working on side projects and such?

      1. 1

        I've heard good things about the Columbus Product club: They've got a slack group you could join and listen in on conversations.

        When I lived in DC, they had this meetup called Night Owls where people working on projects in the evening could come together and cowork for a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun. Maybe you could start up something like that in your city? Worst case scenario, noone shows up and you get a lot of work done in solitude. 😄

        1. 1

          appreciate the link to the product club! and that's actually a really good idea, I think I may try to get something like that going next year...

    3. 1

      Hey Bryan! I'd be interested in hearing about the resources that worked for you. I am non-technical, but have a goal of learning. I also checked out gridmaster -- looks like an awesome series of courses.

      1. 1

        Cool! What are you trying to learn? Feel free to shoot me an email.

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      Nice one Bryan. Glad to see you're building out something so useful. I hate spreadsheets. :)

    5. 1

      This is a cool idea, does it work with google sheets too?

      1. 1

        This implementation is a Microsoft Office Addin. Google sheets has an addons API as well, so presumably we could build that one day too.

        You can still try the Excel Addin online if you have a free Microsoft 365 account (since that gives you access to Excel online... their Google Sheets competitor).

    6. 1

      Hey Bryan, I've spent a lot of time with people who can't seem to grasp Spreadsheets, so I'm positive you have a gigantic audience waiting to be tapped. The trick will be to figure out how to reach them when they're not typically curious about new software.

      1. 1

        Yeah! My current approach is to try to get people interested in a focused email newsletter sharing animated tips, to provide some value and build some trust: (see

        Do you have any thoughts on good ways to reach the kinds of people you mentioned?

        1. 2

          The email newsletter sounds like a great way to start. From that email list, you could make a look-alike audience on Facebook Ads that targets similar types of people. That's easier than trying to build the perfect audience using parameters like "Technology Late Adopters" with jobs in "HR".

    7. 1

      Hey Bryan! Nice to hear you are open to share resources with newbies (as I am a newbie myself).

    8. 1

      Hi Bryan, nice to e-meet you. I am happy to learn that you are very enthusiastic about helping people become a better coder through code reviewing and sharing resources.

      I am currently working on a code review tool to help people understand new concepts, fix annoying bugs or get advice on best practice.

      With your permission, I can share more information to your email or twitter DM.

      I look forward to taking your advice to achieve my goal.

      1. 1

        Sure, I'd be glad to hear more. Feel free to shoot me an email. 😄

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    Josh here! 👋

    This month I am focused on adding the 'hacker' to the 'Indie'.

    Learning HTML and Javascript by making 100 little sites and projects.

    1. 3

      Showing your learnings day by day, nice!

      Where are you learning HMTL and JS?

      And what do you want to do with it? Do you already have an idea to work on?

      1. 1

        I am mostly learning from tutorials and StackOverFlow.

        Do you have any sites or sources that you really like?

        I have a TON of ideas and sites I want to build once I get good enough. Whenever I have an idea, I write it down. Hardest part is actually building them.

    2. 2

      lol i cant stop playing your Day 3 Drum kit

      1. 1

        Thanks! That I caught myself a few times just playing it instead of working on it. :)

    3. 2

      This has got to be one of the best ways to learn. The first time I saw it ( I was so inspired. I send anyone that asks me about learning to code there, and now I'll add your site to the list!

      Kind of takes away the joy and creativity of it, but it could be a cool product opportunity when you're finished...

      1. 1

        Thanks! Would love to see your list. And yes, I was heavily influenced by Jennifer.

    4. 2

      I'm currently learning to code, I can't imagine producing 100 sites and projects at this point. But it's a cool idea.

      How are you deciding on what to work on?

      1. 2

        haha. Thanks. They are very rough and small sites. More like experiments.

        As for deciding what to work on, I see things I like and try to recreate it.

        For example on my latest experiment ( I saw a very nicely styled link. I wanted to recreate that. Once I did, I added in some functionality I learned the day before that would apply that style on a button click.

        1. 2

          are you familiar with wes bos' javascript30? lotsa ideas there

          1. 1

            Yes! I did one of his projects already, the Javascript drum kit. Some of his Javascript gets advanced quick, but I am muscling through it. :)

        2. 2

          Really cool idea. It's similar to how I originally learned HTML & CSS but I haven't thought about applying it to Ruby yet.

      2. 1

        What are you using to learn to code?

        1. 2

          I'm currently working though CodeCademy and have been watching Derek Bananas videos. I've found various blog posts that have covered some of the basics useful too.

          My plan is to work though CodeCademy, Try Ruby, then start the Odin Project but, I am also thinking about simply diving into a project and learning on the go.

          1. 3

            Good strategy, I'm doing something similar but learning on freeCodeCamp and then figuring out how to build my project from videos on YouTube and StackOverflow posts. I've tried learning programming before and got stuck in the tutorials circle, diving into a project is better.

            1. 1

              StackOverOverflow has been pretty useful for me too. It's normally the first thing that comes up when I search for something.

              I keep hearing about freeCodeCamp, I'm going to add it to the list.

              What's your are your thoughts on it?

              1. 2

                freeCodeCamp is great for the syntax of a language, I've done the HTML & CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, Basic Javascript, and some of the Object Oriented lessons.

                My problem with it is I feel in a few lessons is that they give you vague instructions to get you to think on your own. But when you do it differently from how they saw it they won't let you pass the lesson. The projects are another problem, they give pretty much no instructions and for me at least I need a hint. This is why I just learned the syntax on freeCodeCamp and have been using YouTube and stackOverFlow

                1. 1


                  Maybe I should look to have someone I can ask a few questions to, to help direct me through a few of the challenges if I join freeCodeCamp

                  1. 2

                    I'm not right person to answer questions but I do have a YouTube channel,

          2. 2

            Hadn't seen Derek Banas yet. Thanks.

            I would highly recommend picking a project. Making progress on something is so much more motivating than just tutorials. Good luck!

            1. 1


              Good luck, mate.

    5. 2

      Josh, 100 projects, that's a lot! Are you trying to do one each day or space them out?

      Either way you'll probably learn a ton that way. 😄

      1. 1

        I am shooting for 1 a day. I assume as they grow a bit in scope I will have to space them out even more.

        And I am definitely learning a ton. I already feel twice as confident in CSS as I did when I started.

    6. 1

      Great way to motivate yourself. Looking forward to checking in at the 50 mark :)

      1. 1

        Definitely planning on it. Thanks!

    7. 1

      This is such a great challenge! I'd love to do this if only I had more time to spare.

      I'm loving the Elevator Facts site 👍

  4. 6

    Hello, world.

    Pete here. Another Digital Marketer 👋🏽

    I've spent most of my career around small businesses/ startups. Most recently helping B2B businesses create marketing channels and drive sales. Also worked on B2C eCommerce projects. I transitioned from client work to living off a portfolio of my sites selling various types of things, not too long ago.

    Now in the process of looking for a SaaS based project to join to help at all stages of the funnel. (Give me a shout if you'd like to have a chat about finding customers/ driving sales).

    In my spare time I've been learning Ruby as I'd like to build SaaS projects going forward. I've also been thinking about sharing my frameworks/ spreadsheets for finding business opportunities and managing growth channels. I might spend some time this month putting content together.

    I'd be keen to know what you guys might be interested in leaning, assuming anyone's interested...

    1. 2

      Hey Pete,

      Preston here. I'm the founder and managing member of a small SaaS startup - No Fate, LLC. We've been working in stealth for the last couple of months building and proving out a platform that allows teams to manage team resources in complete privacy.

      Our first product Warden, is a tool for teams to manage team secrets. It's similar in spirit to Hashicorp's Vault, but completely generalizes the concept.

      Secret sharing is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what generic trust allows us to do. We plan to extend this functionality to common developer issues to help them secure their applications, infrastructure and data effectively.

      I'd love to discuss ideas with you regarding customer acquisition and sales if you feel interested.

      1. 1

        Hey Preston,

        Sure, sounds really interesting.

        Ping me an email and we can a chat...

    2. 2

      Hey Pete -

      Love that I have someone who's already laid the groundwork for me in the forum ;) I'd be super interested in hearing your thoughts as well as you seem to have quite a bit of experience in both b2b and b2c.

      One thing I would be very curious to hear about would be how you approach working the funnel from the standpoint of the customer journey. I'm trying to get my colleagues to understand everything plays together from a simple facebook post generating awareness in a brand to then being able to retarget to them and so on and so forth. Where have you found success in selling this vision and what strategies/tactics have you used that might be helpful for others?

      1. 1

        Hello mate,

        Again, apologies for the delay in my response.

        If I have understood your question correctly...

