July 11, 2018

Is running startup community a good business?


This is just my latest observation. Lately I can see a lot products, sites for "startups", like e.g.

For me it's quite similar to mental coaches community, where most of the coaches are people whose the biggest accomplishment is being a coach.

Please, do not take it to yourself. This is just my observation :)

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    They're probably the most likely early adopters. So, do they make good customers, probably not. But they probably make good first customers. aka testimonials, feedback etc. Then you can go after small, but more established customers. Then you can go after bigger profitable customers. If you already have a network with more established customers. then, sure go after them.

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    I always wonder if it is difficult to get costumers when your business is geared towards people who are starting a startup (who usually have a very limited budget.)