August 9, 2018

Is Namecheap trustworthy?

I found a domain for my next project on NameCheap, added it to cart. I thought for 6 hours and completed the purchase by clicking confirm (I already have my creditcard info with them). Purchase completed successfully, after few minutes I got a mail saying the purchase failed. When I contacted the customer support they apologized and said the domain is "Premium domain" and they initiated the refund. When I searched that domain name again on NameCheap, it is now shown as Premium domain.

My Namecheap Order Summary on

Date: Aug 8, 2018 06:07:49 AM

Last update of WHOIS database: 2018-08-09T17:58:18.0Z <<<

Does anyone else have such experience? Whom do you trust as domain registrar? I know GoDaddy is the worst.

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    I've never had any problems with Namecheap. Being using them for years and register all my domains there.

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      I've registered hundreds of domains with them and appreciate the simple design, useful support and their lack of pushy upsells.

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    Namecheap is great, been using them for years.

    • Also, I've had the same issue before. Turns out that some domains are listed premium but don't propagate on their site. Just have to accept it.

    I look beyond that because they have probably the best & most responsive customer service of any DNS Provider out there.

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      Thank you Matthew. I have few domains with them and this is the first time I had such an issue.

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    I can't tell by your snippet if that was from Namecheap directly. Go to and see when it was originally registered. If it was first created before you registered it, then it was simply a propagation problem.

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      I checked whois and I found that domain is updated as premium right at the time I was trying to purchasing it (Date: Aug 8, 2018 06:07:49 AM).

      This is the whois info

              Last update of WHOIS database: 2018-08-09T17:58:18.0Z <<<
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        That update record is less important than the created record. seems to me the only nefarious thing would be if it wasn't registered at all before you tried — if it was already registered and namecheap just reached out to the owners to list it. It's not like namecheap has an inventory of domains they sell for $10/y. It's either premium or unregistered. Check the created date on the WHOIS record and if it was before 2018-08-09, then it's probably legit.

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          I searched before I brought and there was no record on whois. Now I see updated, update time coincides with my time of registration. That domain is still not registered.

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        Who is the registrar?

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          I am trying to register with namecheap. This domain is not registered, it only shows as premium on namecheap(now).

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    Yes it is. Like any other. Used them a few times for first year cheap domains. If needed to use the domain more - just transfer it to google domains

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    I've used NameCheap for about 5 years now and have registered probably 15 domains through them, haven't had an issue like that before. I've heard good things about That's probably who else I'd check out if I didn't use NameCheap.

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      Thank you Kate.

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        I use Hover and couldn't be more happy.

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    I've been using them for a few years.

    Had no problem with them.

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    I've not had any issues like this, but I can vouch for their customer service. Online chat was responsive and helpful.

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    I would never use Namecheap again. The company where I worked experienced downtime from using Namecheap.

    I got a call from another developer where I work on a Friday evening saying our site was getting an invalid SSL cert error. After about 2 hours of investigation we realised that namecheap had changed our NS records to point at a parking page. It was a mistake on their end but they were slow to disclose why it happened and their explanation was very unclear. Their support was terrible. they barely apologised, offering us something like $6 Namecheap credit as compensation.

    If you've purchased a domain there I would absolutely recommend transferring the registration to a more reliable service like DNSimple.

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    The same thing has happened to me with Namecheap. I found a really nice domain, surprised it was not taken. Went to fulfil the order. All seemed ok but in a short time, I received an error message. Went back to check the domain and it was listed as Premium.

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      I can relate.

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    Using them for years and their support is top notch.

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    All my domain name is bought from Namecheap, they are more helpful compared to godaddy.

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    Maybe a little conspiracy: I think they use 3rd party API to find whether a domain is a premium one. Could the 3rd party buy it (and make it premium) after the Namecheap has made the request?

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    Purchase all my domains there. And they give free WHOIS protection for life of your domain.

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    Also for future reference use to check domain availability. 3 yrs and they haven't swoop in to steal a domain 🤞🏾😆

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    No problems here. I love Namecheap. Great support. Descent price. I got all my domains over there except for one.

    I never experienced what you exp. If I was you I would talk to management and get answers. Ask when (w/ proof) was a premium domain. Look up the domain on archives web to double check too. Good luck!

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      Thank you Helen.

      I checked the whois info and found that domain is updated in whois right at the time I was trying to purchase it.

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        Updated timestamp will be different from the date it was first bought. Check when it was first bought

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          It is not purchased, whois info only shows the updated record.

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        Aww man! Sorry about that. Yeah next time use to check availability and then buy it on Namecheap. Whois is free for life w/ them!

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    i love namecheap. use it for all my projects and have never had a problem.

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    Definitely. I had and have many domains with them. The chat support is always available and very good.

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    I've had very good chat support with Namecheap.