        I normally try to simplify things by having 2 visual aids and a narrative and try to translate the ideas to them using reference points they will be familiar with.

        The first visual will be something similar to an image like this if the person is not familiar with the technical terms...

        Once they are more familiar with the terms or if they know the terms already then I would use something like the following image. I would begin to anchor the conversation to the terms relevant to them, if it's something they really need to know.

        In a few cases, the image of the funnel above is all they need to know. If going deeper is needed I use something like...

        This allows me to start linking the different strategies (like blogging) to stages in the funnel and what the priority/ focus of each stage is. Then I would map out a funnel, linked to the stages...

        Then I would go on to explain why each stage needs to be optimised by illustrating conversion numbers...

        Obviously, this would all be in the context of knowing the LTV and explaining that this game is all about hunting for affordable CAC's in relation to that. I don't tell people it's an overnight process of instant sales based on my preference or their preference for a particular channel. It's about testing channels based on the customer and doubling down once you find something that works.

        I hope this answers your questions.

    3. 2

      Hi Pete,

      Yes, if you're thinking about writing posts about marketing, I'll be curious to read you. Since you worked on B2B and B2C, you maybe have good ideas on what works or fails depending on the situation.

      I'm still beginning the marketing route for my product, but I am educating myself with the subject heavily at the moment. A lot of what I read tends to say "do this" in order to "get such result". But what I rarely read about is what hasn't worked, and why. So if you're okay to share such stories, I'm sure there are great lessons to learn from what hasn't worked in the past.

      Feel free to ping me when you have something up.

      1. 2

        Hi Gui,

        Apologies for the delay in my response.

        You have an interesting perspective. I would say people don't often share stories of things that failed for 2 reasons:

        1. Most if not all content that is published is done so for promotion - getting you to do something or getting the brand in front of you. People are more interested in reading out "quick hacks" that get unusual returns. This is what makes it worth reading.

        2. There should be too many fails to talk about. Again, from my perspective marketing is a game of testing. You should constantly be testing new ideas then doubling down on what works.

        I think this second point is important to keep in mind. I think I will have to write something to expand on it more.

        I have gone into a number of projects and talked to a number of people as to why their project is struggling or giving up on a particular channel is can be boiled down to a poor understanding of who they are selling to.

        If you don't know who you are selling to, it's very hard to say where you should make your product visible and then what to say to get attention. The most common sign of this is when someone creates a product that they think is great, before confirming with someone independent that it's more valuable to them, than the money.

        I take the perspective that, even with the knowledge of the customer "Persona" exploring marketing channels is still a gamble. So, much like a professional gambler, that you should be focusing on minimising risk but still willing to take the risk. Much like the idea of bankroll management. You are trying to win 55% of the time and if you do, you will be able to stay alive until you find something that works a much higher percentage of the time, until things change.

        I think I will leave this here because the comment is far too long already. I will have a think to see if I can come up with something that you might find useful. In the mean time feel free to PM me.


        1. 1

          Thanks a lot for your reply Grills.

          Thank you for sharing those, it always good to hear that not validating enough is a common trap (even though it is been said so many times, we still fall in it easily). And it is always tricky to know when there was enough validation, although revenue may be the only metric that matters in that case.

          I am selling to creative people, or to people who want to improve their creativity. This is the main thread of my marketing strategy, and since failure is an unavoidable step in any creative endeavour (just like in entrepreneurship), it has to be acknowledged. It does not necessarily have to be broadcast publicly, but people should learn to accept it as just a part of the process, not as a shameful or painful event. That's one reason I am interested in reading more about it.

          But I'm already starting to write about it, so I will bring my own view on that matter, which I'd like to see discussed more often. Like you said, there are too many fails to talk about, but that also makes it the elephant in the room.

    4. 2

      Awesome having you here. Marketing is kryptonite to a lot of developers, so you're in the right place. I'll stay on the lookout for talented developers struggling to get the word out about their projects and send them your way.

  5. 6


    Alex here. New month, new goals.

    Gonna reflect on October quick (, and post new goals.

    1. Well, in October I have successfully launched like I planned to. No promotion or anything at this point or near future. Currently playing the SEO & data gathering game.

    2. I've completed and submitted my engineer in training (EIT) application to begin my P.Eng certification. Super psyched. Waiting to hear back now.

    3. In October, I thought of an idea and created - which is exactly what you think it is - Affordable and reliable software code reviews at a discounted rate (:

    4. Goal for November - going to be participating in PH Hackathon. So hopefully, go from nothing to an app in the App store by end of the month. Plan for today -- decide on the product name. Here goes nothing (:

    Have a super awesome month y'all.



    1. 2

      Elder Roost looks like a good idea. How do you hope people use the information?

      1. 1

        Hi Josh,

        Thanks for the feedback! Elderoost has been on the back of our minds for a few years now.

        And, we are thinking long term with this project... REALLY long term.

        I am thinking of what would I want from a long term elderly care facility when I get to that stage in my life and working backwards.

        For starters, I am thinking that the typical things will be: # of available spaces per facility, average waiting time, mentions in the news, and potentially real-time waiting list. So far, we got the mentions in the news rolling. I also have data on some space available and avg waiting time. That will probably be rolling out gradually in the winter.

        I should also add that I have video and photo skills. More specifically, I had a real estate photography business. So, I am hoping to also update the facilities and their presence on the web.

        Finally, I want to reach out to actual people and see what they would like.



    2. 1

      iwillreviewyourcode is a nice idea! Taking this a bit further: There is potential to grow this into a marketplace for code reviews, where people find vetted developers to review their code and good developers can make some money on the side or just help people out of good will.

      You could also target people who are just learning to code more since they might be looking for people to walk through their code with them and learn from the review.

      A quick note on the website: Your service is very much based on trust. I feel like a cleaner, more organized/professional site would convey trust better, especially since what you're offering is related to coding. Right now it is still a bit unstructured/messy and you could present your own track record much better. This factor could affect your conversion a lot :)

      1. 1

        Thank you so much for the insightful feedback Emil!

        I actually haven't even considered people learning to code... at all! So, that is very true and thank you for the comment! I can most definitely walk people through their code. And I will definitely put this on a road map.

        Thanks for the feedback on the website. I started off this project with so I definitely came a bit further. With the feedback given so far, it is where I got the website to. If you see this message and you have some free time, would you mind showing me an example or two of what you mean by making it cleaner or more organized? Feel free to respond here, or msg me on twitter or

        Once again, thanks a million for the wonderful feedback!

        1. 1

          Nothing to thank for, I sent you an email!

    3. 1

      Good to meet you Alex, and great that already have an idea in motion!

      I am non-technical but I am trying to learn a bit of coding, so I will keep you in mind when I need something review :)



  6. 5

    Hi all

    I used to be a lurker by reading the successful cases, but now started to unlock the true power of Indie Hackers: the interactive community of makers!

    I'm a freelance growth marketer, working for some startups at the moment.

    My biggest goals for november:

    1. figuring out a better way to sell my skills (productized services for examples)

    2. find a "sandbox project" to experiment with, so I can do more retention based tests with stuff like cohort analysis, onboarding processes, a/b testing... So if you have some kind of a "dead" project lying around gathering dust... Hit me up!

    3. trying to focus more on my personal branding, by actually finishing my personal website and writing some content about my learnings.

    That's me!

    Cheers from Belgium :)

    1. 2

      What is left to finish on your personal website?

  7. 5

    Hi I am Ty. I have been working on a way to share and discover the best food dishes at restaurants nearby. October was a slow month in terms of progress due to my day job. For November I hope to get more dishes loaded.

    I was in New York two weekends ago, and I tried to use my app. I need to refine it and make it better. An older couple from Israel stopped me on the sidewalk and asked me for food recommendations. I had to work from memory. Having two events where my app should have helped but failed to was a wake up call. I want to try to improve the usability in November.

    Another indie hacker I work with at my day job also wants to start a side project. I hope to help him as much as I can this month.

    1. 3

      Hi there Ty, nice idea there. I'm currently working on something very similar at my city (I live in south america). Do you plan to earn money from your idea? How?

      As you said on a response below, the most time demanding activity is gathering all the dishes/restaurant information, as it's a manual task.

      I wish you the best on your side project.

      1. 2

        I honestly do not know how I will earn money yet. I need two build a market of sorts and get user growth. Its a challenging task

    2. 2

      How are you sourcing the dishes?

      1. 2

        Multiple ways. I have been entering dishes as I find them. Some of the users of the site have submitted their own. I have also had someone help me scan restaurant reviews for mentions of dishes. I have had to keep a pretty strict criteria on this as I want to be sure the quality of each dish is good.

        I recently went through the list of restaurants from the tv show diners drive ins and dives and picked out the famous dishes mentioned in reviews. I am in the process of validating these dishes.

