September 13, 2018

Is my product confusing?

I'm having a really hard time figuring out if my Chrome Extension product is confusing once installed. It's getting an unusually high numbers of UN-installs even though there is explicit instruction. Iv'e refactored the tutorial a bunch of times with no real change in the numbers.

What am I missing?

9/15 edit:

Well the UN-installs are continuing despite removing the landing page and adding all the explicit text to the Chrome Extension store. Just yesterday, it had 8 installs followed by 8 UN-installs. Every single user who installed, UN-installed. Something must be wrong with the process. And I still have no idea :(

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    first the site is slow to load, that will annoy me to beging with, and yes a bit confusing, text is getting mixed up with the images.

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      Ah. What browser and screen resolution are you on?

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    I honestly was so confused by the landing page I didn't even feel comfortable installing the extension.

    The layout of the page is seemingly broken, I'd suggest you find a landing page template you can adapt, it won't be so straightforward to customise but it will more likely adhere to best practice methods for highlighting the offering and encouraging conversion.

    Secondly you need to really expand the copy to tell me exactly what it is/does and why I might need this in my life. Think:

    1. What (is it)?

    2. Why (should people use it: features)?

    3. Who (are the target audience, spell it out)?

    4. Where/How (do they get it)?

    5. Price? Is it free, if not what will I pay and when?)

    6. How can users contact you for help or feedback.

    I hope that helps, good luck with your project! :-)

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    It can also be a result of how you acquire your traffic. If it's low quality traffic, they'll be playing with the new shiny toy for a minute or two out of boredom or curiosity, and uninstall it after clicking around.

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    Wow. Thanks! I really don't know what I would have done without the feedback. It saved the day. TBH, this took my product two steps back but 100 steps forward. It's clear that the landing page needed to be redone and separated from the main app. So I removed it completely. It goes straight to the Chrome Extension. I hope there is enough explanation there!

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    1. Landing page needs to be improved. Not to hurt your feelings but the landing page design is quite ordinary and mundane. To me conveyed what the tool is supposed to do but the trust factor was below zero.

    2. If you are offering a demo then it needs to work. When I clicked on the record button "Error: Could not find an element with CSS selector '#gifcanvas'. Please set 'element to record' setting to a selector of an existing element." That is what I got. If it's mandatory to install the extension before I can press the record then you need to let the users know.

    3. Your examples are of poor image quality. If you are going to showcase your design then let that be your best design you have created.


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      I completely agree. The landing page had the right context and idea but it won't be coming back until later due to the bugs.

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    Error: Could not find an element with CSS selector '#gifcanvas'. Please set 'element to record' setting to a selector of an existing element.

    idk what its supposed to do

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      Weird. That's not supposed to appear on the landing page. Thanks for this bug report!

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