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    I’ve had no issues with namecheap... aside from when I first used them and they sent an email saying my domain was about to expire if I do nothing. And then I did nothing (because I wanted it to expire). But then they renewed it for me and charged me! They never emailed me saying they would renew it, just that it was going to expire if I did not renew it. If I had logged into the dashboard I probably would have seen that it was set to renew, but nothing in the email communications said it would renew— only that it would expire if I did not take action. I was beyond furious. But their customer service said it was my fault. I disagreed, but they still have the best management console (and decent pricing) so I kept using them for future domains.

    Anyways, keep in mind that your computer comes pre-installed with ‘whois’.

    if you’re interested in a domain name, you don’t have to type it onto anyone’s website to check if it’s available. simply open up your terminal and type ‘whois

    that’s all. the only time you type a domain name you want to buy onto a website is when you’re either about to press “purchase now” or “contact the owner”

    Namecheap is probably trustworthy when it comes to checking for domain availability... but if you had typed it into your search bar or address bar (maybe you wanted to see where it leads to?), then someone could have intercepted that request / response. And if they wanted to, they could have swooped in and bought it before you did.

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      Thank you for detailed reply. I have few domains with them and this is the first time such an incident happened. I checked whois info and coincidentally the domain is updated (in whois) right at the time of my purchase. That made me think.

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    Had this happen on me with other providers - my advice be very careful where and how you check for new domains, actually be paranoid.

    On the upside, Namecheap is the only one that never scammed me in such a way (and I had it happen several times before on other providers). So I assume it was a real glitch and the status is real, just wasn't propagated.

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      I never had problem with Namecheap before, this is the first time I had and coincidentally the whois info updated right at the time I was trying to purchase the domain. That added to my doubt. I will be happy if that is a glitch and not intentional.

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        Not really defending NameCheap, in that it might be possible they also started shady stuff, but considering they are one of the very few that enjoy the good reputation I don't think they would risk loosing it. Other than that, be super careful where you type it, also ISPs are known to sometimes squat domains like that as well. Basically try to tunnel your connection somewhere you deem safe and do so using terminal commands. Avoid search engines and registrars in general. Only open a registrar to buy a domain right away.

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          Thats a good point, next time I will be extra careful.

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    they are legit.

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    It happened with me few times too. Some domains are held by registry as premium but they fail to propagate this to registrars. Overall Namecheap is awesome. I have been using their services for 4 years and am highly satisfied.

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      I am assuming it is a glitch. Thanks Atta.

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    I use it for because that's what @Sacha set it up with and I've been impressed with their support. Some of the advanced dns settings are hard to find though.

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    Are you sure that you used the same user account where you had the domain sitting for few hours?

    This is what happened to me: I forgot to renew one of my domains that was purchased through namecheap. A day later I went to check on that domain again, only to find out that they had it on their "premium domains". Frustrated I logged in to my user account, but I was willing to pay for it, since it was clearly my own mistake and while it seemed like a shady move, well that's how some businesses operate.

    To my surprise I found that apparently they had bought the domain and held it for me. After logging in with my account I was able to purchase the domain with the regular, cheap price. That's what I call good customer service.

    I wonder if some variation of this happened to OP as well?

    Edit: I've tried eurodns, godaddy, 101domain and namecheap and I can only recommend warmly namecheap.

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      I have one account with namecheap. The domain sitting for few hours is the same account.

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    Been with them since 2004 had no problems whatsoever.

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    All "Premium Domain" means is that it's already owned by someone. So, technically would be considered a premium domain. I couldn't out right buy it. But if I really wanted it I could contact the owner and offer a purchase amount.

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      Namecheap customer support said domain names with 2 or 3 letters can become Premium.

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    I too switched from Godaddy to NameCheap. I've had no problems with them, you can trust NameCheap.

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    Honestly, GoDaddy isn't awful. I had worked with them for the past 4 years, and they truly are a fantastic company to work with if you're just getting started. I had a few occasions with their tech support where I was in over my head with a client and they actually guided me through it.

    Ultimately, I began to outgrow them and switched to Namecheap for my domain hosting, and went elsewhere for server hosting. Namecheap is very solid for domain hosting, with flat rates and an easy-to-use dashboard. Haven't tried their hosting.

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      I read too many bad things about GoDaddy. I never had issues with namecheap until this one.

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    Used it once. No issues. Perhaps you overlooked something?

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      I checked whois and found that the domain info is updated right at the time of my booking. That sounds very suspicious.

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        I think that is because when you have submitted an order, their system checked the domain in whois and that is why it was updated. sounds logic to me

        they would not update a status of domain to Premium. simply coz they have no power to do it

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          I don't know who is incharge of deciding Premium domains. But as it happened at the time of submitting order I doubted.

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        Lodge a complaint

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          I complained to their support and I got a apology for complaining :)

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    Yes. Their live chat support is fast.

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    their customer care is good.

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    Same I also have been using it for years, It works great. I have had no problems with DNS taking a long time to propagate as was mentioned already, but it is hit and miss with that.

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    I've used namecheap for years without any issues. Their dashboard isn't the greatest, but it gets the job done for what I need to do.

    Their DNS takes some time to propagate. I've started pointing my domain names to digitalocean's DNS which propagates much faster in my experience.

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      I will consider DigitalOcean DNS. Thank you.

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