        One last method I have used is to reach out to restaurant Instagram accounts and chef accounts and ask for their most famous dish along with a picture and description. This is a very manual process that takes probably the most time.

        Trying to identify the best dish in a location is very challenging and very subjective. If you look at yelp or google results you can see that they mostly just return restaurants and not food dishes. A slow manual effort might be one of the only viable methods.

        Can you suggest any ideas on how to gather more dishes?

        1. 2

          Hmm. You are doing a lot of what I would do. Maybe also start asking questions on city or neighborhood focused Reddits. Something like "What is the best thing to eat in INSERTCITYHERE"?

  8. 4

    Hi all 👋 My name is Peter Mbanugo from Nigeria. I've been working for close to 5 years building web apps full-time. I've always wanted to build amazing products of my own. I've had side-projects I either didn't finish or make them public. Working full-time has also made it hard for me to engage in them.

    I'm working on my biggest goal for November, which is building a SaaS product that provides Chat API/SDK for developers to easily integrate chat to their application and skip the time it takes to design one using existing techs like SignalR or It'll allow you do

    • 1 on 1 and group chat

    • Message delivery status

    • Typing indicator

    • Profanity filtering

    • Block users

    as well as other features I'll add as I keep working on it. I've always wanted to make good products and this one will be the start of that journey. It's the project I'm doing for ProductHunt Hackathon too and I made my landing page yesterday,

    I'm also getting myself familiar with this space :)

    1. 2

      Hi Peter! Good luck at the hackathon! Maybe an AI profanity filter itself could be a project :)

      1. 1

        yeah true. Thanks!

  9. 4

    This place is so inspiring!

    I'm working on - An interview prep site for front end developers. I posted my MVP here and to a few other places a month ago and got some great feedback.

    Since then I've been filling it out with more content, user accounts, and will add $1 payment soon for premium content.

    If I can get anyone to buy at the $1 price point, I'll keep fleshing it out, adding more value and increasing the price as I go!

    • Patrick
    1. 1

      Patrick, there was a post here the other day asking about how to hire a front-end dev who writes clean code:

      They could probably use your expertise.

    2. 1

      will add $1 payment soon for premium content.

      In other words, shit's about to get real. 😜 Good luck!

  10. 4

    Hey folks,

    I've been here a while and still loving the personal vibe here on IH!

    I run (digital hiking guide), a few Android Apps and (how to find and hire UX Designers) and am currently toying with a few other ideas (Weekly UX Reviews, etc. ).

    In November I plan to complete a thing I wanted to have for gthqmyself for a while. A WhatsApp "Memo-Bot" for Notes & Ideas - going to ask you for feedback once its ready... ;-)

    Biggest challenge is prioritizing the right tasks alongside daily business from enziano and launching the Memo bot

    1. 1

      I greatly recommend Patric, as he gave me very insightful (and thoughful) feedback on my product. Both what to improve, as well as suggestions on how to improve.

      And I'd certainly be curious to hear more about a chat bot for notes, that's an interesting idea.

      1. 1

        Thanks Gui,

        I an going to share an early version! ;-)

    2. 1

      Hi Patrics,

      I look forward to seeing how you get on with the memo-bot, it seems like a cool idea. Just a side note, both of your websites look really nice and inviting, well done!

      Good luck with your projects this month :)

  11. 4

    Hey guys

    I am the founder of BikeUp ( ) in the UK - a platform that allows cyclists to book a service or repairs with a local mobile bike mechanic. We launched in March and our monthly revenue is ~$600 - some months it's less, so more - we are still looking for product market fit :)

    This month I am running customer discovery interviews and marketing my ass off :)

    I found Indie Hackers when I saw an interview with Courtland on the YC YouTube channel. Despite only joining a few weeks back, I can't tell you how much I love it. I genuinely feel part of a community, and it has really helped me feel like I am not alone. I have been spreading the word about over here in Scotland, trying to help the cause :)



    1. 1

      Hey Simon, that seems interesting.

      I was cycling on the Jurassic coast yesterday and today, and was wondering what I would do if I had bike trouble. I can deal with a deflated tire, but a broken chain seemed like a possibility (my chain is rusty and the slopes were steep!).

      Would your app allow me to call cycle repair like I would with a broken car for instance? Because that could be pretty useful.

      1. 1

        Hey Gui

        Luck you! I wish I was cycling the Jurassic Coast this week :)

        At the moment we only offer appointments for the following day and onwards, as the logistics of roadside assistance are a bit different and a bit more challenging to coordinate for an early stage (bootstrapped) venture like us :) But in time, there is no reason why we wouldn't look to do that - I think it would make sense, and with the right technology, it would be eminently achievable.

        If you've got any other thoughts on what we're doing, I'd love to heat them. My email is

    2. 1

      Goodluck with your product. I recently joined too and having read some articles, I think the knowledge from them will help me in my journey to become a maker and build interesting products :)

      1. 2

        Thanks :) Yeah, it is a great community. Let me know if I can ever help with anything :)

    3. 1

      Hey Simon, I'm based in Scotland as well - let me know what I can do to help promote buzz about BikeUp. Maybe we can meet up for coffee some time to bounce ideas.

      1. 1

        Hey tt,

        Awesome yeah, be great to connect with another IH'er here in Scotland. Also, I'd be keen to give Orchestra a try. I've sent an email to the email add on your bio.

    4. 1

      Hi Simon,

      This looks like a really cool service. Have you considered offering an option for when customers just need to get a puncture repaired?

      1. 1

        Thanks James!

        Yeah, in time we would look to offer some know kind of roadsite assistance - the tricks is finding away to do that profitably. Do you have experience of that’s particular problem?

        1. 1

          I'm not so much thinking about roadside assistance but rather people who work in offices, who get a flat on the way to work and just need to get it fixed. I've seen plenty of people taking their bike to the bike shop on their lunch break just to fix a puncture. No time, no tools at the office...

          1. 1

            Yes, we come to both home or office/workplace, so it solves that particular problem (although if the bill is under £40, there is a small callout fee - it doesn't make economic sense otherwise).

            We are also starting to provide onsite services to offices and coworking spaces. We stick a mobile workshop in the car park and people can book in for a service whilst they work. And for us, it means the mechanic can reduce the cost and time to travel between customers.

        2. 1

          Wow that sounds like a pretty sweet feature if you could make that work! 👍

          Saw your pricing on your site, I’m assuming you get a cut for each service. Have you thought about providing a “Sponsored Mechanic” feature to get income on the mechanic side as well?

          Very cool service 👍

          1. 2

            Thanks :)

            Yeah, we've considered quite a few different approaches to the marketplace model - there are pluses and minuses to every approach, so it's just trying to find one which is best suited to what we are trying to do. At present, the customer doesn't get to see the available mechanics and choose - I guess the best comparison here is that our model is more Uber than Airbnb (although I don't like to describe it that way as there are important differences!) So what that in mind, it makes the 'sponsored mechanic' feature tricky, but I do intend to find ways of generating revenue on both the buyer and seller side...and any suggestions are always welcome :)

            1. 1


              Well just an idea, maybe "Sponsored Mechanic" isn't the right wording, but perhaps if that mechanic pays extra, they will get "randomly" chosen more often for the jobs?

              Although... that might get a little hairy and potentially unfair real quick.

              But it does seem like you are doing them a big service, getting them more exposure, and giving them the opportunity to build a lifetime value relationship with that particular customer.

              If you could spin it that way, instead of them thinking that it's a transaction, and instead thinking that it's an investment for an opportunity for "lifetime customers", they might think differently about paying.

              Anyways, good luck. Sounds like a very cool service.

              1. 1

                This is a test. Let me know if you see this in your email, Chris!

    5. 1

      Very cool. Do you have to market to both repair shops and cyclists themselves?

      1. 1

        Thanks! Yeah, you got it. It’s basically a marketplace. I have a couple mechanics signed up but the chicken/egg thing is a challenge. We’re keeping it super focused on one location until we get good traction, product market fit, and just generally figure stuff out :)

    6. 1

      Hi Simon!

      That's an awesome service and congrats on the monthly revenue Simon =)



      1. 1

        Thanks Alex :)

  12. 4

    Hi Indie Hackers!

    My name is Levi. I’m a newcomer to the IH forums and I’m excited to get some feedback from you all on my new project.

    I’m creating an interview prep tool for programmers called The Coder’s Coloring book. Its a coloring book full of the fundamental data structures and algorithms you need to know to land a job at Google, Amazon, and the like.

    Here’s an example:

    Currently I’m building a mailing list of beta testers and potential customers. I’ve sent out a few test pages so far and received great input on how to improve the learning experience!

    My biggest goal for this month is to iterate on my prototypes and crank out 4-5 new pages for the book.

    My biggest difficulty is finding time outside of my day job to get work done! I’m a few months into my new shiny job at a big tech company and I have so little energy / motivation left when I get home.

    Any tips for me on how to get shit done after work? Or feedback on the project?


    1. 1

      Haha! Awesome idea Levi, signed up!

      1. 1

        Great to hear! Hope you like the test pages. Let me know how it goes :)

    2. 1

      Not sure if it is possible for your situation: block a single hour before you head to work and just 15 mins in the evening to plan the next 60 minutes task

      1. 1

        Thanks for the tip! I think working in the morning his probably the way to go as well.

  13. 3

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm Akua Walters. I run a small startup based in Jamaica called Hacker Hostel. I built it with my Co-Founder, Winston Wilkins, after we couldn't find software engineers in the Caribbean to work on StartupRobot, our other tech company at the time.

    We started in April of this summer by just making calls to come universities and reaching out to students through alumni networks. We were able to secure projects for the guys to work on and we found some houses on a beach and we had some great presenters to give some workshops and it worked out, call it an MVP we generated 30k+ in Revenue and we are gearing up to do it again in three different countries. Jamaica, Trinidad & St. Lucia. Hacking like an Indie!

    Our Goal is to train 1000 Black, Female & Latino Software Engineers by 2025. Help us get there with every ineraction below by sharing key insights you may have about my startup

    1. 1

      30k? That's amazing man. Keep it up

  14. 3

    Hi all, my name is Sergio. I am currently working from Barcelona. I am currently working on a platform to help novices learn how to code by building projects.

    My girlfriend made the leap from working as a waitress to learning how to code. She applied to LeWagon, a popular coding bootcamp. Before applying she finished the ruby and front-end development courses on Codecademy and also took a couple of tutorials on Udemy. I noticed how hard it is for her to learn and think like a coder when not doing actual real-life projects.

    So this is how my idea was born. To create a platform where novices learn by building tiny real life projects. Small little wins to get novices excited about coding and building a simple MVP.

    My goal is to launch this platform by the end of the month.

    1. 1

      Hi Segio, good luck with your project! What is the business model of the platform? Will it be subscription?

      1. 1

        It will be free until I build a community around it. After that I will start delivering premium content.

  15. 3


    Saran here, Recently joined in IH community,

    working on, a search agent to automate your search; Any comments of my product is most welcome.

    and I can offer idea validation to IH community.

    1. 2

      That's a cool idea - can definitely see myself using it! :)

    2. 2

      Oh this is pretty cool, it's like google alerts but without google (thank goodness).

      1. 1

        :) thanks. there are some differences between google alert and alertfor, mentioned below for clarity.

        • Google index has less than 5% of web content, Google alert is slow, sometimes may a week

        • Alertfor can be used for remaining (95%) content called "deep web"

        • You can turn any query into a RSS like feed of any website.

        • You can also select Domain specific selection (e.g news, shopping, open source etc)

        • Very importantly, you can submit advanced queries on any website.

        • It also provides structured data as feed (json/csv) e.g from e-com site, it will extract price, name, etc

        thanks for checking it out.

        1. 2

          Hey Saran, that IS cool. Without giving away your secret sauce, how does it work, does it run off of it's own index?

          1. 1

            There are many components, complex infrastructure . .

            1. can scrape “search result” for given advanced query

            2. can compare two objects (entities of search result)

            3. can convert any html to json/csv file (structured data - auto wrapper)

            4. detect changes of a webpage (additions/deletions/modifications)

            5. can find paging (xpath’s of next/prev links)

            6. can result rendered HTML of any page

            7. can detect search forms and search field automatically using ML

            8. UI - Web

            All these components collectively work as Alertfor. There is no web scale index. that's impossible :)

            1. 2

              Certainly improbable. Cool thanks. And good luck :)


  16. 3

    Hello, my name is Radek.

    I am working on, a service to send articles from RSS to Kindle ereaders.

    It's been around for more than a year now, but since it's a side project it progresses quite slowly :)

    Currently my goal is to grow user base and understand existing users better.

  17. 3

    Hello Everyone , My Name is Ali , 21 Years Old From Tunisia , i'm Working on My Startup Since July 2016 , it's a Custom Bot Development ( We are not talking about chat bot here ) , We are offering Automation Solution to our customers By Building Bots to automate their daily tasks .

    I Started Just With $100 Budget , i'm working from my home in a Tunisian city Called Gafsa :)

    For the first year , We Helped up to 150 Business/Marketer Using Our Service , The Revenue are about $5k , i know it's not a big deal but it's just the start , About November Goals , i decided to stop working alone , it's time now to build a team and why not open office in another country , right now i'm drawing a growth plan, and searching for good guys to join me :)

    I Think that Marketing automation is the future of any business , this is why i'm working on my startup daily to make it bigger and bigger .

    Anyway , if anyone want to get in touch with me , my email is listed on my bio .

    1. 2

      Hey Ali,

      interesting topic and definetly the right timing in the market right now! Good luck!

      Any chance you have experience with WhatsApp bots? I'd love to exchange a few ideas if so.. ;-)

      Going to send you an email.

      1. 1

        Hey Patric , Thanks For Your Comment , Last Year , i built a Whatsapp Auto Message Sender& Auto Reply Bot to one of My Clients

        Okay :) Waiting For Your Email ^^

        1. 1

          Sounds great, I already sent an email to - looking forward to your reply!

    2. 1

      Hey Ali!

      That's interesting! Do you think you could create a bot for which auto follows/unfollows people? There's no available API as of now.

      Btw, I don't know if it's just me, but your website uses so many different fonts that it's disturbing my eyes (<-- constructive criticism).

      1. 1

        Hi ! I'm working on the home page , and trying to improve it

        Yes we can code you that bot :) try to post your bot idea from here

  18. 3

    Hi I'm Alex, based in San Jose.

    I'm building a cryptocurrency price alert chrome extension. My biggest goal for November is to figure out how to chart the stock market and translating that to the cryptocurrency market with the CoinMarketCap API

  19. 3

    Hey IH 👋

    I’m a newbie, my name is Chris, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found this site and community!

    One of the things I missed most after quitting my startup job a year and half ago was bouncing ideas off of other peeps and just hearing and talking about fresh ideas, so thank you for existing!!

    In the last year I’ve been working on, a Split Testing Hashtag app for Instagram.

    Been getting about <$200 a month since I changed it to a subscription model a few months ago and steadily gaining a new subscriber every day or two.

    Also started doing some freelancing dev work just to get some income to spend on advertising for Smarthash.

    For the month of November, I’m hoping to add a viral sharing/sign up feature in where users can win Instagram/photography related prizes ( free course to Sue B Instagram training, or camera equipment ) for sharing the app and getting their friends to download the app.

    I did something similar on the launch and was able to get a really good ROI. I gave away a free iPad and Apple Watch (~$800) and received over 1600 downloads, so $0.50 per download, which i think is pretty good.

    Anyways, excited to be here and learn. Thanks!

    1. 1

      Just saw this so ignore my reply to your comment. Your app is a very interesting idea and kudos to you for driving more downloads with a giveaway. Great creativity there.

      How do you actually split test hashtags? (Feel free to not share if it's your secret sauce). Are you posting images twice with different hashtags for both?

      1. 1

        Thanks! Hopefully it works still outside of a launch.

        :) Not that secret so I'll share!

        Important thing to note though is that the most popular instagram accounts ( outside of Celebs ) always focus on a particular theme ( travel, coffee, whatevs) so they naturally have their favorite collection of hashtags ( called Hash Sets in Smarthash) they always use for their posts. So with that being said...

        I basically use a type of analysis called regression ( machine learning related ), so it takes information on which hashtags you used on your post as well as other info like how many followers you have, what time of day and day of week you posted, what filter you used, geolocation tagged ( because all of these have influence on how much engagement you get ) and then "correlates" which hashtags get you more engagement outside of all of those other influential inputs.

        But! ( and important but ), it requires users to post a different permutation and subset of their Hash Sets ( which Smarthash can help with one click copies ) so that there's enough variability for the regression analysis to output any meaningful results, ie why I call it "Split Testing".

        Hope all of that made sense :)

    2. 1

      Your app can track how many views/likes a user gets from a hashtag on Instagram?

      1. 1

        Hey SupremeRumham, yeah Smarthash enables users to "Split Test" their favorites hashtags and see which ones are getting them more engagement and which ones aren't really doing anything for them. And it ranks your tags via "Heat Map" interface which I think is pretty cool and intuitive.

        But! With the new Instagram API going to Facebook Graph, I know have access to actual impression data of posts, so soon I'll be able to show you an "average" of how many impressions you get for a hashtag.

        Can't wait to build and finish that feature!

        What are you working on?

        1. 1

          That is very cool!! Previously, I wanted to build an Instagram hashtag tracker but when I looked at the API I couldn't find how to get the information.

          Currently, I'm building a price alert chrome extension for cryptocurrency. My first big project, hopefully it will be done by the end o the year!!

          1. 2

            Nice 👍, let me know when it’s wrapped up, I’ll def be a Beta user if you need one.

            1. 1

              Okay,I definitely will, thanks!!

  20. 3

    Heya, folks -- I'm Trevor, based in London for the moment.

    For the last year or so I've been working on Quail, a point-of-sale and store-management program for antique stores and consignment malls. The product is in a good, stable place, so I'm hoping to spend the rest of 2017 focusing on user growth. Lots of cold emails, lots of SEO. Since December I've had pretty steady linear growth, adding 2-4 paying customers (at $35-$60/mo each) -- I'm hoping to break $1000 MRR before the end of the year.

    I've also started spending way too much time hanging around the Indie Hackers forums, so don't be surprised if you see my piling into your forum posts and questions! Landing page criticism a specialty (not that I couldn't use some work in that regard, too!).

  21. 3


    Bob Senoff from Ramp Ventures. For the last several years I've been working on bootstrap startups including Mailshake, Linktexting, VoilaNorbert, and most recently

  22. 3

    Hey there!

    I'm Joffrey, a french 24 yo software engineer willing to turn into an indiehacker. I made (need to update it of course) and working on other projects right now.

    Have a nice day!

    1. 2

      Hi Joffrey, nice discoverability tool for maker communities. I'm a part of product people club and it's awesome. Glad to see it on the list.

      1. 1

        Thanks @wlaurence, I'm part of the PP club too ;)

  23. 3

    Hi, I'm Kyle Richey. I just joined IH and I'm loving it already!

    I build productivity apps at Our biggest product so far is Strides Habit Tracker, and we're almost ready to start beta testing Summit Day Planner.

    My biggest goal for November is to get to the Sync milestone for Can't wait to start our beta!

  24. 3

    What's up, folks?

    I'm Kevin, running SEO @ Atlassian and mentoring startups @ GermanAccelerator.

    I put out a bi-weekly newsletter about startup marketing and tech:



    1. 3

      Signed up for your newsletter :)

      1. 2

        Thanks, tt! Super stoked and will do my best to top your expectations :-).

    2. 3

      subbed to your newsletter.

      1. 2

        Thanks, buddy! Really appreciate the upfront trust :-).

  25. 3

    I'm Doug Bradshaw.

    I work part time for a rapidly growing startup called Blip Billboards and use my extra time to learn and build. During the past few months I've been learning to write fast code in Rust ( ).

    It's been really rewarding to become fluent and capable in a small subset of a new language. But now it's time to focus back on the main thing. I've been building a learning platform called BrightHike. (Django back end and React front end, for those who care.) It's meant to become a fast way to learn new things, particularly in fields, like math, that build on themselves. So far I've spent months building it. But I haven't spent any time at all finding users outside of my family. And I've hardly dared consider the possibility of paid users.

    I'm hesitant to write this because I'm hesitant to do it, but getting users is the next hurdle for BrightHike. I need to learn what it should become and find my first paid users.

  26. 3

    Hi all, my name's Louis and I'm based in Switzerland. I'm a self-taught developer and founder of a few companies. I just spent the past 6 months working as a VP at a series A SaaS company and now have a month of free time to play around with a few ideas.

    I'm not 100% sold on a solution yet, but the problem I want to solve is to make it easier for developers to find the best possible job/employer for them. My first attempt at this is - your personal career agent. I suspect the solution with product/market fit will look very different and am looking forward to talking with as many job searchers/recruiters as possible!

  27. 3

    Hey all, Kristian from Finland here again!

    I am still working on Social In Brief (, a social media reporting tool targeted for small businesses.

    I have gotten some awesome advice on here and Reddit, so big thanks for everyone for helping me out!

    This month, I continue to focus on marketing and getting more customers for the product. Honestly, it has been pretty grim these past couple of weeks, I have tried several methods for raising awareness of the product but the results are quite bad. I am running out of ideas what to do next. But I guess I'll just have to keep on going, the articles and discussions here are great and provide a ton of ideas for me to experiment on.

    1. 2

      Hey Kristian,

      How has the web traffic been? And what other distribution channels have you been trying out?

      A great book called Traction by Gabriel Weinberg has given me a slew of ideas and have given me confidence to keep trying and going. I'm sure it'll spark some ideas for you as well.

      1. 2

        Hey tt,

        The traffic hasn't been that great, less than 500 unique visitors in the past couple of months.

        I have been trying these channels:

        • Facebook advertising

        • Cold emailing

        • Quora questions

        • LinkedIn advertising

    2. 2

      Hey there,

      just a thought from a quick look at your page: I am missing the why... Why should I look at my stats every week? Why should I use or even test your product...

      Maybe you should put more emphasis into the "actionable suggestions" - they could be the WHY anybody should be craving to read your reports.

      1. 2

        Hey, thanks for the reply! And you are probably right, the "why" is still a bit unclear. We'll need to focus more on the benefits and suggestions. Thanks again!

  28. 3

    Hey there,

    I'm Teren and excited about November. I'm still continuing to improve Orchestra (, a simple CRM tool for startups.

    October Progress: Been doing a lot more business development work and having more coffee chats as well as meetings as opposed to product development but managed to squeeze some new features in:

    • Integration with Typeform and Drip through Zapier

    • Filtering contact list

    Goals for November:

    • Revise pricing model to be more aligned with helping startups gain initial traction

    • Would like to incorporate a super search bar that lets you search all your contacts, notes, tasks, logs, etc.

    • Set traction goals for myself and look at building a free chat tool to offer support for startups that don't have a lot of budget to spend on these things.

    • Build a roadmap of features to share publicly

    Good luck everyone. Happy Hacking! Cheers

    1. 2

      Great stuff, Teren. Love how transparent your goals are for this coming month. Good luck.

      1. 1

        Thanks Paul. Would love to know what your ideas are and what you're working on.

        1. 1

          Teren, my most recent project that I just completed is . I haven't publicly launched it yet but plan to do so in the next week or so.

          The goal for November is to have 1 stranger sign up and conver to paid. We'll see how it goes!

          1. 1

            Good luck! Let's keep each other going!

    2. 2

      Hey Teren, first of all serious props on creating a CRM as an indie dev! That is a ton of work especially with including all of the latest integrations which it seems like you’re working on, props 👏

      I love the idea of the super search bar too, that sounds amazing!

      1. 1

        Thanks @ChrisAllanLi. Yeah, it's bit a lot of grinding to get all the integrations in - Zapier has been a godsend not to mention the great open-source work that the online communities do.

        What are you working on?

    3. 2

      Hey Teren, I like the idea of your product! Most CRM's can be hard to understand from time to time.

      1. 1

        Thanks RIsse. That's what I strongly feel as well. As there's a bit of a confusion these days that CRM = Salesforce = sales pipeline.

  29. 3

    Long time lurker, fan of the interviews, podcast and this forum!

    I'm working on feedbeaver, a product that helps you sending your content to your fans using Facebook Messenger.

    Started working on it as a participation in the Product Hunt hackathon.

    I've got a small prototype of a landing page:

    and also a PH upcoming page:

  30. 2

    Hi, I'm Heather.

    Early last month I launched Remote Report — a weekly newsletter of remote, support focused jobs.

    Since then I've been working on different methods to increase my subscribers through posting on various subreddits, answering Quora questions, sharing remote work content on social media, and a quick run of Twitter and Reddit Ads.

    My subscribers have steadily been increasing week over week, but I think my time invested could have a better return. So, this month I'm trying to learn about more ways to drive traffic to continue gaining subscribers. I may also try out Facebook Ads, but based on what little I know - I'll need to do more research before I dive into that.

    And I also just finished up another quick project — Stream Cache, which is a site for Twitch and YouTube content creators to discover the best tools for live-streaming.

    Any feedback or comments on either project is welcome and appreciated. 😀

  31. 2

    Hi everyone, I'm Joe, founder of Sharey. I built Sharey as a side project while working at AWeber and email service provider. I am now pursuing it nearly full-time, boot strapping it with product management client work.

    I built Sharey originally to solve my own problem - getting more traffic to my website. Sharey adds a call to action to content that I find and curate. In my case the CTA is to visit my website. For others it might be check out my podcast, buy my book, etc.

    My biggest goal for September is to get to paying customers. I have some trials in my pipeline that I'm nurturing along. I'm hoping they begin to convert.

    The biggest struggle I have right now is getting more people into the top of my funnel. My marketing strategy is a mix of guest podcasts, new content on my blog, curated content (via Sharey of course) and old fashioned cold calling.

    Looking forward to learning from the group here.

  32. 2

    Hey everyone, Mike here, first time Introducing myself here on IndieHackers.

    I am currently a sysadmin/automation developer for a mid-sized cloud provider in Cleveland trying to add some web development skills to my toolset, however, right now my main focus is on delivering a powershell module for a blockchain project named Ark, I finally managed to get transaction signing working so now it's just a matter of getting all the unit and integration tests finished and pushed to production but I'm thinking that will take most of November. Looking forward to getting to know the community here and hopefully get inspired to create something cool. Thanks for reading!

  33. 2

    Hi guys!

    My name is WWWillems, I'm currently bootstrapping TeamHut ( after my full time client work.

    TeamHut makes it easy to share and organize bookmarks, documents and notes with your team.

    I've just launched the beta, so be sure to check it out!

    Last month I aimed to prepare a basic blogging infrastructure and get the branding on point.

    I managed to complete the blogging infrastructure ( Getting the branding on point was a whole other beast. I've got some new mockups, which is fine for the time being.

    My biggest goal for November is migrating the platform to a new server, making sure people can share public folders on a custom subdomain and publishing the first blog posts.

    Keep on hacking!

  34. 2

    Hello all! I'm Taufiq. If you have read some articles about Storemapper, I'm the first developer hired long term by Tyler, the founder. Nowadays I split my time between working on storemapper and building , an Indonesian CRM built for small business. It has zero revenue for now, but starting this November I am going to be offensive on sales and marketing and face the music. Nice to meet you all!

    1. 1

      Good luck!

  35. 2

    Hi there .. I am Irfan Baig

    I am new here .. Still exploring. I am PHP developer. Learning nodejs and golang. I am procrastinating about the ideas and the projects to work. Its exciting to so many successful journeys.

    Hope one day I will post my journey with a successful launch of my own product. I know to succeed u need to try and fail. I am on the same path.

  36. 2

    Hi IndieHackers, I'm Paulius - relatively new here, been mostly lurking last few months.

    I'm currently working on a free education drawing/sketching web app - - gonna work on the next iteration - got a lot of good suggestions since I put it live but more feedback is always welcome! :)

    I also work full time as a developer for, been working remotely for almost 2 years now, lived in 6 different countries in Europe and travelled everywhere in between - currently I'm in Tallinn, Estonia! :)

  37. 2

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Sergio, I am currently working on a project from freecodecamp.

  38. 2

    Hi 👋🏾, my name is David, currently based in Pittsburgh. I began learning iOS development and the Bitcoin protocol 2 years ago.

    I am working on Article Project: Bitcoin for Beginners, a mobile app and resource blog created to onboard new people into Bitcoin without all the drama or complexity.

    I initially had no technical background and just deep-dived into this stuff after learning about the space. To be honest, I am making more mistakes than I care to admit. It's painful. The app is going through redesign but there is a landing page at where I discuss a little bit about the mission.

    My goal for November is to ship v2 of the app and implement a business model.

    I have become a big fan of Indie Hackers. The resources and stories are super valuable. I am halfway through the podcasts and strongly recommend them. I am a one-person show and available to help out and discuss my process, and what resources I'm using to get ahead. Feel free to reach out :)

  39. 2

    Rowan here. I'm a developer and consultant working mainly with AWS and serverless applications.

    I'm not working on anything actively right now, just blogging about stuff I find interesting. In the past I wrote a book about AWS administration, and created a video course about serverless and chatbots.

  40. 2


    How was everyone's wedding season?? September/October are usually the busiest months , and most people in their 20s/30s are going to 5+ weddings a year!

    I'm working on, a communication tool that helps a bride/groom communicate with their guest list with ease, and more importantly, guests can communicate with each other.

    I have a design/marketing background with basic web dev skills, but don't know the first thing about web app development. So here's where I'm at:

    • Initial surveys, interviews, and idea validation/discovery - check

    • UX/UI mockups for marketing/quotes from dev shops - check

    • Targeted ads to recently-engaged to grow waitlist signups - in progress

    • Talking/searching for technical advisors - in progress

    • MVP for a select group of engaged couples - soon

    Thanks everyone, and happy to find this awesome community!

  41. 2

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Stein Ove Helset, I'm 30 years old and live in norway.

    I have just released A Hacker's Day ( and my goal this month is to get more interviews and get some more subscribers to my newsletter.

    1. 1

      Hey Stein, nice to meet you. I just checked out your project. It's a cool idea.

  42. 2

    Hi all, Emil from Berlin here ✌️

    I'm running a 15-people company in Berlin together with my three cofounders where I'm in charge of product and marketing. My background is mostly in product management, UI/UX & early-stage company building and I'm happy to help out or offer advice and feedback on those topics.

    PROJECTS: As a passionate hobby dev, I love to learn new stuff and build small applications/side projects:

    • First project was, a directory of 500+ tools for startups and developers (sold in 2015)

    • Most recently I built, a site that visualizes the valuation and funding timeline of famous tech companies. Launching this officially soon - happy to hear your feedback on this!

    • I'm currently building, where developers, producteers and marketers can browse and get inspired by other products' signup, checkout, booking user flows... ('calltoidea for user flows')

    So far I've mostly been active as a reader on IH, now I'm looking to engage more with the community. Looking forward to getting in touch and spare some ideas with the community :)

    1. 3

      Hi Emil!

      Berlin-loving Belgian here, I try to come over as often as possible ;)

      Liking the idea, good luck!

      1. 1

        Thank's for the feedback, always motivating :) Let me know when you're here next time!

  43. 2

    Hey, Markus here from Austria!

    IH has been great lots of stuff to draw on and learn, thanks to everyone who contributes.

    I'm working on Claire Budget a personal finance tracking app available for iPhones. Not a lot of success yet, need to up my marketing game. Working on the app is so much more fun, but I need to cut that and get the word out.

    Last few days I've also been thinking about making a TV show tracking/watched service. No fancy stuff, just enter the shows you care about and see new/upcoming episodes for something like $10 a year. Not sure if that is something people might pay for yet.

  44. 2

    Hi, Jeremy from the UK, working on the third pivot of with the goal of transforming the workplace lunch. We've learnt a lot from engaging with the market, and are making the bold step from being a consumer-friendly B2B front-ending partners, to being the full B2C story. Scary. In a good way.

  45. 2

    Hey, indiehackers!

    My name is Catalin. For the past year, I've been growing Instagram accounts really fast, then sell them. Think 0 to 90k followers in 6 weeks.

    But I got bored of that and now I've moved onto other things (I still have some influencing accounts where I sell 24h promos until I find a better way to monetize).

    Mainly, now I'm creating content for my YouTube channel where I talk about e-commerce and Instagram since those things are my main 'skills'.

    Besides that, I'm working on creating a SaaS business around Instagram since I could drive a lot of leads to it from my Instagram accounts which have 2 million followers in total, thus I'm getting tons of promo inquires daily.

    I've been thinking lately if I should start a SMMA where I get viral videos on Instagram from my clients. Since 'my' biggest video reached almost 4m views and I got countless others with 1m, I can see how valuable this amount of eyeballs would be for a brand. I'm writing 'my' in quotation marks because it's not really my content, I run accounts with curated content.

    Last but not least, I have my Shopify store which gets sales only from Instagram since I didn't try my luck at Facebook ads yet.

    My biggest goal for November is to setup the SaaS business with a sweet design, great copywriting and an amazing intro video.

  46. 2

    Been following along for quite some time now!

    I'm Mark, a developer and marketer from Denmark. I worked as a frontend developer for 4 years before turning into digital marketing - primarily in ecommerce.

    I'm working as the head of marketing at a ecommerce and retail store in Denmark and consulting other ecommerce stores on the side. I'm mainly focusing on Shopify stores.

    My dream is to transfer to building products. I've always had a hard time figuring out what to build (Shopify apps, a blog, infoproducts and so on).

    Being a wantrepreneur for many years, I've procrastinated for too long. Hopefully participating in these forums could motivate me to get started!

    I'm hoping to get started on a Shopify app this month. The Shopify App Store is getting more crowded, but I hope to make a small side income anyway.

    Thank you for a great community! And a great weekend to everybody!

    1. 2

      Hey, Mark! I'm currently studying in Denmark as well. Depressive weather. :/

      Just make the leap and start working on something. You said the Shopify App Store is crowded which is a good thing. If there's competition, that means there's money to be made.

      Since you're doing consulting for e-commerce stores you may have noticed some of the pain points owners have. If you see they have a common problem, build a product which solves that product and sell it to them. Get some reviews and you're good to go!

      1. 2

        It sure is! What are you studying here?

        You are absolutely right. Sometimes taking the leap is the hardest part :)

        I do have noticed multiple pain points so I just have to get started.

        Are you working on something at the moment?

    2. 2

      This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

      1. 2

        Hey Andrea!

        Copenhagen is amazing, especially during the summer!

        Physical products are interesting too. There is something amazing to having a physical product in your hand that you can't translate to digital product :)

  47. 2

    Big ups Hackers.

    Kind of new here so I'll do a bit of an intro and then move into my project.

    I have a background in marketing and have worked with mainly with B2C brands and affiliate marketing. I've also been building an audience on various channels for the past year and some change. I'm active on Quora.

    Right now, I'm working on building conversion software. It's a crowded space so I'm in the process of determining whether or not I'll be able to make any waves.

    In the end, it all comes down to the message right? I mean look at ConvertKit. They've gone up against huge players and won because they got their messaging right.

    I've thrown up a landing page here: and have been tweaking it as I go along. It's by no means the final product. I'm using it to start conversations with people who would be interested in the product.

    That way, I don't build a thousand features no one uses.

    If you want any feedback on marketing or outreach then shoot me a note, I'm happy to help.

    1. 2

      Very nice man. Have any users yet?

      1. 2

        Not at all. I'm testing demand right now and trying to get the messaging right. It's a crowded space so a misstep means a lot of burnt cash

  48. 2

    Hey all -

    I'm Sam - new to the community here. Digital marketer by trade, but certainly not limited to just that scope. I work at a B2B organization that is severely understaffed in all things digital/web, so alongside managing the typical digital marketing tactics (adwords, retargeting, social media, etc.) there is an increased need to have a central point of knowledge on the "big picture" of our digital presence.

    I'd love to hear about if any of you have experienced the same, and if so, what some of your go-to resources to learn from have been. In this ever-changing field, I feel like I'm always playing catch-up (which I see as a good thing as it keeps me curious and always learning new things), but I also want to keep our web presence up with the times.

    Does anyone have an "80/20" rule they've noticed with their digital presence? I know there's no simple/one-size-fits-all answer to this, but any guidance is more than appreciated!

    1. 2

      Hey Sam, I have a few questions. You open to a Skype call?

      1. 2

        Hey Akua -

        Shoot me an email through my profile first with your question and I’ll either answer there or set up a time for us to connect!

  49. 2

    Hey all,

    New blood here, although I've visited the site and pod cast a-plenty in the past.

    I'm a freelance developer who's in the process of getting his entertainment startup funded. Basically my goals for the month are to either get the paperwork signed or do some seriously heavy-duty drinking.

    It's been one hell of a grind to get to this point and alone's not always been great. I'm hoping to perhaps lighten things a bit going forward by finding a tribe of sorts to share experiences with. Hope to learn from you all and that, ideally, my experiences will help someone else do the same as well.


  50. 2

    Hey everyone! Just found this great community a couple weeks ago and have been eating up the articles and podcasts.

    My recent obsession has been around mastermind groups. I'm convinced that many of us could REALLY benefit from the accountability and focus they provide. Yet it's still kind of a strange concept – people working on completely different things and helping each other out...for free.

    The IH / Product Hunt hackathon couldn't have come at a better time. It's giving me the kick I needed to try building the project I've been imagining for months now.

    For the month of November I will be working on: Masterful

    I would really, truly love to hear your thoughts.

    1. 2

      Hi, Miles! Masterful sounds pretty awesome!

      Any other details you can share about what you're building to facilitate matching partners?

      1. 2

        Hi Heather!

        The plan is to start simple, as a weekly email of people/groups looking for partners. Once there's some traction, I plan to build more of dating style platform with a nice search UI.

        My feeling is that finding mastermind partners is a lot like dating. Matching algorithms only get you so far. For now I'm focusing less on the technical side and more on the profile information that's helpful in evaluating potential partners.

    2. 2

      Sure! Would love to talk more about how we get started!

  51. 2

    Hello! My name is Rob. I found indiehackers through the podcast. So much good info in those. I taught myself html, css, and a little javascript in Feb 2017. I built and launched this website ( September. We only screen print one color designs for affordable prices. Would love to get any feedback on the site, since its the first thing I've ever made.

    Also, here's a link to the demo I built of the"Effin Rad Art page". I hired a developer help me finish it. I'm sure the coding is terrible, but it works and it was nice to show someone exactly what I was trying to make

    Goal for November is to make my site run better and make a few more sales than last month!

  52. 2

    Hello all,

    My name is Gui, and I run, which is an app to organise the webpages, photos and videos that you like all in the same place.

    I started to shift my focus from dev to marketing a couple weeks ago, and it's great to see some users come and try the app. My goal for the coming month is to resist the urge to add any feature, but to learn what marketing channels work best.

    1. 2

      Good luck with "not coding"! :-)

      1. 1


        moment of reflection


  53. 2


    I'm Atta here. I joined IH community a couple of months ago and it's really great.

    In last two months, I built three SaaS products by working 8-10 hours daily. My biggest goal for November is to get early users for these products and to create a long term marketing strategy.

    I am very good in writing code but when it comes to marketing, I am nothing. I'm going to work on my marketing skills starting from November.

    1. 2

      Hi atta can you tell us what language did you use to code this saas ?


      1. 2

        I used Angular 4 for front-end and Node.js/Express.js/MongoDB for backed.

    2. 2

      Hey Atta!

      Out of personal interest (being a dev at heart as well) any plan on how to work on those yet?



  54. 2

    Hey, I'm Sean, I'm a dev who's trying to write my own paycheck. I miss that old indie hackers tagline. I'm working on quite a few things currently, but first I should say where I've failed in the last few months.

    I tried (and failed) to compete with my open source feature flags as a service project from a few months ago, started coding, starting blogging, and eventually lost motivation, like so many other projects.

    So, in true IH fashion, this time I decided not to write a single line of code and start promoting from day one. So here is my first attempt at promoting:

    The top hacker news stories delivered to your inbox weekly,

    I have a problem where I compulsively check hacker news when I'm bored throughout the day, it's a mix of FOMO and habit at this point. So I restricted safari from my iPhone to cut down, but this newsletter is the final blow. I plan on never visiting the front page of hacker news ever again. Join me and have no fomo!

    My goal for this month is to get one subscriber. Pretty low bar, but considering I've never had a newsletter or any traction on any project ever, it would be a huge milestone for me.

  55. 2

    Patrick here 👋🏽 -- working on

    Self-taught web developer - former developer at Shopify, Biology student, corporate sales, and personal trainer.

    This month I am trying to secure a job as a dev to support my side projects. I have been out of the game for a while trying to launch failed projects 😛

    1. 2

      Oh man, HackerMatch is a great idea. Excited to see what you're building.

  56. 2

    Hi everyone. My name is Will.

    I'm currently a software engineer at CreativeLive. In the past I ran my own software consultancy building web and mobile apps.

    I love hustling on side projects on nights and weekends. I'm always trying to learn more about business. Indie hackers is a great community and resource for me.

    I'm still trying to make my first dollar on the internet so to say. I've been working on a ebook/course for Node.js/PostgreSQL developers, but so far I haven't had any hits that tell me people are interested.

    This month I'm continuing to think smaller and simply do landing page tests with different ideas I have.

    Glad to be here. Thanks!

  57. 2

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Hernán from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Digital nomad 20% of my time, probably 50-60% soon!

    I founded about a year ago, a B2B SaaS startup. We provide functional security modeling + user behavior analytics for SAP systems.

    Glad I've found IH, looks like an awesome community of doers!


    1. 2

      Bienvenido Hernan!

      How did you get started in the SAP space? It looks like a cool space to be in, but I would've assumed it was a very high-touch sales process.

      1. 1

        Hello Rowan! Sorry for the super long delay in my response, hadn't notice the email notification!

        Well I started working as an SAP consultant before launching this startup. Mostly in basis, integration and security stuff. SAP systems are quite large and it takes years just to be proficient in one of their core modules.

        Sales are indeed hard to land, and may take up to several months from getting in touch & first meeting with a potential customer' staff to landing a contract there. But B2B numbers are usually huge compared to B2C so it is worth it.

        Since it is hard to get in the industry, we partnered with established consulting companies and they get a % over each sale. Now we are trying to setup our own channels of distribution.

        Gracias por preguntar! Un saludo!

  58. 2

    I'm Patrick. I'm a full-time salaryman in healthcare management but learned to code a few years ago to chase a product idea that never really panned out. Since then, I've been working on sharpening my technical skills by building little projects on nights and weekeneds.

  59. 2

    Hi everyone 👋

    Julien here. I launched my first side project at the beginning of last month, which is a weekly newsletter to discover new music from different labels. You can find a bit more info on this post I made on the forum:

    My main goal for November is to focus on promoting the newsletter to get more coverage and optimise the website to double the amount of subscribers/traffic to the website.

    Always keen to get feeback/advices from you guys if you get a chance to check it out!

    Good luck everyone with your goals!


  60. 2

    Hey there, I'm Carlos

    Huge fan of this community and have finally made the jump from lurker to hacker.

    I've been dabbling here and there with side projects for the past few years, drawing inspiration from my experiences in the startup world, and from Indie Hackers of course.

    Most recently, I've teamed up with my brother to do a soft launch of

    We've gotten amazing feedback from initial customers and now its all about refining our platform/experience

    Looking forward to interacting with you all!

    1. 2

      I love those flat rate productized services! And 3d CAD is definetly a niche I havent thought of ;-)

      What are your target customers?

      Good luck!

      1. 1

        Thanks! Its actually both 2D and 3D cad but if that wasn't obvious we have some more work to do for the landing page :)

        As for target customers, there are ~190,000 small manufacturers in the US with limited resources so for now that is what we will be aiming for, starting with our immediate network.

  61. 2

    Hey fellows! I'm glad to be part of this community.

    I'm Endel, based in Brazil. I'm working on a multiplayer game server for Node.js, called Colyseus ( - which is currently backed via CodeSponsor and Patreon. I'm evolving this framework since 2015 from my own needs of my games, and now it's great to see other people using it and helping to grow it as well.

    Last month was my first month full-time indie, I wasn't expecting to get any money from open-source and actually made $34,2 :)

    I also do some freelancing as full-stack developer JavaScript / Web / Games / React-Native.

    Happy to be here! Cheers!

    1. 2

      Endel, bem vindo!

  62. 2

    It's Adam here - we're trying to figure out how to make Augmented Reality useful - especially as a new distribution channel for startups. We've created and we're selling it to creative teams at marketing agencies currently.

    We're part of Startup Yard Acceleration program and we're looking for someone who could help us with growth - so ping me if you would like to join our team :)

  63. 2

    I'm new here and so happy to have found fellow bootstrapping entrepreneurs. I've been working on OrgWeaver, our SaaS B2B tool to make online org charts. We use d3.js to make some cool animations when searching or dragging and dropping. My co-founder is more technical, so I focus on the product design, marketing, and business.

    My goal this month is to increase MRR by 20% with organic traffic as my main acquisition channel. Any thoughts on our landing page to drive sign-ups?

  64. 2

    Anmol here.

    I recently launched Soochi, inspired by the Indie Hackers community. Soochi is founder-friendly platform for makers to sell their businesses, and tell their stories. We launched on PH yesterday, and received an amazing response. Let me know if you had any feedback?

    You can read this blog post that explains how I see Soochi working. There's a $30 off coupon at the end of the post as well!

    1. 2

      I like the idea behind Soochi but don't you think it is quite expensive ($49 for just listing) as compared to existing sites like Flippa? What you can do is allow free listings and then charge a fixed commission say 10% if the business sells.

    2. 1

      Cool that you use Airtable to bring in new listings. What's your goal for the percentage of listings that get sold?

  65. 2

    I'm Adam, founder of Calculate,, which makes it easy to create software project estimates for clients.

    I'm also a freelance Ruby on Rails developer, (literally, an indie hacker).

    I usually here answering questions about development or freelancing. Happy to answer any questions you have about those subjects.

    1. 3

      Hello Adam and everyone!

      Just signed up but I'm around since a while ;)

      This month, I'm dedicated to promote which helps startups collecting features requests from your users. Give it a try, it's completely free and setting up is really easy.

      Also happy to answer any questions and keep reading all your advices guys. IH is an entrepreneur gold mine!

      1. 2

        Awesome idea! I just put this on my website where I'm testing an idea of my own: (go to request a feature).

    2. 2

      Feature request: some way to keep people accountable for their scope of work and progress on scope of work, and a way to sound the alarm if they fall behind schedule.

      I also do freelance work and run a network of freelance developers ( and that ^ is something I'd happily integrate

      1. 2

        Thanks for the feedback! Interesting. It's definitely something I'll look at.

  66. 2

    Hello! I just posted my dumb idea on Product Hunt for the IH/PH Global Hackathon!! I got active here last month, wrote about my troubles getting a basic landing page setup, and now I hope to connect with more of you this month. I think I'm probably IH's resident wantrepreneur total embarrassing noob right now.

  67. 2

    Hi I'm James,

    I'm working on its a service to help people really quickly build a web presence powered by their Instagram feed.

    I'm a designer/developer, and this is my first Saas type product.

    I'd love to hear your opinions on what I'm building. I'm hoping to build beta customers this month so I can refine the product further.

    1. 1

      Hi James. Really cool idea. My sister is a photographer and instagramer (is that a word?). Maintaining a portfolio website is the last thing on her mind but she's definitely wanted a web presence before. I'll send the link her way.

      1. 1

        Thanks Will, much appreciated

  68. 2

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Dean, based London 👋

    I'm working on, which is a community of augmented reality designers and developers.

    I'm aiming to make it a completely indie project, so this community is really helpful.

    If you're working on anything AR related, feel free to get in touch. I'd love to see how I can help you and your project.


    1. 1

      Hey, Dean! That actually sounds like a neat community, and one I'd like to check out. -- but it looks like your server is down or something's gone awry somewhere.

      Also: there are quite a few of us kicking around in London; somebody should really put together a low-key London IH meetup one of these days...

  69. 2

    Hi Everyone, I'm Robbie and I'm based in the UK.

    I only recently Joined the IH community and it seems like a great place to get helpful and friendly advice on projects.

    I work alongside with my brother, we are both engineers and I'm a self-taught Swift developer and my brother is a self-taught full-stack web developer.

    For the past few months we have been developing a goal management web application that helps you achieve your goals by forming and tracking habits. You can check it out here We are really excited about the upcoming month.

    Our goals for November are:

    1. Get 50 users to sign up for the beta release.

    2. Release the beta version of our web app.

    3. Set a strategy for future development.

    Hope you all smash your goals this month!

    1. 3

      "Success-on-tap-app" -- great domain name!

    2. 3

      signed up. 1 down 49 more to go. :)

      1. 3

        Thanks Josh, hopefully it will help with your 100 side projects :)

  70. 1

    Hi all! I almost considered waiting until the December thread to introduce myself, but really...why wait? :P

    I'm Siam from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been lurking for a while now, having been introduced here by a colleague at my old job.

    I have a background from Facebook, starting in sales, and then moved to product management for startups in Stockholm including an equity crowdfunding site and later a podcast hosting and monetisation platform.

    This month I quit my job, along with my technical co-founder and have begun to look into what we want to build; we decided that we wanted to work together and build a SaaS company aimed at e-commerce merchants.

    Right now we're still figuring out the product, but should start on an MVP soon!

  71. 1

    Hi everyone - my name's Miten and I just joined IH after being introduced by a friend at work. Really love the content on here and how driven everyone is to pursue their ideas. It's super motivating for me as well!

    My goal for November is to validate an idea that I have: Twitter for Live Spoken Quotes. I'm testing interest in the idea with the website

    I'm a big Manchester United fan and find myself reading soccer articles all day. Most of the time I'm reading through walls of text just looking for a single quote from a player, the manager, or a pundit. I realized this and that's when the idea for ZlatanSays was born.

    I'm super curious to see how it goes and would love to get everyone's feedback. Cheers!

  72. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  73. 6

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

    1. 2

      My goal for November is to move away from consulting and start my own project. I'm still brainstorming though.

      Great! Let us know what you ultimately come up with and I'm sure a number of indie hackers will help guide you in whatever direction you're looking to go.

    2. 1

      Hey Andrea!

      I'm in a similar boat as you - digital marketing is the realm I live in. When you say start your own project, are you thinking of starting a company that utilizes your marketing skills as the core of it, or something in a completely different direction?

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

        1. 1

          I'm in the same boat as you, Andrea! Hard to choose which kind of product to begin with.

          Maybe an infoproduct would be the "easier" choice to get started? The language could be an issue of course, but I'm not sure people would care that much if the content is great! :)

          Good luck anyway!

        2. 1

          Ahh I see where you're coming from. Yes, I see those ads a good bit on Facebook/Instagram and they always seem so enticing. I'm sure there are some people on here that have found success in that route that could help guide you!

          I currently work at a large SAAS company that has less-than-ideal staffing for our digital presence so I'm trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible in that arena to make myself more valuable and to help guide overarching strategies.